Half in the Bag Episode 21: Jack and Jill (1 of 2)

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Gggmanlives : "that's bad luck, right?" "...yes" "...i hope so"

Me Auntie Nora : Mike says there are "no stakes." But with Dunkin Donuts' new Steak and Egg sandwich, you might not be so quick to judge.  Served on a toasty onion bagel, this hearty meal starts your day off right... at any time!

Bryan With An Eye : Wow, this review is six years old now. Look at where everyone has landed, Jay with his store bought haircut, Mike turning pro with his alcoholism, and for every one year that has passed, Rich has aged 3.

CutTheSkit : I know a couple of people who've worked with Sandler and he's apparently an unbelievably nice guy, always asking after people's families and they've said he remembered them by name years after they last met. His movies suck, but I really wish they didn't.

FMAiscool : You're missing the "Gets a ridiculously gorgeous, smart woman to fall in love with him that he far from deserves."

Howie Benatovitch : Every time I watch this I'm amazed how much better the version of Jack & Jill that Mike made up on the fly is than what Sandler and a team of writers churned out.

RationalLllama : Redlettermedia is the best movie reviewing channel on YouTube.

Cheapsunglasses : Those 3 critics who gave it "Fresh" did so because they pitied Al Pacino for having the nerve to put effort into his role.

Reebz0r : Sandler films are like a NASCAR. Loud, covered in ads, spend 2 hours going nowhere yet yokels will still pay to see it.

BlueBoyX95 : Where my fellow lovelies at?!?

michaeljamesmccabe : Budget: 79 million Gross: 149.7 million Mind = Blown Adam Sandler = "The Producers", only for real Scary.

Ash Ketchum : has anyone noticed that Adam Sandler always has really hot women who are out of his league in movies

Ryan Spann : Going to an Adam Sandler movie nowadays is paying for all his vacations he takes in his movies with his crew. lol

Isaiah : "Theoretically a comedy." god dammit.


AstralDragoon : It may just be because I have a demented sense of humor, but if they really had done the scene where the handler walked out with a pistol and shot the pony, that would have been hysterical.

Lucas Biron : "I'm a racist and I find this offensive" I love you Mike. Only movie review channel I religiously follow and look forward to.

Redblaze27 : The closest Half In The Bag got to being a Plinkett Review.

Alex Hunt : Normally people can get up to leave anytime they choose if a movie is an abomination. That is unless you're me and had no choice to watch it on a 9 hour plane journey where the only exit is a 40,000 ft drop to the earth. In hindsight I wish I chose the latter.

Patrick Burke : Jay got hot in the new ones

Boobalopbop : Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have been divorced for quite some time. In fact, many believe that thats why her career nose dived because the Scientologists are so powerful in Hollywood, that since she left Tom and the church, she is black balled.

Dylan Monjure : "I'm a racist and I find it offensive" - Mike Stoklasa

John Doe : Katie divorced tom in 2012. Good on her.

Al Capone : This was the first non Plinkett review I watched from RLM. I can't believe it's been 5 years.

McCarthee : Should have called the movie "Hack and Fraud".

Cheapsunglasses : Trailer Guy: "Your twin sister!" (reveals Jill's face) (shrieks of terror and disgust erupt throughout the audience)

PauLtus B : "Most racist movie since Birth of a Nation" That's poster worthy.

jaakedebick : This is easily the best non-Plinkett review RLM has done

Aaron M : Props for Scientology bashing 👍🏻 always love seeing that 😁

john doe : it reminds me of that movie jack black's character did in tropic thunder

Mr. Wizard : In Sandler's defence I once went to school with a guy named Juan whose entire family and extended family consisted of only "Juans" and "Juanitas".

Apollyon : Dan from game grumps told me to watch this one.

Not quite my tempo : So, does Jack & Jill basically expose Adam Sandler as a shallow, emotionless businessman? I'll let you decide... but-the-answer-is-yes.

Necro bus : A RLM Classic.

WadMizard ZOL : adam sandler could be a popular lets player.

Aquila : The grumps following has arrived.


Two Idiots² : Mike: "There is literally one crafted joke in this movie that has a set-up and a pay-off. Shall we tell them what it is?" Jay: "Ugh.. _Sure_..? Are you concerned about spoilers? Because I would think for anyone that _is_ interested in seeing this movie I *hope* we spoil it for you." 26:15

Placidfuture : Jack and Jill more like Hack and Shill.

Kyle Davidson : You guys wrote a better dumb comedy with your review than Adam sandler did with 20 years of professional practice.

israel_br : The best Half in The Bag? Probably.

Akeba Lucas : I fill a compulsive need to eat when I watch Jay and Mike reviews...

Ambrose of Milan : they didn't even bother to fill the airport with extrs

Palpy : Hahahahah fake plinket behaved like a skyrim npc! "someone there"?

Duncan Van Ooyen : So what Mike and Jay are saying essentially.... ...is that "It's almost mind boggling how complex the awfulness is."

TheOman1997 : Danny brought me here

The Real Spark : Game grumps sent me here.

Foxambereyes : Ironically, about 3-4% of the reviews for this video are negative.

The Magnifikle : Anyone else here because of Game Grumps

buttersfan18 : anyone else here from game grumps? lol