True Detective - Six minute single take tracking shot - no edits, no cuts - Who Goes There

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muhamme0 : This scene itself is better than the whole season 2.

Bob : This was one of the most intense scenes in tv history, I was literally on the edge of my seat. Can't wait until season 2.

obscure reference : Alright fine I'll watch the show

Lopan : Just my humble opinion, but this is the most impressive and intense scene in television history.


21Sept : Police officer Rustin Cohle on undercover as a drug dealer busting other drug dealers' drug stash with the help of other actual drug dealers... disguised as police officers. That is some deep sh!t...

Michael Kelly : I'm still stunned by this scene. The tension was already extremely high as soon as Rust walked into the bar, and this was like a head on collision with a semi. Absolutely brilliant work from all those involved

Dan : Amazing scene. Work of art. Masterpiece

Vinícius Pires : one of the best seasons of all tv shows i have ever watched. unfortunately hbo took a shit on the second season

MarkDeMort : I love how this show managed to be better than the highest rated (on IMDB) show Breaking Bad, in only 8 episodes.


Bernardo Casqueira : It reminded me of GTA missions, 

Kenny Williams : As a film student this is so amazing its inspirational I'm going to try this continuous shot on my next short film

Jonathan Anatrella : I love the attention to detail in this entire series, this scene in particular was great. Rustin Cohle never fires his gun once, while the others shoot preemptively. It really shows his character's level of discipline and self control under pressure. Also the gun detail was great, how firing the guns indoors makes their ears ring and sets off the smoke alarm. One of my all time favorite shows.

Mike Frander : I was completely alone when I watched this. But when the credits rolled. I stood up and applauded for like 2/3 minutes straight. This is one of the greatest scenes in TV.

CrashN2Me1000 : And they tried some "Season 2" shit after this.....LMAO!

Nick Shaeffer : Cary Joji Fukunaga is a talented dude. The cinematographer and other crew members involved deserve props too.

Dave Norris : This is INCREDIBLY hard to do. I worked on a movie where we had a 4 minute one of these and it was pure hell.

Michael : It strongly reminds you of a video game sequence.

SteveRes : One of the greatest scenes I've ever seen on a tv show. Puts most Hollywood movies to shame. Just fantastic

Jesus Delgado : Props to including Clan in the front by Wu Tang Clan.

verbalhologram03 : Best television scene of all time?

That Guy : I love all the people trying desperately to find an edit. Can't yall just enjoy the scene?

MyLostTemple : Pretty sure this cinematography was influenced from the movie Children of Men. Single shot across many scenes.

Garrus1995 : Even though we all knew Rust would make it out of this (he's alive in the present) I was definitely on the edge of my seat. Some truly amazing suspense here.

J. A. Collins : So a lot of the shots are framed on a kind of three shot or semi wide angle. Pulling in closeups when necessary, probably for lines mostly. But then they move on the steady cam as the characters move,leading the camera's path. They move, stop,duck, roll around...get back up and move on the path again. It looked like mostly  left to right straight lines and the camera pivots on the angles when they stop, to maybe create more disorientation for tension purposes. But then, then they come to that fence. the camera is then HOOKED to a sort of JIB (quick release lock?) lifted up to keep the framing ,then unlocked as they get over and continue the path. All the while the extras, the sound department , BOOM guy , wranglers and prop department moving along right behind the camera. Cueing everyone and everything. The helicopter flying in and hitting its mark, which is in the night sky. All rehearsed in what, two days? That's fucking complicated. really,really complicated. Bravo to one of the most complex shot sequences executed for television. Ever.

DLuXGaming : was anyone else getting nervous when Cohle cleared the house? First time I watched the episode I was like oh shit one of the bikers is gonna see that shit and realize he cleared it like a cop. When he was going back around after putting the kid in the tub I was expecting Ginger to be looking at him like "wtf" but continue on with the robbery and just shoot him later. None of that happened lol.

Jay Thompson : Should I give this show a chance?

Umair Mojaddidi : I honestly did not notice that this scene had no cuts within it that's how much i was into it. The directing was incredible and very clever to use this at this scene to create intensity. Fucking hell i was so into it i had no clue and it all came into me when i saw the credits rolling LOL. Brilliant man and also Matthew McConaughey was outstanding in this scene.

Kenny Tee : The scene cuts at 2:52 when it pans into the darkness and then pans out into the next scene.

NastyNasIsIll : Dallas Buyers Club was really good but I'm convinced that McConaughey got his Oscar for his portrayal of Rust

Sino Deutsch : Wu Tang "Clan in da Front" wu tang killer bees wu tang killer bees SIXTYY SECOND ASSSSASSSSSSIN the relentlessness of that song is what perfectly immediatly sets the pacing of these scene...  perfect music choice

jethical b15 : Matthew Mcconaughey went from a hells angel member to a dude travelling through a black hole to the 4th dimension

Ivan Trevino : The show was a masterpiece.

Y O : one of my all time favorite scenes ever

ripelivejam : this show was lightning in a bottle.

Brazzo81 : Best scene on TV ever. Speaking of tracking shots, everybody is mentioning Children of Men, and for a good reason, two amazing tracking shots in that cinematic masterpiece. I know I saw a very very good 5-min tracking shot in an Argentinian movie called "El Secreto De Sus Ojos" (Secret in their Eyes). Shot is filmed on a crowded soccer stadium and set in the 80's... I loved it very much. Movie is very good too, it won Oscar for best foreign language movie.

MrKajithecat : I'm so glad McConaughey has started picking good projects to be in. 

I'm just some Canadian guy and I say : Where Rust turned into Omar Little for 6 minutes. :)

EyelessRobFaceless : It's Always Sunny brought me back here to enjoy this again.

essentialatom : There's no editing apart from all the editing

Senior Adrian : This shot is a masterpiece.My mind was blown at the level of orchestration.

D_ M : Keep holding my breath during this whole scene.

Cinematic Star Platinum : One of the best scenes in television history. This show is the shit!

Brock Jones : At 2:54 there's a seen of black sky. That's one stop, at least.

Ulysses Bahia : Daredevil season 3 brought me here

AJ Miller : This scene would make Martin Scorsese cream his pants. 

katyga : if someone wants to see excellent tracking shots, you should watch Children of Men, directed by Alfonso Cuaron. One of the best when it comes to this kind of work. 

El Boto : Best cinematography ever on TV?

PakistaniCult : It's such a shame that this series devolved into 'The X Files' towards its final few episodes. Its ambitions to avoid genre trappings were kind of scampered by depicting a villain straight out of a 1990s serial killer movie. This sequence is incredible, however. Can't stop repeating it. McConaughey plays it so well. His urgency, intensity and coolness is otherworldly, bruv.