The Undebunkable

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Dolan Dark : I was not prepared for that eye being cut

The duck Is Lit : 6:00 I don't feel so good.

Indie Flower : Wtf? "Hello children, here's a video of an eye being slic d open with no warning!"

se . sp1 : Every comment is either about the eye slice or a quote from infinity war at 6:00

Thorigin : He predicted thanos

SmarterEveryDay : I physically jumped during the eyeball cut.

Hajileee : 2.4k people probably didn't understand the point of this video and got offended...

Goblin 987 : not tonight honey i have a headache *TRANSLATED* mr stark i dont feel so good

Benjamin Philipp : Today's episode was brought to you by: *Cognitive Dissonance* - _when it feels uncomfortable, it's probably not real_ ™

Raz Sk : Have guts? Debunk nasa's moon landing video footage... Have or not😈😈😈

verdatum : This episode holds up really well. This is quality stuff. You should be proud of this one, Alan.

MeeM MaM : dangit now my eye feels weird and i feel the urge to protect it

Sander Vink : anyone else notice the binge watching people in the comments from mark robert? This video was posted in 2016

Steve Trbovich : I love this channel. I already believe everything CD believes and disbelieve everything he disbelieves. UFOs are fake, the Moon landing was real. But nobody who believes the Earth is flat or that 9/11 was a hoax walked away from this video with their minds changed. I think they're more likely to take CD's closing words and reflect them back at him, insisting that he open his eyes to "all the evidence" in support of the "fact" that the 1% has been in constant contact with extraterrestrials ever since Babylon. I wholeheartedly agree that runaway skepticism is just as bad as believing everything you see online. I guess all I'm saying is that I'm looking forward to seeing more appearances by this purple jacket guy because there's so much more to it. Here's me hoping for a whole playlist devoted to this topic. And thanks for doing what you do, CD.

Herbert The Duck : infinity war spoiler

Tech Showdown : Dude, you deserve WAY more subscribers, this content is really high quality and super entertaining, keep up the fantastic work!!!

CoverEye : This would be the plot of a CaptainDisillusion movie.

dman animation : 5:58 he had a headache and then he faded away. Thanos you monster!

Dannnisshhh : There’s tons of people here who actually think that this was a serious video

SIR STOOPID : love the whole face bleeding thing as time goes on. nice work!

Flying Moose : Probably my favourite Captain D video

Zormac : 2.2K dislikes? Did those people even watch the video?

Kurt Barryman : Youtube automatically put the 'apallo space program' wiki article under the video because their AI cannot recognize satire.

Aadame Edits : The quality of this episode is just too much

Vito C : Stanley Kubrick DID film the moon landing. It's just that he's such a perfectionist that he *filmed on location.*

Ryū the anti-social weeb : Omg infinity war copied his disappearance effect from him. I knew they weren't dead they just had a headache!

The Archuduke : you see we live ina society

dewinvz : I have seen someone ride that jet pack thing it was baffling

Paul Anderson 23 : Hydrographics are real

Negi Kitsu : Man, the Captain Disillusion lore is getting deeper

Green Zachary : 2:48 OH SHI* NO IM OUT

Joshua Sweetvale : Disbelieving something out of hand isn't skepticism.

SouljaSiIverQuaker : SiIvaGunner? Undebunkable.

elan chezhian : 2:48 is this my nightmare?

Richard Fukuda : Not all heroes wear capes, some wear sweat pants

imagine : Absolute Masterpiece.

Astro Space Industries : Is this sarcasm?

Jakob The Great : i’m never wrong!

spiderman with onion ring : 2:46 you guys see that skateboard? Its burning!

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - HowStuffWorks : Thank you for continually stimulating our critical thought sectors. Excellent work as always, Captain.

Eggy OwO : 6:00 mr stark.... i dont feel so good...

DankFlab • : I love how many people reference this video to try and prove the alligator is fake

Anthony Flagg : "And the terror wears off" So uh, can the PATRIOT act and the relentless spying by the Government of their own citizens against the word of the Constitution wear off, too? That would be great. While we're at it let's get rid of the demonstrably useless "security theater" of the TSA, too. Thanks.

Τζένη Χιονίδη : The number of people in the comments who don't know the movie Un Chien Andalou is toodamn high

THEthatdude : Hello kids! _eyeball cut_

Gonçalo Carneiro : This was rather eye opening... Pun not intended, crap.

Ethan Henrichs : The hydrographing thing or whatever they call it is HYDRODIPPING you I*iot You are probably joking though I’m suddenly realizing he is joking

Pohaku Rockstar : YES!! I LIKE THAT VIDEO!!! NICE JOB CD!!

babywolfrl : ayyyyyyyyyyy 2,000,001 views nice jub

A Spears : My 10-year-old son wants to know, "do you sleep in a debunk bed?"