Learn How to Design a Logo With Golden Ratio | Adobe Illustrator Logo Tutorials

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Graphic Designers : Thanks Every One For Your Support. Today we Gain 1701 Subs. <3

Vinicius Cenci : Tip: you don't need to draw the rectangles, you can draw just a circle and then divide each copy by 1.618... will result in the same proportions...

Alexander Wright : Nice tutorial, thank you! However, the broken bit in the right middle of the tail bothers me ;)

Kali Linux Tutorials : Owkhay, now I understand! thank you so much, Sir!

Visual Dates™ : Thanks you

Kali Linux Tutorials : wow here my search stop Great video of my day.Design a Logo

Hassan Hazim : Nicely done!

George Gonnet : golden ratio logo i love it

Stripekit : it was a cool tutorial, I just wish the birds werent so dang loud.

Haris Designs : why are these arabs ashamed to use their own voice, instead they use some robot to speak for them :D

Wahyu Ny : nice tutorial :))

Aj Nbi : Nice Work bro

Awais Bukhari : Great work man!

Zeeshan Iqbal : Nice one, keep it up

Abo Anas : Subscribed.

Aj Nbi : but Back Groud Music ni acha

VilleGraphics - Graphic Designing : You're copying Mohammed Achraf

Q M Prince : Best Tutorial Thanks. Finally Learned something worth.

Hamza Hassan : Super Video about Golden Ratio Thanks.

Hamza Hassan : By the way that's an awesome way of making Logo with Golden Ratio. Very Well Explained

Ahmad : very interesting

Pokemon Go : One of the best Tutorial about Golden Ratio Logo Design. I Hope you will make new logo design tutorials also.

KMS : literal copy of mohamed achraf LOL good job unoriginal piece of shit

MaxChery : love this tutorial.

Buddy Baribo : golden ratio swag  https://teespring.com/stay-golden-ratio

Jit grafix : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jlrsGhcAZg&t=918s