I FIXED YOUTUBE - 2019.03.13 | FB

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I built an old school subscription feed! ❤️SUBSCRIBE! 💙 https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bingradio Support PBFB on Kickstarter! http://bit.ly/pbfb2019 Bookmark https://iheartmysubbox.com/ for a simple list of new videos every day. We made a thing! In this video Bing talks about a website he made called I Heart My Sub Box. It's designed to be a simple video list for people who miss the way YouTube used to work. It has no ads, no algorithm, and it isn't tracking you. It just grabs the latest videos from your subscriptions and shows them to you. That's it. Please go check it out (before YouTube shuts it down) and let me know what you think! You can give the team direct feedback on Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/V5RkSZe Past Bing Future Bing is a time travelling documentary vlog series about growing up, learning lessons, and making your way in the modern world as a young adult. Credits, trivia, and more info about this series: http://www.pastbingfuturebing.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/helloiambing Insta: @helloiambing Facebook: http://www.bingshappyplace.com Discord: https://discord.gg/zznMbXP The Original PBFB Playlists 1: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL53C7D46962081896 2: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0AD21132F5C57950 PBFB 2017 Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL39ChQoAfbUM8J-CKLTOJPIbxzHPbaMXT PBFB 2019 Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL39ChQoAfbUMKGwgoChBGAGJSJBzetm7f

Comments from Youtube

Tim E : bing, since you're not hosting the CSS locally, unpkg is tracking usage to some degree. Just before you do the "no tracking" too loudly. (yes, stuff like this is my day job)

Stealthpath : This is absurd. I don't want to see the videos from my favorite creators, I much prefer scouring their channels one by one in hope of finding a video that I didn't even know was uploaded or checking other social media to see if their video didn't make it to my sub box.

Steve Bingham : This is brilliant: I can finally see my subs easily. I realised how much I am missing! Well done Bing. It's great that you got so much talent from your parents :-)

Michael Ayers : This is like the best kind of tutorial video.

Yrrzy : wait are some peoples sub boxes not like this any more

Spirits : I remember this being introduced on Discord. I was too awkward to help in the testing. But the other Christopher was actually super polite and patient.

Astrid Johnson : Already discovering loads of videos uploaded in the past DAY that I just didn't see in my usual subscription feed. Cheers, Bing!

Xario1 : Oh hey, I didn't think to make it my homepage. Thanks for the suggestion! :D

Frank Thompson : A genuinely nice act? With no malicious motives behind it? On the internet? I'm sorry, you must be new here.

Sam Holloway : Bing you are a legend! Such a breath of fresh air! Loving this already :3

ChrisFS : This is actually an interesting demonstration of how too much “optimisation” can be actually detrimental to the overall user experience.

Linguini : i mean it doesn't work as well as the normal sub box, but it goes back to uploads from 10 years ago so thumbs up!

Harry Robins : I thought about this as an idea that could be quite simple ages ago, so I'm really happy someone has gone and done it. This is an awesome idea!

Matt Stuart-White : Damn, I did not expect that to look so different from my subcriptions tab. I need to do some serious unsubscribing! But not from this channel :)


Ádám Tóth : "It's not trying to tell you about whatever Logan Paul is doing" THAT'S A LIE! I'm subbed to you, you made a video about Logan Paul, therefore, the website will tell me about Logan Paul! I'm onto you, Bingham.

lasagna lasanga : Y-ya-ay thi-this whole video is ab-bout an ad Yay Jk is was a great video B

B. B. : thank you so much for this.

Hal Brown : im gonna give the sub box a shot, i like having chronology and keeping my stuff together but i might go back to yt becase, and i hate to admit this, i like the recommended content sometimes

SuicideNeil : You know, you can actually just save your Subscriptions page on youtube as your Bookmark for the site, that way you don't start on the Home page which doesn't show you your subs, just recommendations.

GlassCake : I believe it still has missing videos from my subscriptions. The most recent video is 6 hours ago but on YouTube I have subscriptions as early as 3 hours ago.

Dystopian Overture : You are proof not all heroes wear capes! Thanks to you both!

Marcelle Liemant : I super love this. Back to simplicity.

The Emerald Ruby : broken for me on opera right now :(

Tryhardtechy : you talk waaaaaay to long and restate things 3-5 times. you could have made this short and sweet like discords youtube videos. might be something to try out in the future.

Samantha Turtle : It’s so late meh who needs sleep bing is better then sleep so worth not getting any sleep

Peter Johnson : Of all the PBFBs, your videos on YouTube/ online video / digital media are my favourite - your informed viewpoint and 10+ years of experience mean I'm always gonna listen to what you have to say on how YouTube works/doesn't work

Elwakka : You are the hero we need.

Reed Porter : I like it- though I am curious how you chose how many characters of each video's description to display. Some of them seem like a bit of a mess (if they do not use a line break, particularly- maybe look for the first punctuation point followed by a space after a certain number of characters?) but most are great.

Pudgebert : Dark mode would be amazing.

Parzivald Shiflty : I guess Bingsmas came early this year

Adlin Ling : Better late than never

Mark Hilton : thank you so much crhis

Ben : this is great... any chance of a dark mode?

J Black : Love u

Bolivia Life : it does one thing 😁

ShiivaWilding : A delay of a few seconds isn't slow, Bing. My internet caps at 95Kb... I know what slow feels like!

Rachael Bencic : Goodbye ads! Hello freedom!

krucky : This is genius.

Quirkney : Hell, yeah.

スターボーイスターボーイ : Good luck not getting sued tho

jtomd96 : Someone left autoplay on when they did screengrabbingggggg whyyyyyyyyyy

youF4G : Not all my subscription feed videos are showing on iheartmysubbox. Maybe I have too many subscriptions.

Felipe Valdes : I love it!

Unai Martínez Barredo : I must be the only human on Earth whose subscription feed hasn’t been tampered with! Also, my sympathies for using the API, it’s a horrible system they have indeed.

Noodle : Great idea, but I fail to see how it's anymore useful than just bookmarking your subscriptions page, honestly

Paddy Fellows : This is exactly what people want and i love the streamlined nature. I would personally like a way to push into the 'watch later' because that is how i do it now, pile everything into the watch later playlist over the a day or two then watch that playlist when i get time - However i can live without it

versesca : It does the thing you said it would do! Maybe let people know to allow pop ups? My browser didn't let me know the site had one and just kept blocking it so I didn't know how to log in for a second. Can't say I've experienced the sub box problems everyone else seems to be having though, so it's a great product but I'll leave it to the users who need it.

SgtStinger : I mean, I'm one of those guys whom the sub box always works for. Always get the latest videos in chronological order. I don't get why it works for me and nobody else. I'm glad for y'all other guys who will be using this. I won't, but I'm glad you guys can. I would too if I needed to. But I don't. And that's okay too. Yeah. Anyway, thanks mr Bing.