Energy drinks: power or poison?
Energy drinks power or poison

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There are dozens of so-called "energy drinks" on the market today. They promise to be magic elixirs that will keep you awake, give you superpowers, etc., but what are they really, and how (or do) they work? Here we delve into the chemistry behind what goes in to these mysterious glowing liquids, and what that chemistry does to the human body.


Kyle Pokorski : Why drink these drinks when you can just snort some coke?

Storiaron : Uh oh depending on your gender? Dangerous words in 2k19

Anomalous : personally if i need energy i just snort a bit of meth which is way healthier

TheWidestGnu : I an watching a chemist talk about chemistry while I am neglecting my chem homework. I have reached new levels of procrastination

jhon doe : red bull apply directly to the forehead

Zerstoren Heartz : I drink them because they help shorten your lifespan.

parka bud : no one: Youtube: Energy Drink: poison or power

Tristram Block : went from a video of a man chugging a 44 oz soda to recommendations got me...

DanielC : NOW DO G-FUEL!

Domantas Tumenas : finally found a guy who voiced Half-Life scientists

Alex Campbell : Sometimes when I need energy. I just stick 1 finger in my eye and another in my asshole that usually keeps me awake

Review Central : Sounds like he is explaining energy drinks to a 10 year old

RubyFukr : You guys will eat a cake with triple that amount of sugar and say it’s healthy cause it has a raisin in it but the second there’s an energy drink you explode

Jedian : 16:53 - what you came for.

Crayola Kid : My eyes have been opened professor Conway. I'm going back to cocaine for all my energy needs. Thank you!

Pj Obrien : Isn't this dude into furries or something?

Dimitris Koutelidas : How come the part 15:45 - 15:53 isn't a meme yet? Lol

Lennert Leysen : Everyone whining about energy drinks but they keep on drinking the most poisonous of all: alcohol. THAT is a real killer.

Fernando Solis : I think he drank an energy drink before he made this video...πŸ˜‚

ZzBd1n : what if i apply monster drink directly to the forhead ?

Frog Kid : This guy sounds like he's trying to catch Timmy Turners fairy godparents.

Zorthas H : Sounds like the scientists in Half Life

A really cool Purple Hat : shit I used to down 2 energy drinks a night on my graveyard shift and I eventually stopped because it did make my heart race and make me feel like I was dying. hope I didn't damage my liver :(

Martin Mikota : Id love to see him looking at G-FUEL πŸ€”

Frank Castle : I stopped drinking that shit because it felt like someone grabbed my heart and started shaking it

Koji 888 : My boyfriend gives me a low calorie protein drink everyday. πŸ˜› πŸ†

Potato Nigger : Yeah I drink like 2 of these a day sometimes more. I'm quitting immediately.

wolf : It is me, or his voice sounds like a classic interesting grandfather about to tell a tale.

Steven Wilkins : "based on your gender"....TRIGGERED

Cheap Thrilll : Head On actually did prevent leprosy. I used it for years, and I've never had lerosy.

Claude Bussieres : Thanks Doc. I never drink the stuff but it’s good information to know.

Mark Allena : hail hydra

TehFocus : Oh wow, all of these comments are only a few minutes old. Seems like youtubes algorithm just changed and suddenly everyone is getting this video recommended.

abdul basit : Who got this in recommend?

Anthony Narain : Hey he sounds like Cosmo from fairy oddparents !!lol

King K. Rool : Why are all these comments so recent?

Emilio0587 : My coworker is 58 years old and drinks one of these every night at work. God speed

Fun1sKing : Listen to this man, he worked at Black Mesa.

Davin Carboni : It's crazy how YouTube works. He made this years ago and now YouTube it throwing it all over our recommended

kevin lokits jr : Very informative I watched the whole thing, good stuff man

NPC-D0G 5187 : Holds up a monster. Says red bulls slogan.

forkTile : I slept 12 hours but I think oversleeping just makes me more tired.

Pedro Carnitas : "Cool" **drinks Monster**

S/K BADOYAN : Monster gives you wings?

BradleyJA : Just one of these cans make me feel like I'm gonna die

Brandon Norwood : best video online. 10/10. almost died from these. hospital for a week.

S/K BADOYAN : What you gonna do now with that can of monster since you didn't open it 😭 please dont throw it

Victor One : I bet this guy is DROWNING in poontang!!!

Alejandro Hernandez : This guy really poured up that sugar πŸ˜‚