Bill Burr - Louis C.K.'s Sexual Misconduct

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MrUseless247 : Bill Burr is right... Louie C.K. is completely in the wrong, but placing him in the same category as a rapist and child molesters is ridiculous.

Tech Sandwich : Drunken women flashed me their breasts on Spring Break in 2004. I didn't ask to see them. I was sexually harassed.

Smurphenstein : If Louie CK jacks off in a room alone and no women are watching, does he make a sound?

EBShitbird : If the worst thing that ever happened to you was agreeing to watch someone jerk off then you've had a pretty good life.

Ray R : I have a tremendous amount of respect for people who stick up for their friends! I also have respect for people who own up to their past.

Charlie Day : The thumbnail looks like before and after alcohol addiction picture.

Prince Charming : "If you deliver his mail you are part of the problem" lol

Illavick : Two grown women at a bar with a grown man. They spend the night chatting and having drinks together. They clearly enjoy each others company. The man asks the two women if they want to go to his hotel room (!) for more drinks (!). They say YES (!!!). They all go to his room and have more drinks. The man ASKS if it's okay if he masturbates in front of them. They laugh and giggle and don't say no. He shrugs and leaves the room. He comes back in naked and starts masturbating. The grown ass buzzed women are so shocked at the sight of a penis with a hand around it that they cannot do anything but stare until, of course, he finishes. They then leave in a huff and wait over a fucking decade before going to the press. And this makes the man akin to serial sexual abusers and rapists? Are you shitting me? They had so many opportunities to say no. No to drinks. No to chatting. No to leaving the bar. No to going to his hotel room. No to watching him masturbate. They could have left at any time. Women are not powerless little children. They have agency. They didn't use it. And then they were so damaged by it that they didn't report it to the police.

chipchipersonmdphd : Louie CK is a fine example of Mexican rapists Trump warned us about.

Random User : The main problem is that people have to idolize everyone. And when the idols fall from their shrine they get heartbroken. I love Louis as a comedian and all his jokes and will continue to listen to them because I see him as a normal person who makes mistakes. All of you who thinks that you're somehow on a higher moral ground, you're not. You're just not important or famous enough to feel the temptation of exploiting others less powerful than you. If you were in a position of fame and power it will be pretty tempting to give-in to primal urges and it takes a pretty strong character to overcome it, which unfortunately Louis doesn't have. That does not make him a lesser comedian or his jokes less funny or insightful. He is a flawed human being. Obviously he should suffer the consequences but at the same time he should be allowed to come back. Witch hunting never worked out well for anybody.

dwd ded : Louie never touched anyone. he's not threatening to any grown woman , he shouldn't be in the same category as Weinstein

Zk AY : As a homo I never wore my sexuality on my sleeve... I've been accused of sexual misconduct by a couple women who thought I was straight. They were no where to be seen when it comes to compensating me for legal fees or to help repair my reputation. I'm not inclined to believe women anymore.

rstx : Do I watch Louis C.K. and enjoy his comedy because he is a perfect human being, or even just a good one? No. If he puts out new material and it is good, I will buy it, same as before. I really don't care about what he does in his private life.

JB11 : The only comic I like as much as Bill is Louis CK. It saddens me that everything is "rape" these days. A guy drags a young girl into the woods, rapes, beats and kills her. Another guy opens a dressing room door with his robe open. Girls says, "you're just like the woods guy you sick rapist." Girl opens dressing room door with robe open...two teenage boys drop their coffees on the floor and stare. Music starts and film title comes up, "Mrs. Robinson Reboot." Wins film of the year. Mrs. Robinson held out as strong, modern woman.

Harmless Panda : My fucking thoughts completely, thank you!!! The punishment does not match the crime. I'm a woman and I couldn't agree more. I love him and he's a great person and he was in the wrong. And there's no reason that all can't be true.

sean patrick : 1st rule of sexual harassment, be attractive 2nd rule, don’t be unattractive ...

Jpizzle2010 : What i don't get is how louis ck who did this with consenting women loses everything but a man who admits to grabbing women in thier crotch can get elected president. (not defending either of them by the way)

Crocodile Whispers : Another thing that bothers me (Jeremy Piven as an example) some of these allegations happened when both of these actors were nobodies. Piven was accused of grabbing a woman's "boobies" (in her words, via her tweet admission) when they were acting small parts on a show. How do we know that, at the time, they were flirting with each other and when she ended up in his dressing room (like it's a dressing room, nothing professional happens other than dressing) it was consensual because he made a move? Now she can turn around and change the context AND NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO QUESTION THE ACCUSATION. He didn't have any power over her, he wasn't determining her career or her next role. They were both acting on the same level. So he wasn't abusing any power dynamics, seems to me that they might have had a little fling. It's hard because we'll never know. idk

Jan Kolman : I do think Louis CK did nothing wrong. Awkward maybe, but not wrong. From what I've read, he asked for consent. Does this whole situation imply that men who are admired, or are powerful in any way can never ever gain "valid" consent? We all face ethical dilemmas at work, sexual or otherwise. The point should be "Never say yes unless you mean it, even to your boss, even if it could cost you your job. Have some self-respect," not "LCK is a horrible person and everyone laughing at his jokes is part of the problem" (The Guardian wrote something to that tune)...

King Leunitas : it could actually work out to his benefit, it's harmless enough he could just make fun of himself for the next year!

Jeremias Sur : Bill Burr keeping it 100

Tim Campbell : I'm waiting for the megan fox/michael bay allegations......

boreduser12 : I don't understand how the President can just deny his allegations and just get away with it. Everyone else should just say, "what about the President".

Kuumba Films : Hes not gonna lose any fans. Because, coming from one of his fans, he portrays exactly the kind of person who would do those things in his comedy and in his tv show. Like so many have said, its a fetish, nothing more. He asked for consent every time, they either said yes and were complient, or said no and were creeped out. None of that is assult, abuse, male dominance. Louie just wanted a girl to watch him masturbate, he didn't bolt down the door and say that if they didnt do it, he would have them fired. Its just getting overblown because of all the other shit in the news rn.

Mike Morris : Suddenly all Lou's masturbation jokes have a different feeling.

Ryan Cier Eric : "She was a lovely young woman and I completely fucked it up because I was an angry young man." Wow, I think that crudely summarizes my last long-term relationship if I'm being honest XD

John Doe : "he did own up to it" Yeah, NOW he owned up to it. Lets not forget about the times when he denied it... for years!

CJusticeHappen21 : The root cause of all unhappiness in the world is the inability of people to sit, quietly, in a room by themselves, forever. In other words, never do anything. ever.

Professor Light : If i ask you to watch me beat off and you say yes and continue to watch until i finish then i dont see the problem. They cost this man an absurd amount of money because they want attention .

Andrew Berry : So when a powerful person gets consent, it never counts because the other person can just claim they felt "pressured"?

Ryan A : It's sad when you can't jerk off in front of someone without getting a waiver signed. Seriously though society of getting more screwed up every day.

nob2243 : Next month on YouTube: "Louis C.K. on Bill Burr's Sexual Misconduct"

Brian Mahoney : You comedians did not have a problem joking about Cosby.

Brian Mahoney : "With their Old feet sticking out of them..." LOL

Panhead49EL : Woody Allen married what was basically his adopted daughter and went on to win an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. Louis C.K. will get through this.

Yeshai Vankurin : Was what he did a crime? No? Then why is it news? It was a private event that took place in his bedroom.

coldplayplayer15 : Why should anyone feel bad for Louis?

Anakim416 : I find it hard to believe nobody around him knew. These accusations happened in August, and were known for years before that. Even Tig Notaro refused to work with him. Back in August, he never owned up to it. Sorry, but Louis CK isn't "owning up to" anything. He's just realizing people aren't going to sweep it under the rug anymore.

Katia : Personally, this really devastated me. I was a huge fan, not only of his comedy but his personal ethos. I looked up to him. So my first inclination is to want all of this to go away and have the old Louis back, but I have to say...We have got to be careful about just forgiving and forgetting. I REALLY WANT TO, but some have said, although he "asked" for permission, the consent was possibly given out of fear and coercion due to the inequity of power between himself and the women. I WANT to forgive him, but he may still need to learn a lesson that we're all just assuming he has learned based on his apology. I love him, really...But we've gotta be careful. I can't be his fan again unless I feel he's truly "cleansed", you know?

Guard Passer : Louis did nothing wrong imo

DaToNyOyO : I guess some people are easily shocked and offended... And those people are generally women.

Sphere723 : I don't know. On his podcast Bill Burr is always giving the advice "put your cards on the table, tell her what you want to do and see what happens. The worst that can happen is she says no." But here he is criticizing Louis for doing exactly that.

Capt. Cutler : Louis CK ain't never coming back. Remember Paul Ruben? Pee Wee? This is WORSE.

Ahraya M : His next special should be called "Jerking Around"

Scott Kress : Sorry dude but there is no defending your friend, no matter how great of a guy he is. He did a sick thing. He needs help. He hurt others. period.

Gölök Z L F Buday : Due Process = Justice. There is no justice here. I doubt you'll find the smoking blue dress either.

A M : He's not coming back from this shit

Workin Alday : A lot of women are worse! What about the hag sites? Chicks go on these sites, band together and decide they are going to destroy someones life with fake claims of assault, and they think it's funny, and it's all different age women from young to old! So when does that get addressed in the global media? When does someone come out on the 6 o'clock news and say' hey what about all of these cunts doing this? And what about all the chicks that specifically go to auditions with the intention of blowing someone famous to further their career! That is an every day occurrence and it always has been! Then what 10, 20 years down the road some scab is broke so" it goes from her saying, hey Mr producer look what I can do as she throws her ankles behind her earlobes and stuffs a baby watermelon in her ass' to oh he made unwanted sexual advances! When do these things get addressed?

David Pierce : when i heard the statement read on tv i knew no publicist wrote that! louie definitely wrote that. i died laughing. am i the only one that laughed. "yeah, i did that shit. at the time i thought it was cool. today, i realized it was pretty fkd up".

behemuth : So, is there any information about this wank episode, he he just invite em up, whipped it out and went "yeahhhh look at it" or was there more to this story? Because my immediate reaction is attention seekers and a comedian who knows that anything but postratination will end his career, even though it was nothing like it was portrayed. Also, fuck you meetoo, seriously. Grow the fuck up. Bad shit happens to everyone. You don't hear them complaning, but women are apparenty gods among the rest of us mortals and needs to be sheltered from bullshit the rest of us need to deal with with nary a hint of sympathy. Talk about feminist ideals being shat on and replaced by whatever the fuck we have now.