Energy drinks: power or poison?

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AkilisMusic : 15:49 thank me later

Storiaron : Uh oh depending on your gender? Dangerous words in 2k19

Kyle Pokorski : Why drink these drinks when you can just snort some coke?

TheWidestGnu : I an watching a chemist talk about chemistry while I am neglecting my chem homework. I have reached new levels of procrastination

Nicksnick ZeldaxTos : Anyone else came from 'Linux Gaming FINALLY Doesn't SUCK' ?

Composite : For once the Youtube recommendation algorithm has actually done something great.

Jones Star : I actually don't drink energy drinks to get energy. I just like them

Jedian : 16:53 - what you came for.

The Dee : I have been regularly drinking 2-3 500 mL cans of (diet) Monster as well as 3-4 standard alcoholic beverages per day for the last three years now. My liver deserves a medal.

chopinplaya : This guy sounds like the doctor from Half Life

Max Wicked : YouTube just decided to recommend this to everyone today?

Ndawedwa Kanyeumbo : Chuck Norris once drank a can of monster energy drink, and the can got energy.

Jordan Wu : 15:47 trust me, this is what you are here for.

Lennert Leysen : Everyone whining about energy drinks but they keep on drinking the most poisonous of all: alcohol. THAT is a real killer.

Joel Kleiman : Only drink them because they taste good, i get more sleepy drinking them rather than energy

Pj Obrien : Isn't this dude into furries or something?

Zorthas H : Sounds like the scientists in Half Life

Nolan : Oh god, this is horrible! **Sips energy drink*

NorthernLeigonare : Press like if this was in your recommended. Funny thing is i actually don't drink or like Energy drinks.. Bet you were surprised there?

ZzBd1n : what if i apply monster drink directly to the forhead ?

SCP-173 : -Chemist, not nutrition science, gastronomy, etc. -No mention that ads only specifically claimed Head-On was used for headaches in print, and advertised without the claims on tv to placate the FDA and BBB. -No mention of how much metabolic activity goes on in the "engine of your body." (Average person's body fluctuates between 16-32 ounces/1-2 lbs per day from normal metabolic activity, no accounting for activities. NOTE: see below). -No mention that the RDA values are 60 years old. -No mention that the "average person" at that time was a 150-lb male. -No accounting for built-up/inherited tolerances. -No accounting for dramatic differences from one energy drink to the next. (Caffeine content per can.. Monster - 160mg, Red Bull - 111mg, Rockstar - 80mg) -Still safer than alcohol. I'm all for scientific discussion, but there's a lot holes in this argument. Not all of them are his fault of course, the nutrition world is full of old/incomplete/inconclusive/non-standardized data, but they're worth addressing anyway.

COW : They taste good. So I'll keep on drinking them no matter what

A really cool Purple Hat : shit I used to down 2 energy drinks a night on my graveyard shift and I eventually stopped because it did make my heart race and make me feel like I was dying. hope I didn't damage my liver :(

Andoxico : Is anyone else wondering why this video is suddenly "trending"?

jhon doe : red bull apply directly to the forehead

vortex : plot twist Samuel is the CEO of monster energy

ashleelmb : I think I narrowly escaped being on your list of dead people linked to energy drinks consumption last night. I was out for the night with my buddies as the designated driver, not drinking alcohol so I could drop them all off home at the end of the night. I had one coffee/rum cocktail at the beginning of the night, I then drank 5 cans of 250ml Redbull through the night. I was also feeling like I was coming down with a cold before I went out so I brought some cold and flu tablets out with me (had caffeine in them too) and took 2 separately through the night. I went home at the end of the night and lay in bed. I went out anyway not having had enough sleep so by the end of the night, I was extremely drained so when I was in bed, my body felt exhausted but I was awake and couldn't go to sleep. I had a fast heart rate and I felt like my ribs were going to cave in on top of my lungs and heart. And I had heightened anxiety and paranoia and I thought I was going to die. It was horrendous. The chest symptoms started to wear off after an hour but I was still wide awake and full of energy for another hour. I then had an energy crash and became drowsy so I slept for a few hours. But I've felt dog rough all day and I've only left my bed to piss or get a drink. I'm feeling very weak and I have a sore head. I'm never drinking energy drinks again!

Dylan Rudman : At this point I don’t think anyone drinks energy drinks for the energy because they don’t always work, I personally drink them for the flavor.

Vanilla Joy : As someone who drinks one to two cans of 500ml energy drinks daily, I wholeheartedly agree that energy drinks are complete poison and if I could go back in time and slap my younger self for getting me addicted to them I totally would. Slowly working on overcoming my addiction now, lol.

Domantas Tumenas : finally found a guy who voiced Half-Life scientists

JagsCustoms206 : Holy shit! I am lucky to be alive. I was a heavy alcoholic and drank hard liquor all day literally from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep (or passed out). I drank Monster and Redbull as a chaser because it kept me in the FUNCTIONING alcoholic spectrum. I thought I was so smart...I was STUPID. I consumed 4-6 cans a day with maybe 20 oz of water maximum daily. I did this for about 4 years. ...I now live a very healthy lifestyle and have been sober for two years. Now, I’m a ‘water-holic’ lol. I experienced no long-term health problems from that lifestyle. But I got out just in time! In looking back & educating myself on what I was doing to my body… I now realize I was on the razors edge of death and am extremely lucky to be alive with no long-term health problems...Wow.. Scary.

Felken : I never drink energy drinks, never have. Never drunk any sodas. Never drunk any coffee. Don't drink alcohol. My meals are made exclusively of meat and vegetables. Work out regularly. And I'm still fat.

三咲美香 : Gee with how mild a stimulant caffeine is. I should be dead with the amount of stimulants I've done in my life. I guess this engine was just built better than the rest

Tito Garcia : It is me, or his voice sounds like a classic interesting grandfather about to tell a tale.

TehFocus : Oh wow, all of these comments are only a few minutes old. Seems like youtubes algorithm just changed and suddenly everyone is getting this video recommended.

Dimitris Koutelidas : How come the part 15:45 - 15:53 isn't a meme yet? Lol

Craselin : I watched a couple minutes of this last year because I was genuinely curious, but I found the condescending nature of the video to be quite unappealing... Like, who are you trying to convince here? Because I'll tell you what, I didn't want to listen to someone basically treating me like a moron.

Claude Bussieres : Thanks Doc. I never drink the stuff but it’s good information to know.

William Spaulding : I can tell you personally that I once drank 4 cups of coffee before hitting the gym and my heart stopped. Woke up in the ER, glad to still be alive

Fun1sKing : Listen to this man, he worked at Black Mesa.

Ison Reign : you are a strange man.

Juan Uribe : I have diverticulosis, I have had a surgery to remove 9"of my intestines. Even with the surgery I continued to have flare ups. At one point I was having one every 30 days. I stopped drinking energy drinks all together and I went over a year without a flare up. This last year someone gave me a redbull and within 48 hours I was in the hospital and had passed out from an infection. NEVER AGAIN. Energy drinks are poison.

Kaine Bishop : Monster energy drinks increase my skill at video games that require high reaction times by so much it can feel like cheating.

Emmettaug ForReal : I’m surprised he didn’t mention how horribly acidic these types of energy drinks are, I can’t even stand them anymore and the third or fourth ingredients are usually citric ACID bye bye teeth and hello organ damage like one guy stated.

Crayola Kid : My eyes have been opened professor Conway. I'm going back to cocaine for all my energy needs. Thank you!

4WesternCivilizaton : Reb Bull gives you wings, cardiac arrest, as well as thickened blood.

Carlos Lopez : The only energy drink I drink is water

S S : If I drink like a 12 oz Red Bull maybe once every week or two when I feel like crap in the morning am I gonna 'asplode? Really though, this was quite informative and I learned a good bit from the video! I feel like I'm safe having a single Red Bull once every week or 2. When I started the video I was nearly worried that just one drink would be totally horrible for you, but it seems that in moderation, they're not too dangerous. If you're drinking like 72oz of Monster daily, I can see how that could be pretty be awful for you if you do it on a daily basis. One 8 or 12 oz can of Red Bull once a week or every 2 weeks if I'm just dead ass tired in the morning or need to try to stay up a bit later than usual doesn't seem too harmful to much other than may wallet because they're so expensive!

Mountaineer Vapes : I think you should put your statistics somewhere other than in front of your face. It is distracting and weird to cover your face with words. Why not put them on the side and point to them with your hands. You could even just put it at the bottom of the screen? Good video other than that.

S/K BADOYAN : Monster gives you wings?