The Undebunkable

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verdatum : This episode holds up really well. This is quality stuff. You should be proud of this one, Alan.

Richard Fukuda : Not all heroes wear capes, some wear sweat pants

The duck Is Lit : 6:00 I don't feel so good.

dbutch1976 : This is the bravest video that has ever come from this channel. Congrats and well done! Two thumbs up, I only wish I had more thumbs.

Nextralife : ...Did someone seriously ask you to debunk hydrographic dipping? I... I feel bad for our society.

Dolan Dark : I was not prepared for that eye being cut

Chairman Meow : Yeah, if the "Illuminati" or "globalist elite" were that powerful, intelligent and all-knowing, why would they leave obvious mistakes for random yahoos on the internet to find while sitting at their PC eating chips?

Epic Username : I'm still convinced that is a real alligator

Systamatic : I swear the top comment is always saying you should have more subs

B.D W : This is a really good video, but it may be a bit too intellectual for the conspiracy theorists to understand. Still good though

Tech Showdown : Dude, you deserve WAY more subscribers, this content is really high quality and super entertaining, keep up the fantastic work!!!

Fatalismic : As a chemical engineering student I can say that steel buildings do not collapse from fires sure... But look at it this way. Each tower has a mass of 450,000,000 kg, meaning that it weighs abouuuut 496,040 Tons. A careful look at the mass acceleration of an object moving at 240–285 km/h even as a take off speed that will eventually get to around 500 km/h is extremely high ESPECIALLY if that object has a mass of 197 tons. The Towers have a height of 415 meters and by that logic have a very high volume. Well OK that's nothing to worry about right? WRONG. Its not a completely dense building either and its volume isn't fully supported on each floor. "The tube frame design using steel core and perimeter columns protected with sprayed-on fire resistant material created a relatively lightweight structure that would sway more in response to the wind" Is a quote from a Wikipedia source that correctly sites the real blueprints and work plans. Each FLOOR in fact had a suspension system to acknowledge weight distribution across the tower. Now lets look at the real forces NOT the "Fuel melting steel" that everyone is talking about. The acceleration of ANY object is Δv / Δt = (vf - vi)/(tf - ti) Which is another way of saying that the change in speed over time. If we do out these calculations with our subject the "Boeing 767 Commercial Aircraft" VERIFIED to be used in the crash, we can find that the acceleration of the plane is around 1200 ft per minute. Rather than fly on one of the machines myself I used a well documented pilots guide to the plane which will be linked below. Now for all of you aviation specialists who think Air "buffering", Diving, or problems with air density will cushion the blow... THIS is the acceleration of a LEISURELY climb to cruising speed. The 767-300 is capable of reaching speeds of 262.367 meters per second or nearly 600 miles per hour. As reported by this article here ----> ( The Airplane is even fine to work at OVERCLOCKED speeds at even a Mid-level Air density of 400 meters. Now that we have that out of the way. The plane is accelerating at 6.096 m/s^2 which if we put into newtons second law of motion, F=ma, we have a force of AT LEAST 1.08 million Newtons flying into the mid section of a building designed to SWAY with strong wind forces and withstand category 3 or even 4 storms especially with dampeners involved. These storms produce a force of 38 lbs/ft^2 meanwhile our plane which has a nose surface area initial contact of 40-50 m^2 making the force per square meter 27,000 Newtons per square meter. Converting this to Lbs to foot we get: (Drum ROOOOOLLLLLL) 563.9067272648 pounds per square foot. This entry force for a plane is 15 times the regulation force regardless of where the plane's point of contact was. NOT TO MENTION the explosion caused by a compressed tank of Jet-A1 or Jet-A fuel which is a combustion reaction that provides a significant force in addition. Not only is it a REALISTIC crash scenario it is also a realistic building scenario because it ACTUALLY happened. You don't fucking Thermite to destroy a building that tall and that complicated. The force that the plane (WHICH BY THE WAY is going at the slowest POSSIBLE speed) offers IS enough to EASILY knock 3-4 floors out of alignment and cause them to compromise the structural integrity of the entire building. The dampeners would collapse and the entire building would lose the middle section holding up the top like a bad Jenga game. Please Love with your heart and use your head for everything else. Thanks CD for inciting such an interesting discussion (accidentally), love the vids and keep it up! Sources :

Crystal Clod : Okay so we're just going to ignore the fact that he has that secret little jail behind his wall???

WeedTaco : real talk 6:04

The God Emperor of Mankind : Top 10 anime rivalries.

SmarterEveryDay : I physically jumped during the eyeball cut.

Joe Siris : Didn't expect to see the "Paul is Dead" myth in here. That's a fun one.

Eneliko Smith : Your really making the world a better place. Proud of you.

Joshua of Grand Rapids : Thank you for this. Conspiracy theories create a narrative of helplessness that keeps power in the hands of the powerful

Rebecca Johnson : I bet this guy gets tired of comments from people wondering why he doesn't have more subscribers.

Negi Kitsu : Man, the Captain Disillusion lore is getting deeper

Michael Fearon : 6:00 Zeitgeist isn't feeling so good

Lord AJ : I fully understand why people may have been sceptic of the moon landing at the time. What I can't understand is how one can honestly still deny them today.

Mathy Don : wait... UFO's are real but a drone you can stand on is fake...?

George Waters : Confirmed: Captain D is a paid shill. Lol. Im just kidding. Conspiracy theorists are nutters

Zachary Kiss : I am pretty bummed because I think I've binge watched your entire channel and there is no where to go on YouTube from here but down.

Herbert The Duck : infinity war spoiler

BatMan : When you're so skeptic you become a conspiracy theorist

Wordsmithereens : I've never been happier to discover a youtube channel before

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - HowStuffWorks : Thank you for continually stimulating our critical thought sectors. Excellent work as always, Captain.

frotwithdanger : If only I had seen this months ago. I tried to love with my head once and sprained my back.

napoleonjewfro : "not tonight honey, I have a headache" oh my, that line killed me

Afrogeddon : I gotta say that was some next level cinematography! I liked it a lot^^

hydroseal : 6:00 "I don't feel so good Mr Stark"

Cam Crawford : that was just a really inspiring video. thank you.

NoxFury : waw can somebody tell me what app he use for edit his video and for thumbnail ?

Crash Bandiclit : Did CD just make a Thanos joke two years before Infinity War????? Time travel 100% confirmed

jman23bball : 6:02 Guess he didnt feel so good

JJ ceo : Dear Allan (CD's Personal Assistant), can you please upload that AWE inspiring end piece, to SoundCloud?

Kenneth Rapp : Do you really expect us to believe this "Zeitgeist" isn't just you in slightly creepier makeup with some kind of voice filter? It's obviously all done in CGI, just like the moon landings. I BET YOU'RE NOT EVEN A REAL CAPTAIN.

Jeremnis Bubu : The eye cutting!!!! Cannot unseee! There must be a graphics warning for that part.

RL Savage : That eye cutting is just stuck in my brain.damn why did i watch this


Antônio Henning : Reminds me a lot of Thunderfoot these days... Sad.

Bob635237485 : 5:59 End of Avengers Infinity War

mori ko : what a dork

Tord Abelius : For a moment I thought this guy had turned to a truther... sadly I guessed wrong. Cool video tho, except of that eyeballcut..., that was gross

moist : Lore

THEthatdude : Hello kids! _eyeball cut_

Firepal64 : The gradual black drips, wall cracks and broken voice really drive the point that something's wrong. You are the best.