The Undebunkable

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Dolan Dark : I was not prepared for that eye being cut

Indie Flower : Wtf? "Hello children, here's a video of an eye being sliced open with no warning!" Edit: spelling

se . sp1 : Every comment is either about the eye slice or a quote from infinity war at 6:00

Hajileee : 2.4k people probably didn't understand the point of this video and got offended...

CoverEye : This would be the plot of a CaptainDisillusion movie.

SmarterEveryDay : I physically jumped during the eyeball cut.

Sumsang : Comments: I don't feel so good: 95% ew an eye was cut: 3% percentage comments: 1% comments talking about percentage comments while it's a percentage comment itself: 1%

TheFortex : What if he didn't predict infinity war. But infinity war copied him. Hmmm.....

Luke Roberts : I hope someday that evil guy returns. And maybe CD his little cracks in his walls, slowly getting slightly larger with each video. Until, finally, BOOM - big reveal - HE’S BACK! Y’know what I mean?

Duck Peck : One of your best videos in my opinion. It encapsulates the spirit of channel incredibly well with the message about how to balance skepticism on the Internet. I think this proves that your channel is going to outlast most, you have a reason to debunk videos and righteous ideal to spread.

Tech Showdown : Dude, you deserve WAY more subscribers, this content is really high quality and super entertaining, keep up the fantastic work!!!

Surya Senguttuvan : DEBUNK the person behind HowToBasic

Mikael Weiss : Wtf is up with the god damn eye slice. I was NOT prepared for that. UGH!

Kurt Barryman : Youtube automatically put the 'apallo space program' wiki article under the video because their AI cannot recognize satire.

Jonathon Lee : Not tonight honey I have a headache Lmao Everybody's ignoring it because of the eyeball thing

verdatum : This episode holds up really well. This is quality stuff. You should be proud of this one, Alan.

Sander Vink : anyone else notice the binge watching people in the comments from mark robert? This video was posted in 2016

Lev Sipos : "Extremely well funded" and NASA dont go together

Sea Urcin : 2:48 OH SHI* NO IM OUT

Gonçalo Carneiro : This was rather eye opening... Pun not intended, crap.

The duck Is Lit : 6:00 I don't feel so good.

Rhewin : This is still my favorite Captain Disillusion. It's one of the few resources I have showing the danger of being *too* skeptical. Skepticism based on fact is great. Based on feeling... well, not so much.

SouljaSiIverQuaker : SiIvaGunner? Undebunkable.

The Archuduke : you see we live ina society

Dannnisshhh : There’s tons of people here who actually think that this was a serious video

Vito C : Stanley Kubrick DID film the moon landing. It's just that he's such a perfectionist that he *filmed on location.*

DankFlab • : I love how many people reference this video to try and prove the alligator is fake

The Atheist Saint : It's not nice to put clips like an eye being sliced open in a video without any kind of content warning. I mean, it was probably fine for most of us, but for certain people seeing stuff like that unexpectedly can seriously ruin their day. It was a really cool-looking practical special effect though.

8-Bit WaLuigi : Holy crap, Anti-D is a cool concept. (Also D should have said to Anti-D once he stood up “why are you taller than me even though we’re played by the same actor?”

OH YEAH YEAH : To make it clear again. All the videos and facts that have been shown there are real. Only the fake captain has seen everything skeptical and said it would be fake, although that's not true. Was also said at the end from the real Kaptain ....

Negi Kitsu : Man, the Captain Disillusion lore is getting deeper

Levi Skardsen : I hope Captain D gets to have a real showdown with Zeitgeist at some point.

ZP gaming : Lol the imposter D make up actually creep me out at first

CountRising MoonStar : So we have a goddess - Holly A WIERD chameleon zartgiest thing And captain D - a funny yet smart and nice human being

Maxime Morvan : I knew right away that is wasn’t goin to be a regular one when he said: « it’s me, Captain Desillusion » instead of : « Captain Desillusion here »

Richard Fukuda : Not all heroes wear capes, some wear sweat pants

Redtro : I don‘t get how everyone‘s freaking out because of the eye scene. In ninth grade in biology we dissected the eyes of pigs (not while they‘re alive ofc, we were given the eyeballs of the pigs) and while especially the smell wasn‘t pleasent, it was way more interesting than unpleasent or disgusting. (Btw a eye doesn‘t look like that when cut open :D)

MyIndoorPersonality : *Not tonight honey, I have a headache*

OKobern : 2:48 thank me later

KingDog : And always remember, if Captain D doesn’t say “Love with your heart, use your head for everything else.” It’s probably Zeitgeist.

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - HowStuffWorks : Thank you for continually stimulating our critical thought sectors. Excellent work as always, Captain.

Paul Anderson 23 : Hydrographics are real

Duckle : Matpat, is that you?

Jerad Berry : was that eye slicing clip really needed? really?

Lysander Dusseljee : That was eye-opening... Literally.

Nextralife : ...Did someone seriously ask you to debunk hydrographic dipping? I... I feel bad for our society.

2M views : 5:58 look at his hair

Big Daddy Toyota Corola : 6:00 He predicted Thanos

Anthony Flagg : "And the terror wears off" So uh, can the PATRIOT act and the relentless spying by the Government of their own citizens against the word of the Constitution wear off, too? That would be great. While we're at it let's get rid of the demonstrably useless "security theater" of the TSA, too. Thanks.

MiAlex Vi : I suffered in this. I dont take seeing eye injuries too well.