Energy drinks: power or poison?

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TheMemeOtaku [Composite] : For once the Youtube recommendation algorithm has actually done something great.

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Matthew Moore : your information on taurine is incomplete. The main reason why it's in pretty much all energy drinks, is because it greatly increases absorption rates of certain ingredients. Especially fats and sugars. This is what gives you that sensation of energy. This sudden spike in metabolism is where the energy comes from. The ingredients found in energy drinks by themselves don't do much for you. But combined, they do have an effect. You should look up some studies on how these ingredients are metabolized when combined. This effect is what these types of energy drinks are based on. It's not the caffeine, or the sugar, or the Vitamins. It's the accelerated rate at which you metabolize these things that translate into energy. And it's the taurine that aides in making that possible. It's also the same reason why you crash so hard once the effects ware off. You're overlooking some important data here. I'm not disputing that these drinks are terrible for you. They certainly are. But you seem to be looking at individual ingredients, as opposed to why these particular ingredients are selected and how they interact with each other. When combined these things have a very high metabolic rate. Far greater then they would on their own. And that's the basis for how these drinks work. I personally can't handle caffeine, It gives me anxiety. I've found that with a high protein diet, i have just as much energy as all these caffeine drinkers and i can maintain that energy all day without a crash. I stay away from supermarket protein drinks though. They contain some bad stuff which can wreck your digestive tract. Look at the label on one of those Boost Protein shakes the next time you go to the store, You'll see what i'm talking about. If you need more energy during the day, don't use stimulants like sugar and caffeine. Modify your diet. High protein, Complex carbs, low sugar and fats, and stay well hydrated. Also grapes are a very good natural anti-oxidant. They contain a high amount of polyphenols. These promote healthy cell growth and protect cells against free radicals, This prevents inflammation and has been shown to lower the risk of cancer in some people. Grapes are basically a super food. You can't go wrong with grapes. :) Almonds are also good. They can help lower your blood pressure. Also if you're a coffee drinker, consider switching to tea. Tea is a much healthier choice. However black tea can increase your risk for a kidney stone as it contains high levels of oxylate. This isn't an issue for most people, but If you're prone to stones or have a family history of kidney stones, then don't drink black teas. Go with green or white teas instead. I personally drink Twinings Pure Peppermint tea. It's good for digestion. It's great if you have acid reflux too. It's an acquired taste though. It's not for everyone. And rather then having three large meals a day, it's much better to spread it out with several smaller meals more frequently. You want to try to maintain your body chemistry at a constant level the best you can. Not eating all day and then stuffing your face at dinner time, certainly isn't how you do that. I can promise you, with a proper diet, you wont need energy drinks. You'll begin to feel pretty good without them. :) You'll be amazed at just how good you feel. When i started my diet, it took about a month for my body to get used to it. And i swear i went from being sore and tired all the time, To feeling like i was 20 years old again. Not to get to graphic, but my issues with E.D. have also improved. You are what you eat. If you eat garbage, you're body is going to also function like garbage. It really is that simple. :)

Zef Cypher : Will you be in half life 3 tho

MR SLAV : This dude is likable.

Gameplay and Talk : I appreciate how blunt you are here.

Braed : When i consume energy drinks, i experience twitching, faintness and heart palpitations.

Jimmy Hapa (Import Gaming FTW!) : Damn, Uncle Kage really is legit--good info and presentation, and while I've always known they've been bad for me, I'm really going to think twice the next time I reach for an energy drink.

Erkan Özgür Yılmaz : This was a very informative video, thanks for your efforts. I will definitely let my son to watch it.

VonHousin : why is this almost 1 year old video being recommended to people??? just about all the comments are from just this week

Molo Tulo : I have Atrial fibrillation and Chronic high heart rate. My cardiologist told me, "No Caffeine",. My heart rate, at rest and on medication (180mgs Cardizem) is around 100/110 BPM. After an extended period of time, I have the ability to develop heart failure. So I don't drink much caffeine (I do enjoy a green tea every now and then but sweeten it with honey)! Is honey safer the refined sugar?

Sheldon Cooper81 : Energy drink are Waay to expensive and they taste like Gummy Bear Water its better to drink a Orange Juice and a Strong Coffee healthier and cheaper

ZzBd1n : what if i apply monster drink directly to the forhead ?

Max Wicked : YouTube just decided to recommend this to everyone today?

Setsuna Hideaki : I used to drink 2 monsters per night, so I could stay longer awake to play PUBG. Then one night I almost had heart attack. I finished in ambulance, doing ECG. My heart was beating so fast and I had pain in my chest and arm. DIdn't connect it at first with monster, but after a couple of days i drank 2 monsters again and had the same symptoms. Never had any energy drink after that. Also my friend who was making fun of me for saying that it happened because of monster, he had the same symptoms like 2 months after me.

foil : hi, i see that you clicked on this video on your recommended feed.

Fun1sKing : Listen to this man, he worked at Black Mesa.

ReabowRotors : when a label has the Kcal value, does this account of the conversion of the contents to calories?

I'm Stupid, First Off; But, - : I get they can be unhealthy for an average person, but in my opinion they were meant for people that push their bodies when exerciseing, I know this by personal experience as I always seemed to have a lack of energy when I would exercise because I would push myself a lot, it gave me the pump I needed to get through my exercise and made me feel really great healthwise, along with this I had my blood checked and they said I was really healthy, along with other tests I was in really good shape and the Monster energy drinks had helped me, they had also helped me get a good nights sleep despite me having insomnia, and I used to drink a monster everyday for about a year, sometimes more than once a day, I also monitored my heart rate constantly to and it only increased by about 5% after drinking the monsters, but mind I have a high metabolism already. So I think they are good but marketed towards the wrong audience. Ohh and also my weight was also really healthy. I like this channel

A Random Guy : x1.25 or x1.5 speed makes it interestingly easier to watch!

Neo : why did this just pop up for everyone lol

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Michael Lann : i just buy it because i like the taste and i receive energy from it

Χρηστος Ντασιος : m8 the energy comes from sugar and coffeine

qdfrffgd fffdg : Sure "heart failure" more like "I have information that will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton"

HecklerRommel : Okay, Okay YouTube, I'll watch it!

VonHousin : people dying from only ~500mg of caffeine are WEAK!

Flak : You saved my life. Thank you

Liutauras Grybauskas : So the video was uploaded almost a year ago, and I'm seeing comments under an hour old Oh YouTube, never change...

Nebulynx Pleb : Im not going to try to argue with someone who has a PhD but everyone has different tolerances and the amount of people dying due to this compared to the amount drinking is, in the grand scheme of things, extremely low

Anthony Barbera : I thought some B vitamins can increase metabolism of carbohydrate? Could this increase blood sugar and produce a short term energy gain while under load?

iVlogBuzz : Please also note that caffeine temporarily blocks the neurological pathways in the brain which can instigate a TIA or stroke even in healthy young men and women. I'm speaking for first hand experience.

Benjamin Allen : Well time to go back and start doing meth lol

Voddgreen : You sound like the scientists from Half Life 1 and 2.

SammyTeee : why has this video became super viral all of a sudden

darth : tl:dr just do cocaine

TheSecretVault : Stan didnt you used to work for Mon$anto the worlds biggest nastiest propagarnda liars and poisioners... who have tried to tell us Glyphosate is safe safe safe....when we know it gives you cancer and degerates DNA... and now they had to admit to. Nice new teeth tho dude.

Millie Burton : I applied an energy drink to my forehead and now I have a sticky head!

Canadian Whatever : Shift worker here... the best energy drink is water!

Marqan : This is just mindless demonization of energy drinks. First of all there are sugarfree options for all well-known energy drinks. Recommending coffee for its caffeine but saying energy drinks are bad because of caffeine? Absolute nonsense. And it's not even the amount, if you have even a hint of social life then you probably know people who brew strong as hell coffee at home that's much stronger than the "average cup" or the ones you usually get at cafés. Lot of people also drink 2-3 cups in one sitting. That's not healthy either of course, but the problem is generally with how people handle caffeine itself, and not the drinks they're included in. As for all else you're just implying how bad it is, without any proof or even a well thought out conclusion. There's no poisonous ingredient in energy drinks as your title and video suggests. You're not behaving any better than a bad politician, but it's even worse because "I'm a doctor, believe me!". Of course energy drinks can be dangerous and can lead to serious problems if not handled properly. And if you live a lazy life, but one day decide to load up on caffeine and some intense sport then you'll probably follow those 2 kids he mentioned. You also shouldn't offset physical tiredness with caffeine, your body is signalling you for a reason! But this over the top, suggestive video with a freaking skull on screen is not helpful to anyone at all. It's really just a circlejerk for people who also mindlessly demonize energy drinks because they're too lazy to actually research it.

acogshot : Pretty sound science to be honest. Anything which isn't fact he prefaced with indeterminate words. Not really sure why anyone can complain about this video. It's the most honest look at energy drinks I've seen in a while. As someone who does have an energy drink from time to time, this video is a nice reminder of why it's such a bad idea to get addicted to these. In bulk, they can affect your moods, your heart, and your health. In moderation, they are harmless, like most things. Bottom line, just be sensible with them, they won't do anything other than take you over your recommended daily carbs that way :P

Mathew Omolo : We all know they aren't good for the body.. But you have to at times to keep up with the grind.

Brenden Theriau : I'll sub to any man who chugs solid sugar

ramovox : maybee put the sources of the studies you are talking about, under the video, because i'm not questioning what you are sayin but to take a video seriously i need the sources generaly ( personnally of course, but i think i'm not the only one ^^ )

Denise Schulze : I like when smart people are funny 👍

Stefen Rasmuson : 15:48

Hai Kazuma Desu : Who needs energy drinks when you always have water. Remember kids, stay hydrated👌

Chillcat king : Uncle kage?

TheBrendon67 : I’ve actually never found energy drinks to be energetic at all. They just sort of sit there. Pretty boring honestly. Oh, wait.