Sakeru Gum series さけるグミ #1-11 complete (Eng SUB)
Long looooong man

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BioShockFTW : This short 6min video has more storyline than a whole movie.

Gigatless : Her screaming NO NO NO NO NO at the end is the most satistfying thing ever.

Amone Rahman : one man have short gummy another man have long gummy they will understand each other there's no place for THOT with no gummy

Shyquynh : That was such an emotional roller coaster. I need to lie down.

zezy : the manga was better

Vimbert Vs : 4:55 holy crap he's clearly looking at Tooru first

DrMacintosh : Still a better love story than Twilight

Lorenz Zahn : This is really progressive for Japan. But who could resist Long Long Man? ;)

MISRYluvsCOMPNY : It was only 6 min and 21 sec but it felt like an entire season of a show. I was hooked.

Violet Sumire : omg how did this get so many views, ;u; was just uploading this for a friend. Thank you guys! **EDIT** 1 Million views AAAAA Thank you guys so much ! ! ! You guys are awesome HNGGGGG

Tsering Zangmo : The long car should have been PINK!

Adora Tsang : Happily ever after to Long Long Man and Toru! Best ending ever! 😂

Ricky Burnett : Loved the ending.

FunkyWeezy : This was just picked up by Netflix for seasons 2 and 3

IndoorSitup : Shyamalan wishes he could come up with a plot twist this good. : Perfect *ending :-)* Unexpected twist. Looks like the long man was flirting with the guy all along ;-) May their gums be long and tasty ! Happy marriage day !

gooseberry943 : Just thinking about what must be going through Long Man's mind when Chi was all OMG YOU CAME HERE FOR ME was hilarious! TOORU/LONG MAN FOREVER.

Sheila Wong : I love how they were all throwing the gummies at the wedding! 😂

zaco666 : My next trip to Japan will have the sole purpose to aquire som long, long gum!

Adam Morell : This is honestly more interesting than some of the actual shows on tv.

Rob Arnsmar : Wow this must be one of the best commercials I've ever seen! 😆

Sander Schnydrig : Anyone know where I can get that exact bunny costume?

Shnitzalbrain2 : I'd remove adblocker if I was getting stuff like this to be homest

mister tamura : Japanese and HongKong advertisers have a long tradition of funny or just absurd storytelling in their adverts. This one is amazing, and right up there with the classic 7UP time travelling advert from a decade ago.

Aurora : Oh my gosh, the way they touch each other's gum at the end...! 😍😆😋

Red John : "Deep underlying philosophical subtext" -IGN

thenameisgsarci : This definitely needs to continue. XD *Part 12:* Tooru-kun and Long Long Man was about to get married but Chi-chan stops their wedding *Part 13:* Chi-chan sabotages the wedding but faints *Part 14:* Chi-chan is brought to the hospital where Long Long Man learns from Tooru-kun of her sickness *Part 15:* Tooru-kun sneaks in to a government laboratory to try make a cure for Chi-chan *Part 16:* Tooru-kun manages to get the cure, but Long Long Man tells him she is already dead *Part 17:* The two attend her funeral, and was unable to accept her death *Part 18:* The two pledged to bring her back to life, and starts building a time machine *Part 19:* The two have finished making the time machine but broke down once they went back in time *Part 20:* The two managed to find Chi-chan while trying to figure out a way to get the machine fixed *Part 21:* The two are about to give her the cure but were arrested by the police, thinking that they were abusing her, and ordered their time machine to be destroyed *Part 22:* The two spend their time in jail while pleading their innocence *Part 23:* The two managed to start a riot in the prison and escape and tries to find Chi-chan once more *Part 24:* The two are being chased by the police but manages to get their time machine back before it was sent to the scrapyard *Part 25:* The two manage to find Chi-chan and give her the cure, with them promising her that they will be together once again in the future, and jump in the time machine to go back to the present *Part 26:* The two went back to the time of the first wedding, but this time, the two proposed to Chi-chan and she accepts *OVA:* The three of them lived happily ever after, with a bonus bubble gum orgy scene

Jürgen Dieter : bless whoever translated this masterpiece

Kate's Adventures : This is brilliant!

Meme Detective : that ending had me rollin 😂 😂

pistatic : LOOOoong LOOOooong MMAAAAAAAANNN

Runie549 : Yet more proof that Japanese commercials are the undisputed best in the world. If American commercials were even a FRACTION this good, I might actually watch them and not just mute them between shows.

LenWins : This is ad agencies first attack on ad blocker.

SH SH : When's Season 2

Keiku : the best drama on the internet and international tv alike

JeffNotes : what a crazy romantic roller coaster this was. Truly an epic series, one of the best that made my emotions go in so many directions. A great way to end this day with =)

Qinni : that ending, i ship it lmaoo

Cardium : That long coat tail

sbirthnagaya : Long man is Yukiyoshi Ozawa . He is conductor Seiji Ozawa's son .

Woob Blob : Live action Yaoi + NTR Never thought I'll see the day

n t : I watch this once a week for my sanity

Emperor Matrix : That ending came out of nowhere 😰😰😰 I loved it ❤❤❤

Andre B : Japan is so goddamn extra and I love it. XD

Timothy Buchanan : Definitely changing my ringtone on my wife's phone to, "LONG LONG MAAAAYAAAAANN!!

Mimu Mi : This went dark real fast towards the middle. I love her reaction at the very end, though :D

Smarter Every Day 2 : Best writing ever

riffgroove : That's it... moving to Japan.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena :

Lou Benedict Tungol II : This has it all. Love story, conflict, third party, betrayals, nerdy bestfriend-acting-as-good conscience, offscreen tryst and finally-- the twist! Brilliant!