Bill Burr - Louis C.K.'s Sexual Misconduct

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Ahraya M : His next special should be called "Jerking Around"

SonicFan420 : "His big hairy gay arms" @8:45

Prince Charming : "If you deliver his mail you are part of the problem" lol

Liquid Bacon : Im curious about Louis CK's next special that he does. I wonder if he should address all of this in some way in his act and if he should, will he? Could be a bad move but idk.

AngryLotus : Why have comedians become the voice of reason and the source of real news these days? I am glad someone is doing it, but really, comedians would have been one of the last groups I would have expected to lead us into the future with civility and sense. Thanks Bill, and other comedians, for telling it like it REALLY is!

David Pierce : when i heard the statement read on tv i knew no publicist wrote that! louie definitely wrote that. i died laughing. am i the only one that laughed. "yeah, i did that shit. at the time i thought it was cool. today, i realized it was pretty fkd up".

Joe Paragon : America has turned into that episode of "The Orville" where justice was based on gossip and popular opinion. There is no "due process" among people anymore.

justsomeguytoyou : I don't know if he'll bounce back from this or not---people will always think of him as "the comedian that jerks off in front of random women". That's a pretty fucking big elephant in the room....

Van Allen : Never fuck a stranger without a contract. Get that shit in writing!

Random User : The main problem is that people have to idolize everyone. And when the idols fall from their shrine they get heartbroken. I love Louis as a comedian and all his jokes and will continue to listen to them because I see him as a normal person who makes mistakes. All of you who thinks that you're somehow on a higher moral ground, you're not. You're just not important or famous enough to feel the temptation of exploiting others less powerful than you. If you were in a position of fame and power it will be pretty tempting to give-in to primal urges and it takes a pretty strong character to overcome it, which unfortunately Louis doesn't have. That does not make him a lesser comedian or his jokes less funny or insightful. He is a flawed human being. Obviously he should suffer the consequences but at the same time he should be allowed to come back. Witch hunting never worked out well for anybody.

floater_ mike : Bill isn't even joking about the older females. I'm a musician and after our shows older white women are always frisky with me. I'm from New Orleans and during Mardi Gras as a teen older women would grab my cock. That has to be a sex crime. A 50 year old woman grabbing a 14 year old's junk.

Rolf Bause : Can we all dial it down a notch? - Yes, what Louie did was inappropriate and wrong, and yes, women should be able to demand that men behave themselves at the workplace. But at least some of these women could have easily made him a lot of problems - then and there! ... But they actively chose not too. He asked, they agreed. So it didn't seem to traumatize them too much back then. - But NOW they are coming forward with this and everyone is totally blowing this out of proportion and comparing him to scumbags like Cosby and Weinstein, with a lot of his ex best comedy buddies trying to distance themselves as much as they can. That isn't right either imo.

Shane Conti : I'm going to trademark "eye-rape" because it's the next step in this story... He "eye-raped" me and THAT isn't acceptable .

Fl. Zhukov : Louis C. K. did nothing wrong. He might be a bit of a weirdo but he never violated anyone's consent:

King Leunitas : it could actually work out to his benefit, it's harmless enough he could just make fun of himself for the next year!

Mynt : This is one of the best perspectives I've heard. Well said.

Michael Petty : This got me thinking about all of the inappropriate things that have happened to me at work.  Propositioned multiple times by "women".  Back massages I didn't ask for by "women".  Hugs I found difficult to avoid from "women".  Been kissed twice without my consent by a "woman".  "Women" putting their asses in my face as I sat at my desk.  A "woman" putting her hand on my privates as I sat next to her.  A "woman" even flashed me her pussy once while I was working.  Also, one "guy" sneakily and forcibly grabbed my privates while I was driving.  To all the "women" who did these things.  I have no issue with you and I found your actions flattering.  The guy who grabbed me though, that was not cool, but I just discount it as him being a bit crazy.  The look I gave him was enough to let him know that he would die if he tried it again; so that was the end of that. The world is not perfect and people sometimes let their emotions rule their actions.  The word "No" or "Stop" can be used in a sentence to help bring them back to reality.  Try using those words next time something inappropriate is being performed in your presence.

rstx : Do I watch Louis C.K. and enjoy his comedy because he is a perfect human being, or even just a good one? No. If he puts out new material and it is good, I will buy it, same as before. I really don't care about what he does in his private life.

_morgi_ : He asked them foe fucks sake

Phillip McConnochie : oh poor baby , if he did this then he deserves what he gets

Ray R : I have a tremendous amount of respect for people who stick up for their friends! I also have respect for people who own up to their past.

Kuumba Films : Hes not gonna lose any fans. Because, coming from one of his fans, he portrays exactly the kind of person who would do those things in his comedy and in his tv show. Like so many have said, its a fetish, nothing more. He asked for consent every time, they either said yes and were complient, or said no and were creeped out. None of that is assult, abuse, male dominance. Louie just wanted a girl to watch him masturbate, he didn't bolt down the door and say that if they didnt do it, he would have them fired. Its just getting overblown because of all the other shit in the news rn.

GozerTheGozerian : My problem with Louis CK is that he's been a sanctimonious cunt when it comes to things like politics and how people behave, and in the meantime he's forcing women to watch him jerk off. Pot, meet kettle. Any time a guy, especially a powerful and well-known guy, pulls shit like this, we ALL suffer for it as men. Women stir themselves into a frenzy and all of a sudden instead of talking about one asshole who likes to jerk off in front of women, the conversation becomes about how all men are pigs, how we live in a patriarchy, all that Feminist 101 bullshit that has become ubiquitous these days. As Bill Burr himself famously said, women fucking love to pat themselves on the back, so this shit snowballs until the narrative shifts -- as we've seen with the #MeToo shit on Twitter and all the virtue signalling on social media.

Alex Smith : Loius C.K. will recover from this. He is not in the same league as the others. No one male or female should be sexually harassed. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable let the proper authorities know.

Maxim Walter : I know Louis has really grown over the past 10 years, but was he really so influential 13-15 years ago that to engage in consented sexual activities with these women was an abuse of power? I didn't think he was so powerful back then, maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think it amounts to pulling a Weinstein.

boreduser12 : I don't understand how the President can just deny his allegations and just get away with it. Everyone else should just say, "what about the President".

Sada : He acted unprofessionally and he was kicked out. If you want to work with others in a professional setting, dont act unprofessionally. How is this hard to get people?

David Mourning : I Love You Louis. These people throwing stones better remember judgement day.

Pen Island : He didn’t hurt anyone. All he did was jerk off lol

GogolBordelloLover : Listen I’m a huge C.K. fan. But I can’t understand why the repercussions are unfair... his life is ruined? He’ll be ok. Can you whip your dick out in front of coworkers and start yanking it? Don’t be surprised if you’re fired.

itscork : So if Louie asks a girls permission and she says "yes", how does he know he's doing something wrong?

Gens Ex Machina : those filthy kikes man....

The Bjorn : M is for Misconduct

Navien Hellfire : rule of the day.. just pay and fuck a hooker.

felidae : Too late dude, it's a witch burning, and the patriots LOST, and you should step off, because the chicks are pissed.

11gingin : sounds like bill doesnt like guns so much anymore

Hank Hill : Fun new game: Whenever you meet Bill Burr, pull your dick out and jerk off until he's tired of it

J.J.King : He denied it for years dude. There's no award for an apology that comes after you've been cornered and this stuff has not been addressed by the justice system . This is an old fashioned revolution and it is justified. Time for the behaviour to change.

Tiger H. Lore : Most guys with Louis’ economic and celebrity status have to beat women off with a stick. But Louis can’t even get the ladies to watch him beat off his stick!! 😂😂😂😂 How is that even possible?! 😂😂🤣

yaka : Middle aged old put it on the shelf ass bitches

Dave Dogge : I feel sorry for his two little girls

Kitty : Personally, this really devastated me. I was a huge fan, not only of his comedy but his personal ethos. I looked up to him. So my first inclination is to want all of this to go away and have the old Louis back, but I have to say...We have got to be careful about just forgiving and forgetting. I REALLY WANT TO, but some have said, although he "asked" for permission, the consent was possibly given out of fear and coercion due to the inequity of power between himself and the women. I WANT to forgive him, but he may still need to learn a lesson that we're all just assuming he has learned based on his apology. I love him, really...But we've gotta be careful. I can't be his fan again unless I feel he's truly "cleansed", you know?

noel smith : When you present an unrequested dick, you are no longer their “widely admired” hero, you are a large, naked man threatening sexual violence - Amanda Gemmill

R E T R 0 W A V E : He's gonna come back in the future when most people great eachother by pulling it out or opening the curtans

AyeAyeLittleDragon : It's really sad to see so many guys in the comments who have dealt with assult, abuse, and rape. I wish your issues were seen as important as when it happens to a woman. Assault and rape isn't a women's issue, its a human problem. I feel like if anything, men get the shittiest end of it. People will easily laugh at a guy and not take him seriously when he talks about this stuff. It sucks, I wish it was taken seriously on both sides.

Bob Loblaw : Louis did nothing wrong

Harmless Panda : My fucking thoughts completely, thank you!!! The punishment does not match the crime. I'm a woman and I couldn't agree more. I love him and he's a great person and he was in the wrong. And there's no reason that all can't be true.

Nóra Bánfi : What's wrong with middle aged women? (I'm 19 so i'm not offended just asking)

nate. : one time i was at a party and my friend whipped out his dick and started jerking off in plain sight- everyone started laughing and then he put it away.

Alfredo Goglia : Jerking off in front of a lady that stays there and watch, without any possible kind of violence, now is a crime??! Fuck off!!!!