Energy drinks: power or poison?

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Composite : For once the Youtube recommendation algorithm has actually done something great.

Haxe : Does anyone actually drink energy drinks to get energy or "superpowers" from them? I personally drink this one kind of energy drink just because I like the taste, nothing more.

metamorphicorder : Ive been drinking 3 to 4 16oz drinks usually sugar free a day on most days for nearly 10 years. Im overweight and sedentary, highly stressed and generally negative in my outlook. I also smoke and drink. Im in my late 30s. Pretty sure i should be dead.

John Cline : those things will kill you and they taste really nasty, coffee please, black, 2 cup in the a.m. and I'm good to go.

Diego Cano Gómez : The energetic effect is only placebo

MR SLAV : This dude is likable.

Roots Lifted : I’ll stick with cocaine

Owesome Music : Anybody give me an opinion on deodorants are the chemicals bad for my skin? Also is there a natural alternative that actually works?

Gooseman : Coincidentelly just bought 4 cans of red bull like half an hour before I stumbled upon that video, since the new wow expansion releases this night. Guess Im gonna cut it down to one or two cans this night.

vondeliusc : Excellent. The amounts of sugar are amazing, especially when you see it measured out.

VonHousin : why is this almost 1 year old video being recommended to people??? just about all the comments are from just this week

jesulatko : **sips**

1MC : Sir, you are not ONLY a great Dr., but you have character, You could EASILY be in Film.

cobalT : I'm gunna make my own product. Gunshot! Apply directly to the forehead!

SVENNEBRITTA : i hate my teachers.. explain everything to dot to end and its boring to listen to and just gives me amnusia and headaches that last all frickin day. but listening to you.. is actualy pretty intresting and no one have convinced me to stop drinking energy drinks exept you... gotdamn thats alot of sugar.. thankyou dr,conway :D (sorry for my extreamly bad english. im swedish 15yr old boy that play games all day)

AlchemistGamer : Nice. Look how new these comments are. Thanks YouTube recommendations.

Orian de Wit : There are a lot of subtle misleading things about this video. The niacin added to energy drinks is in the amide form, which has a 10x higher tolerable limit. Athletes tend to take this in doses of 250-500mg to strengthen their cardiovascular system. The nicotinic acid form is much riskier for your body -- if this was added to energy drinks, they couldn't even be sold in Europe due to regulations. Caffeine is hardly unique to energy drinks, yet only energy drinks tend to be criticized for it. Sugary drinks are pretty evil for your health and weight, but again, hardly unique to energy drinks. Energy drinks contain the same 10g/100ml sugar as other sodas or even orange juice, and you can choose to drink a sugar-free variant. I'm not arguing that Energy Drinks are healthy. Not at all. And they're not suitable for children, just like other caffeinated drinks. But they are no more "poison" than cola or coffee.

Steve Firth : I always knew that taurine story was a lie, which is why I drink a glass of bull semen everyday.

Nick 1989 : you look kind of like the grandfather from the munsters

george gaming : I know literally nobody that actually thinks energy drinks are good for them, i drink energy drinks and i'm not under the illusion that they are some sort of "magic elixir", much like alcohol people normally drink them because they enjoy it or because they taste nice.

O Esquerdalho : So,this video gets viral now. A good auto recomendation at least

Jollino : This video was uploaded almost a year ago and only now is it appearing in a lot of people's suggested

Enterprising Captian : Caffeine! Because cocaine is expensive and illegal!

Abu Antar : I like this guy

Jim Buchanan : About 15 years ago, my son overdosed on caffeine, swallowing caffeine pills taken with Mountain Dew. He was found unconscious in a parking lot and was taken to the hospital. He survived, but they said it was close...

Dylan O'Donnell : “Taurine doesn’t really do anything” .. are you kidding? Try taking a large dose of pure taurine and tell me it doesn’t do anything. You’ll feel calm, relaxed and even sleepy. The taurine counters the anxious wakefulness of caffeine which is why red bull is a nice alternative to coffee for performance enhancement. And if you can’t find research about taurine or where it actually is synthesised from you aren’t looking hard enough in your academic database. Too much sarcasm - not enough proper exegesis.

lailbeeb : Apply it to your forehead. Lmao.

Rick Sabian : Adderall.

Keith Whitty : I'm watching for 2mins and your just rambling on. WTF

Hoe nir : This was incredibly insightful and interesting. Could you do one for chocolate bars or maybe Protein powder like whey etc ? Thank you very much for the information D. Conway

GhostFire Electronics : 34 seconds in. I'm not taking advice from a guy who thinks Monster energy gives you wings. Everyone knows that's Bang energy drinks.

Marc Bryant : None of those companies say that their drinks will do anything but make you more focused and alert so calm down nerd

NEDIX : Not everyone on YT is under 12

Rob Jorg : that stuf is bad man, just stick to crystal meth, atleast that doesnt contain sugar of caffiene

aodhstormeyes : Caffeine overdose is no joke. I somehow survived mine. Downed a small bottle that was an energy spray in a moment of stupid fatigue right before a cross country meet. Living through it has given me a massive caffeine tolerance, but at the same time has really given me a chance to think about my energy drink and caffeine intake. Again, not fun.

Matthew Moore : your information on taurine is incomplete. The main reason why it's in pretty much all energy drinks, is because it greatly increases absorption rates of certain ingredients. Especially fats and sugars. This is what gives you that sensation of energy. This sudden spike in metabolism is where the energy comes from. The ingredients found in energy drinks by themselves don't do much for you. But combined, they do have an effect. You should look up some studies on how these ingredients are metabolized when combined. This effect is what these types of energy drinks are based on. It's not the caffeine, or the sugar, or the Vitamins. It's the accelerated rate at which you metabolize these things that translate into energy. And it's the taurine that aides in making that possible. It's also the same reason why you crash so hard once the effects ware off. You're overlooking some important data here. I'm not disputing that these drinks are terrible for you. They certainly are. But you seem to be looking at individual ingredients, as opposed to why these particular ingredients are selected and how they interact with each other. When combined these things have a very high metabolic rate. Far greater then they would on their own. And that's the basis for how these drinks work. I personally can't handle caffeine, It gives me anxiety. I've found that with a high protein diet, i have just as much energy as all these caffeine drinkers and i can maintain that energy all day without a crash. I stay away from supermarket protein drinks though. They contain some bad stuff which can wreck your digestive tract. Look at the label on one of those Boost Protein shakes the next time you go to the store, You'll see what i'm talking about. If you need more energy during the day, don't use stimulants like sugar and caffeine. Modify your diet. High protein, Complex carbs, low sugar and fats, and stay well hydrated. Also grapes are a very good natural anti-oxidant. They contain a high amount of polyphenols. These promote healthy cell growth and protect cells against free radicals, This prevents inflammation and has been shown to lower the risk of cancer in some people. Grapes are basically a super food. You can't go wrong with grapes. :) Almonds are also good. They can help lower your blood pressure. Also if you're a coffee drinker, consider switching to tea. Tea is a much healthier choice. However black tea can increase your risk for a kidney stone as it contains high levels of oxylate. This isn't an issue for most people, but If you're prone to stones or have a family history of kidney stones, then don't drink black teas. Go with green or white teas instead. I personally drink Twinings Pure Peppermint tea. It's good for digestion. It's great if you have acid reflux too. It's an acquired taste though. It's not for everyone. And rather then having three large meals a day, it's much better to spread it out with several smaller meals more frequently. You want to try to maintain your body chemistry at a constant level the best you can. Not eating all day and then stuffing your face at dinner time, certainly isn't how you do that. I can promise you, with a proper diet, you wont need energy drinks. You'll begin to feel pretty good without them. :) You'll be amazed at just how good you feel. When i started my diet, it took about a month for my body to get used to it. And i swear i went from being sore and tired all the time, To feeling like i was 20 years old again. Not to get to graphic, but my issues with E.D. have also improved. You are what you eat. If you eat garbage, you're body is going to also function like garbage. It really is that simple. :)

S Creep : Thank you this has been an eye opener. I'm quiting now.

Thành Trần : OMG. Dear doctor/professor, this video is so underrated ! Thanks a lot for the lesson I got for free that is a lot more helpful than my bachelor program

xYuushax : You want energy? fresh fruit juice!!

Google User : This video has probably saved someones life.

iVlogBuzz : Please also note that caffeine temporarily blocks the neurological pathways in the brain which can instigate a TIA or stroke even in healthy young men and women. I'm speaking for first hand experience.

Stephen Campbell : Ok so i used too drink 2 mega monsters thru a 8 hour shift recently . After a few week's my performance was dropping and i was dealing with fatigue every day and eventually a week ago resulted in me coming close too heat stroke.😰 I immediately stopped all intake of caffeine and or any " energy drink" and have been drinking 2 Powerade/ Gatorade a day and about a half a gallon of water per 8 hour shift. After 3 day's my production has picked up and the fatigue has subsided . All i did was overwhelmed my body and caused great harm too myself . NEVER AGAIN ! great video this is very valuable information thank you ! 😊

Nick 1989 : I've always disliked them, found coffee was much better, and thought they all taste acidic and terrible

Lance Mclaughlin : monsters almost killed me . I drank 5 of the biggest ones they made a day! for several months. I worked on the oil fields of North Dakota " the Bokken" had rotted a molar out had several pains across my abdomen. they looked at me in the er asked what I was drinking and how much , I told them they said holy shit. literally! the dr said I was lucky to be alive , they said it caused pulps on my gallbladder and something wrong with it . I was told if I wanted to live to stay off them . I did but I was addicted to them by. then a week later I bought one took a sip said omg . I ended up off them fully within a year . I'll never touch them again.

Karim Sakhoar : wtf comments are all new ___??? this is an old video why are we seeing this right now????

VonHousin : people dying from only ~500mg of caffeine are WEAK!

scaleop4 : red bull does give you wings....when it finally gives you a heart attack. and this is not the fist time that has happend.

SimpleKhajiit : *stares horrifyingly at two cans of monster on my desk*

Markus Andreas Roth-Gross : 15:50 Why Doctor

Jonnie Luscombe : i work as a chemist for all of these ''energy drink'' companies (they are all branches of the same parent co.). We found that the particular combination of our chosen chemical ingredients in combination with junk foods, the emulsifiers, oils, fats, preservatives and colourants create powerful carcinogens and testosterone inhibitors. This is great business for health and death related industries and also works slowly to eliminate stupid people from the gene pool. Now where's my Nobel prize?