Bill Burr - Louis C.K.'s Sexual Misconduct

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SonicFan420 : "His big hairy gay arms" @8:45

Ray R : I have a tremendous amount of respect for people who stick up for their friends! I also have respect for people who own up to their past.

Eduardo Pocaterra : This Sexual misconduct media crap is one of the BIGGEST SMOKESCREENS ever deployed in MEDIA to divert the attention THE PEOPLE should be FOCUSED ON about the level of corruption and wrongdoing by THE US GOVERNMENT and how THE NSA is NOT ONLY DROPPING THE BALL by colluding with the establishment .Government Corruption and INCOMPETENCE AT ALL LEVELS. WHO TF is RUNNING THIS COUNTRY? From Cabinet members and government officials with invested interested in offshore companies run by associates close to Putin and in companies based in countries in which the US has imposed economic and other type of sanctions....

Broncattus LP : "She was a lovely young woman and I completely fucked it up because I was an angry young man." Wow, I think that crudely summarizes my last long-term relationship if I'm being honest XD

Tiger H. Lore : Next Louis CK special, he’ll ask the whole crowd to watch him masturbate.

Brian Mahoney : You comedians did not have a problem joking about Cosby.

Jimmy Dixon : I thought Louis CK was a funny cool guy but now I think he's nasty little pervert.

chipchipersonmdphd : Louie CK is a fine example of Mexican rapists Trump warned us about.

richardvilseck : Sometimes Bill Burr is funny. Sometimes he's just an asshole. Sticking up for Louis C.K. and defending him at this point..... Bill Burr should be ashamed of himself.

Maxim Walter : I know Louis has really grown over the past 10 years, but was he really so influential 13-15 years ago that to engage in consented sexual activities with these women was an abuse of power? I didn't think he was so powerful back then, maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think it amounts to pulling a Weinstein.

Reason Droid : I agree, degree matters.

S : Absolutely spot on. This one sided, pre-investigative finger pointing going on with all the "he raped me" or "he objectified me" bullshit is getting out of hand. It's called brushing it off. It's called forgetting about it. Men can do it really easily, why can't women??

Science Order : If i ask you to watch me beat off and you say yes and continue to watch until i finish then i dont see the problem. They cost this man an absurd amount of money because they want attention .

Michael Martinez : Louis CK won't be back =(

Prince Charming : "If you deliver his mail you are part of the problem" lol

Sphere723 : I don't know. On his podcast Bill Burr is always giving the advice "put your cards on the table, tell her what you want to do and see what happens. The worst that can happen is she says no." But here he is criticizing Louis for doing exactly that.

Smurphenstein : If Louie CK jacks off in a room alone and no women are watching, does he make a sound?

Gloria Deliciosa : I LOVE LOUIS CK...they were adult women and they were not tied up and gagged...they could walk out. I am a woman and I can't believe this is a thing. He is an awesome funny dood and the masturbating is part of his schtick! DICKS

Tim Campbell : I'm waiting for the megan fox/michael bay allegations......

john inphx : Sooner or latter he will just drop his pants and start jerking off on stage! .....BUT HE WILL ASK FIRST! LMAO

Joseph Matthews : Loved CK but fuck him. These stories have been swirling for years we are only just now hearing them because we are only just now listening. I heard this same story OVER TEN YEARS AGO and no one gave a crap. And how the hell is CK being punished? He's not making more movies or specials awwww... Worst case scenario dude retires to his mansion so stop acting like he was lit on fire in the town square. Jesus frickin' drama queens gain some perspective. No one should ever be put in a position like that and it fucking sucks people do that crap to burr after shows but maybe that stuff can stop now too.


An0nym0us9001 : He asked them if he could jerk off in front of them, they said yes repeatedly. You can’t decades later take back that consent because you felt “pressured” And all of this because sexual scandals in Hollywood is a trending thing now.

Harmless Panda : My fucking thoughts completely, thank you!!! The punishment does not match the crime. I'm a woman and I couldn't agree more. I love him and he's a great person and he was in the wrong. And there's no reason that all can't be true.

Tiger H. Lore : Most guys with Louis’ economic and celebrity status have to beat women off with a stick. But Louis can’t even get the ladies to watch him beat off his stick!! 😂😂😂😂 How is that even possible?! 😂😂🤣

James Fraley : I see many of you say he can "make a comeback" - I doubt it, he writes from his own experience, and this will never be funny. He can't make fun of himself, can't ignore it, and if he wrote a new set that just moved on, the audience would question the verisimilitude of his act. For Louis, this is a catch-22, and I understand that athletes, pop-stars, actors and directors can come back - all they have to do is win, write a hit song, or make a great film. Comedians, like Louis, make their career from material they create and then display on stage - much of that material we assume is drawn from experience - and this is such a weird fetish.

John Doe : "he did own up to it" Yeah, NOW he owned up to it. Lets not forget about the times when he denied it... for years!

Ryan Armitage : It's sad when you can't jerk off in front of someone without getting a waiver signed. Seriously though society of getting more screwed up every day.

Redgrin Grumboldt : Anyone got an example of someone who's life was ruined because of FALSE accusations?

Shane Conti : I'm going to trademark "eye-rape" because it's the next step in this story... He "eye-raped" me and THAT isn't acceptable .

CJusticeHappen21 : The root cause of all unhappiness in the world is the inability of people to sit, quietly, in a room by themselves, forever. In other words, never do anything. ever.

DamageIncM : Yawn...

felidae : Too late dude, it's a witch burning, and the patriots LOST, and you should step off, because the chicks are pissed.

francis chow : He became yet another hollywood cuck, "vote for hillary because she's a mom" guys.... egads.

Pen Island : He didn’t hurt anyone. All he did was jerk off lol

BnaBreaker : Look, I have deep sympathy for any woman or man who has ever been the victim of actual forced unwanted physical sexual assault. That's horrific, and it should never happen to anyone. But in Louie's case, this wasn't that, at all. These women weren't children. They weren't Amish. They were adult women capable of making their own decisions. They weren't forced to do anything. They were asked for permission, and the deed was done in a private place, if it was done at all (and to two of the five, it wasn't.) What was that deed? To simply LOOK at a dick from across a room for a few minutes. A bizarre request? No doubt. Demented? Sure. But hell, there were probably more lewd acts going on in half those hotel rooms at the same time. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be insensitive here, but I really struggle to see how these adult women had seen so few penises in their lives to that point that simply catching a glimpse of one more, with warning, from ten feet away in a private space would scar them to any degree. It's bizarre behavior, sure, and they'd be completely justified in seeing Louis from that point on as a weirdo creep and never talking to him again, but a sexual predator he is not. *Bottom line: A person doesn't deserve to be lumped in with actual rapist monsters and have their careers and lives potentially ruined because they got drunk and showed a couple adults their junk in a hotel room at 3AM fifteen years ago.* Jesus, come to think of it, who hasn't done that?

Anakim416 : I find it hard to believe nobody around him knew. These accusations happened in August, and were known for years before that. Even Tig Notaro refused to work with him. Back in August, he never owned up to it. Sorry, but Louis CK isn't "owning up to" anything. He's just realizing people aren't going to sweep it under the rug anymore.

bigtaz504 : Everytime he says fucking take a shot. 1 min in and I’m wasted.

coldplayplayer15 : Why should anyone feel bad for Louis?

M T : Strip club isn't even fun in your twenties unless someone else is paying for it.

funkyfreshflavor4u : If a girl flicked her sausage pocket in front of me I would be flattered.

TheByzantineBeserker : What Louis did was awful and totally inexcusable. However I believe he can come back from it. It's bad but it's not Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein bad, it's not even Anthony Weiner bad. Mike Tyson was convicted of sexual assault and he's out there doing stuff with people, similar situation here I imagine. Let Louis CK answer for what he did, let him suffer for it, let whatever needs to happen happen, but then let him try to make a comeback. He's a talented and sincere enough person that I think it's possible. And if does anything like this again...Then fuck him.

pitu toup : Burr is a childish idiot who fell for every fucking neo nazi meme and then complained for Charlottesville. Louis did the right thing. His sadism was way beyond anything acceptable. Foolish kids who know nothing about how power works like these guys. But this is just the beginning. Females are the most powerful already, the election was about responsibility. This is all tough men were. Laugh all you want now. The dead have stopped anyway.

The Diamond Net : From reading Louis C.K.'s apology statement, it felt like it was simply a professional boundary breach where he was getting sexually involved with women by using his professional standing to do so. Which is unprofessional and a bit sleazy, but at least seemed consensual from that statement, and I considered it negative but not completely terrible. But if you read the statements of the women (which Louis confirmed to be true) that Louis did that in front of, it's very clear that it stems far beyond simply professional misconduct. It was very creepy and abnormal behavior that was not entirely consensual despite asking first. He was often confronted with the laughter of shock and disbelief or awkward silences, and he proceeded to get naked/ take his penis out in front of the women who hadn't even given him a clear sign of consent. He even sent apology messages later. He apologized to one woman for "shoving her into a bathroom" prior to masturbating. But he hadn't done that to the woman that he apologized to. He just masturbated in front of her. He had just mis-remembered, and probably had done that to some other woman and to so many other women so often that he couldn't keep them strait. So, for those of you Louis apologists who are saying that it was consensual, you have to realize that asking and receiving concent are two totally different things. What he did was really terrible. As a huge Louis C.K. fan, I'm very disappointed... because he's so smart that I know that he knew better the whole time. He's just a master manipulator and knows how to make people see him as a better person than he is. And his apology statement echoes this ability to manipulate people into believing that he's owning up to his transgressions and now realizes the wrongness of his past ways. But I don't buy it. He knew the whole time, and is still using his powers of audience manipulation to soften the blow of this issue.

Drayvel Harris : this guy isnt funny at all

Armitage Shanks : If Louis CK does make a comeback his only fans will be the angry and miserable sex harassment advocates we see here in the comments. He has nobody to blame but himself.

Kitty : Personally, this really devastated me. I was a huge fan, not only of his comedy but his personal ethos. I looked up to him. So my first inclination is to want all of this to go away and have the old Louis back, but I have to say...We have got to be careful about just forgiving and forgetting. I REALLY WANT TO, but some have said, although he "asked" for permission, the consent was possibly given out of fear and coercion due to the inequity of power between himself and the women. I WANT to forgive him, but he may still need to learn a lesson that we're all just assuming he has learned based on his apology. I love him, really...But we've gotta be careful. I can't be his fan again unless I feel he's truly "cleansed", you know?

nob2243 : Next month on YouTube: "Louis C.K. on Bill Burr's Sexual Misconduct"

David Pierce : when i heard the statement read on tv i knew no publicist wrote that! louie definitely wrote that. i died laughing. am i the only one that laughed. "yeah, i did that shit. at the time i thought it was cool. today, i realized it was pretty fkd up".

elvis316 : What Louie did was fucked up, and Bill doesn't have a problem with it going on about due process, mailman analogy. Talks about young men getting harrassed by old women. Louie is a funny guy, but he's sort of a scum bag when nobody is around. The punishment doesn't fit the crime? What has he been convicted of? He's going off about gay guys now (still listening). This isn't about Louie CK as much as it is about deflecting how terrible a human being he is.