Learn How to Design a Logo With Golden Ratio | Adobe Illustrator Logo Tutorials

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Vinicius Cenci : Tip: you don't need to draw the rectangles, you can draw just a circle and then divide each copy by 1.618... will result in the same proportions...

Alexander Wright : Nice tutorial, thank you! However, the broken bit in the right middle of the tail bothers me ;)

maaher aldoos : Beautiful and Easy and Awesome Thank you ^_^ :D :)

Kali Linux Tutorials : Owkhay, now I understand! thank you so much, Sir!

Grant : it was a cool tutorial, I just wish the birds werent so dang loud.

Haris Designs : why are these arabs ashamed to use their own voice, instead they use some robot to speak for them :D

Pakistan Political Afairs : Similar to Muhammad Achraf...keep it up

VilleGraphics - Graphic Designing : You're copying Mohammed Achraf

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Visual Dates™ : Thanks you

Faisal Q. : As you mention in your comments that its your first video on Golden ratio. the fact is its very awesome tutorial, i really like the tutorial so I subscribed channel and like your video as appreciation. background noises are louder but I like analogy of birds with golden ratio, because it remind us that the Mr Fibonacci copied the golden ratio from the nature, result make us to say Thanks to the Creator. its super awesome.

Hassan Hazim : Nicely done!

felipe lotas : no entiendo ni mais

Aj Nbi : Nice Work bro

Awais Bukhari : Great work man!

Zeeshan Iqbal : Nice one, keep it up

Abo Anas : Subscribed.

Aj Nbi : but Back Groud Music ni acha

Q M Prince : Best Tutorial Thanks. Finally Learned something worth.

Hamza Hassan : Super Video about Golden Ratio Thanks.

Hamza Hassan : By the way that's an awesome way of making Logo with Golden Ratio. Very Well Explained

Ahmad : very interesting

Logo 4 You : wow, what I say about this channel. I always follow this channel.

AvengerPlay : explicação <3

Buddy Baribo : golden ratio swag  https://teespring.com/stay-golden-ratio

Jit grafix : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jlrsGhcAZg&t=918s

Design With Muneeb : Cool Video Dude! You're growing so fast. I also have design tutorials so please check out my channel too!

KMS : literal copy of mohamed achraf LOL good job unoriginal piece of shit

Kali Linux Tutorials : wow here my search stop Great video of my day.Design a Logo