8 Minute Abs

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SENNY D : Who's still watching in 2017? 👋🏽

Terry Scott Niebeling : Who's still watching in 2018?

Flying Dutchman : I see comments below with "I don't see any results", I guess that's because first you gotta rid of the fat on your Abs, that's why you don't see them. lol

Flying Dutchman : Where can I buy these awesome suits?

David RF : The original ABS workout. No other compares.

Chef Dahmer : I want this guys face on a shirt on the back it says "hey gang"

1243ism : I am getting a six pack on my neck... Am i doing this right?

JaxBlade : Over the last decade I've found so many badass ab/core training videos that have helped me a lot but out of all the ones I learned, this one I found when I was a sophomore in high school first getting into fitness has always been my fav. I still love it!

Marco Sammon : I'm not jerking around, it's a controlled movement

Scyper : To sum this video up in 1 word; Gang

iBrEttYy : see you in 24 hours... in hell

Jumpmann : Yes I did do a great job! See ya tomorrow 1994 guy!

Motle Grande : Best part is the beginning when I lay down. It's difficult to start sometimes

DDhide14 : This is still hands down the best workout for abs....been doing it for years....and it's the only thing that has ever consistently worked. You must do this EVERY day though....one day off at the most...but then 6 days straight. People think I do some crazy training regimen to keep my abs, but all I do is this (daily). It's only 8 min people.....I bet 8 min has already passed since reading these comments.....there's really no excuse not to do this because you are 'busy' People who don't "see" the results may need to tweak their diet....you may have well-defined abs, but the layer of fat on your stomach is hiding them. This program will never lose it's effectiveness, it's the best bang-for-the-buck ab workout in existence IMO. Just like he says "these work if you do them right"

t vic : u will feel this right in ur rectus abdominas

Andy Brink : "30 more seconds....last 10 seconds!"

Davis 'n' Karlis : "This will never hurt you" My abs are on fire!!

MC : when he goes "couple more" and then "five more" I wanna slap him through the monitor

Danny Huerta : His gang is 22.1m people

Juan Lopez : "We're having fun"

TigerMonthlyHits : I don't care what anyone says, there's no way not to use the neck, yes I lift my body with my abs but wtf do you think is supporting my giant head each time a do a crunch.

Matthew O'Bryan : This video makes your abs, but proper nutrition will reveal them.

Simoslav Klose : People saying you're feeling this in your neck; A) look up into the air not sideways at the screen and B) try to squeeze your abs or obliques whenever you're doing the exercise. It helps to focus the attention on the target area. If you don't do that then there's a tendency to tense the neck or the lower back and absorb the pressure.

GingerSnack : Instructor: last 30 seconds give it to me......10 more seconds! Me: oh thank god

Andrew Hammel : When I was 15 and very fat, I started to do this 3 times a week. The results were absolutely awesome, I really reached the six pack. I recommend this to anyone who wishes to exercise abs.

Elizabeth Otero : For everyone who is questioning if this workout truly does work, I am pleased to say that it does. I have been doing these exercises everyday for about 2 months, and the results have been astounding. I have never found a program to work better than this. My advice to newcomers and fellow "gang members" would be to do each exercise precisely, and at your own pace, do these exercises consistently, meaning everyday, and to have a healthy diet with doing the 8 minute ab program. If so, I believe you will find your results to be as pleasing as mine. Good luck!

Isaac Travers : Hey gang, I just did my 8 minute abs for the 1000th time this morning!

Dallas Dwayne : Guys. I can verify that this workout works! After doing this routine for the past 2 and a half months, I now have a six pack on my neck.

Luis Ojeda : What's the name of the song? That shit lit

IL0VETHESUN : "ok gang" "hey gang" *corny elevator music*  "not this time gang"  omg this is so 90s

Jeffrey Hooper : I remember I did this workout every day along with weight training for 2-3 months the summer going into freshman year of highschool. I easily had one of the best bodies in my school. this shit works brah

András Szűts : touch the bottom of defeat..* I did. I certainly did.

Jack Gannon : "It's only 8 minutes long, EVVEERRYY DAAYYY!!!"

Ed : There yer go, BOOOOM! See you in 24 hours!

Isaiah Hesed : 3:08 - trying to touch the bottom of the feet - which is basically physically impossible.

Chris Devine : Flagged for glorifying gang culture.

Asda Smart Price : One of the best YouTube videos of all time

Cristian1441 : this is the best exercise for my abs !

Beldinoob : "give it to me" lol if it's not the workout, the laughs will give you the six pack! great video!

Alex : does this even works? All I am getting is a six pack in my neck.

Malus : I've been doing this routine 4-5 times a week for ~3 weeks now. Just thought I'd say for all the comments about neck soreness, I think your neck just needs to adjust (and I mean muscle pain/soreness, if your spine hurts you're probably doing it wrong). My neck was sore after the first two routines, but no longer after that. Also, as I continued, I felt a noticeable difference in being able to "pull with my abs and not my neck". At first I felt like "well easier said than done, my neck muscles are still very much involved", but eventually I found could lever myself up with primarily my core in a way I wasn't doing before, like how contracting your bicep curls your arm up.

Gravelord Nito : The Worst Threesome Ever

Vincent Blando : I saw more results doing this every day than I did with P90X abs. This program seriously works - especially if you incorporate running into your daily routine to go with it.

M N : this is easily my most watched YouTube video. I've been watching this same one since I was 16, 8 years ago

Іван Залізняк : What's his name? I can tell, I've been doing these for 2 years, I have 8 perfect cubes and nice side muscles. I just love the program, perfect for the iron stomach If you're obese, you'll probably see the result only after you've done a lot of running and loose the fat.

Sharks R. Great : This works I promise you. Thought it was genetically impossible for me to have defined abs but I have done this every day for about 3 weeks along with a bit of cardio and eating much healthier and I now have a visible six pack. Do not give up after a week, keep doing this and you will see results.

Alex : If your neck is hurting you're doing this incorrectly. More then likely your abs are really weak and you're making up for it by throwing your head forward or pulling on it with your arm. You don't have to be working every rep the folks in the video get. You may do a lot less reps a lot slower. That is ok you'll get there eventually, but for now don't push yourself that bad and stay injury free.

Tim Amor : 8 minute abs?! More like 8 minute neck

zachary skinner : This guy really, really doesn't want you to yank on your neck

MrEpicAwesome : @Clariza Maldonado -- i usually do these in the morning after a couple stretches and at night around dinner time after another stretch and i have been doing it for about 3 weeks every day and i am very pleased with the results