Energy drinks: power or poison?

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AkilisMusic : 15:49 thank me later

Nicksnick ZeldaxTos : Anyone else came from 'Linux Gaming FINALLY Doesn't SUCK' ?

The Dee : I have been regularly drinking 2-3 500 mL cans of (diet) Monster as well as 3-4 standard alcoholic beverages per day for the last three years now. My liver deserves a medal.

Ndawedwa Kanyeumbo : Chuck Norris once drank a can of monster energy drink, and the can got energy.

LoliceptFan [Composite] : For once the Youtube recommendation algorithm has actually done something great.

chopinplaya : This guy sounds like the doctor from Half Life

Jones Star : I actually don't drink energy drinks to get energy. I just like them

Ratsnrop Live : Just smoke meth it gives u way more energy

Joel Kleiman : Only drink them because they taste good, i get more sleepy drinking them rather than energy

Domantas Tumenas : finally found a guy who voiced Half-Life scientists

average joe : The dislikes are probably the caffeine addicts 😏

Dylan Rudman : At this point I don’t think anyone drinks energy drinks for the energy because they don’t always work, I personally drink them for the flavor.

Chelsea DaBest : people literally are trolling this guy in the comment section just because they like energy drinks and dont care if it can literally kill them in a couple years...this is why our generation nowadays is heavily straying away from knowledge and embracing stupidity and recklessness

Gilgamesh : I always believe half life 2 scientists.

jhon doe : red bull apply directly to the forehead

Forrest Saathoff : A lot of people are hypocrites because they'll chug a litre of coffee and when I have one White Monster they make sure to comment about "how much caffeine I drink"

Abher Lowkz : Yeah thats why i like cocaine better guys.

Raiden Taylor : I can appreciate your simple video for what it is, awareness. I notice some people calling it cringy, but I don't really feel this was terribly cringy, and I take moderating Roleplay on Garry's Mod seriously. Let that sink in for a moment peeps, I'm pretty much an expert on Cringe and I'd say this is minimal cringe at most. Cheaply edited? Bad jokes? Certainly, but that has pretty much nothing to do with cringe, it's just quality you're complaining about. Well, he's a Doctor, not a professional YouTuber, so you should probably get over it. What he's doing here is bluntly educating people on facts we know to be true scientifically speaking without being as dry and boring as your typical 62 year old family doctor. I commend the effort to educate and warn, caffeine overdoses are completely avoidable and we often act, generally speaking, as though it's not something that even occurs, so clearly we're not educating people properly on it. As for those of you pointing out something about him being a Furry event organizer, I couldn't care less and you probably shouldn't either. It's terribly bigoted to presume the guy's stupid or full of it based on his hobby/other interests, and I don't call people bigoted lightly. I'm definitely not a furry, and yes much of the Furry community is cringe worthy, but most of the communities you're a part of - all of you - are probably cringy too, so get over yourselves for heaven's sake.

Jolan XBL : So what you're saying is that the Monster's with 0 sugar are completely safe.

Max Wicked : YouTube just decided to recommend this to everyone today?

Jordan Wu : 15:47 trust me, this is what you are here for.

Rane Lervad : I don't really agree with the people saying that your presentation was poor. When I saw the video in my recommendations list, that was one of my worries specifically - but I really ended up enjoying your presentation. Thank you very much for a nice video :)

Felken : I never drink energy drinks, never have. Never drunk any sodas. Never drunk any coffee. Don't drink alcohol. My meals are made exclusively of meat and vegetables. Work out regularly. And I'm still fat.

NorthernLeigonare : Press like if this was in your recommended. Funny thing is i actually don't drink or like Energy drinks.. Bet you were surprised there?

TehFocus : Oh wow, all of these comments are only a few minutes old. Seems like youtubes algorithm just changed and suddenly everyone is getting this video recommended.

depressed bish : They taste good. So I'll keep on drinking them no matter what

vortex : plot twist Samuel is the CEO of monster energy

Lex : I'm here for a good time not a long time

Queen Knox : As someone who drinks one to two cans of 500ml energy drinks daily, I wholeheartedly agree that energy drinks are complete poison and if I could go back in time and slap my younger self for getting me addicted to them I totally would. Slowly working on overcoming my addiction now, lol.

ZzBd1n : what if i apply monster drink directly to the forhead ?

Nicklas VEVA : I only drink energy drinks for the taste, you can't get that taste anywhere else.

Nolan : Oh god, this is horrible! **Sips energy drink*

三咲美香 : Gee with how mild a stimulant caffeine is. I should be dead with the amount of stimulants I've done in my life. I guess this engine was just built better than the rest

Andoxico : Is anyone else wondering why this video is suddenly "trending"?

Crayola Kid : My eyes have been opened professor Conway. I'm going back to cocaine for all my energy needs. Thank you!

SCP-173 : -Chemist, not nutrition science, gastronomy, etc. -No mention that ads only specifically claimed Head-On was used for headaches in print, and advertised without the claims on tv to placate the FDA and BBB. -No mention of how much metabolic activity goes on in the "engine of your body." (Average person's body fluctuates between 16-32 ounces/1-2 lbs per day from normal metabolic activity, no accounting for activities. NOTE: see below). -No mention that the RDA values are 60 years old. -No mention that the "average person" at that time was a 150-lb male. -No accounting for built-up/inherited tolerances. -No accounting for dramatic differences from one energy drink to the next. (Caffeine content per can.. Monster - 160mg, Red Bull - 111mg, Rockstar - 80mg) -Still safer than alcohol. I'm all for scientific discussion, but there's a lot holes in this argument. Not all of them are his fault of course, the nutrition world is full of old/incomplete/inconclusive/non-standardized data, but they're worth addressing anyway.

bubbles the duck : no there not poison I drink petrol every day and I'm fine

Craselin : I watched a couple minutes of this last year because I was genuinely curious, but I found the condescending nature of the video to be quite unappealing... Like, who are you trying to convince here? Because I'll tell you what, I didn't want to listen to someone basically treating me like a moron.

Roll 3X : I don't understand why people think they need an excuse for drinking energy drinks. I just like it for the taste. I drink about 1-2 cans per week, and I'm fine.

Roots Lifted : I’ll stick with cocaine

TechnoMasterBoy : As someone who drank 0.5L Burn Energy Drink or sometimes a whole litre every single day for 5 years, I can confirm it's literally poison. My total energy span was lowered quite a bit and I didn't get any energy from it. Now that I've been off it for about 2-3 years, I feel that I have my energy back. Not going back to energy drinks again.

Pj Obrien : Isn't this dude into furries or something?

Slappy : It's got what plants crave.

Enhance Thechance : What I learned.... Basketball is deadly

Fun1sKing : Listen to this man, he worked at Black Mesa.

XxxdlmbxxX 123 : Red bull will give you wings if you drink enough, if you get what I’m saying😉😉

William Spaulding : I can tell you personally that I once drank 4 cups of coffee before hitting the gym and my heart stopped. Woke up in the ER, glad to still be alive

ACombineSoldier : I think I saw this guy in Black Mesa.

4WesternCivilizaton : Reb Bull gives you wings, cardiac arrest, as well as thickened blood.

Neo : why did this just pop up for everyone lol