Phil Collins - Take Me Home (Official Music Video)

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johnny john : they really dont make music like this anymore :( ... love you phil

MultiMrMiles : 80s it was the BEST BEST was over after that really.....

Dr Mlcb : I think this song is an underrated gem by Phil collins

Desiree Renee : This song is so good. I get a good feeling while listening to it or any of his songs. I remember the first time I heard it on the local 70s 80s radio station like 4 yrs ago. I wish I grew up during this time. I'm 19 and love music like this

Being Heard Media : One of my favorite songs of ALL time - I remember when Phil Collins was the biggest star in the world, so big he hopped the Concorde supersonic to get from London to Philly in something like two hours so he could play Live Aid on BOTH sides of the Atlantic. IT WAS AWESOME And does no one remember that Peter Gabriel - also a legend, also from Genesis, man what a band - sang backup on this...damn I'm old, lol...

JaxPrice Films : This song is LIT 🔥! Those lyrics get stuck in my head lol, Take me hoooooooooooooome 😄

Scott Mitchell : Times were good back then. Today, not so much. :-(

Sevin : This man is one of the greatest artist of all time

Fonejacker : This video is like a time capsule to see all these places as they were in 1985. The days before everything was barricaded because of terrorists.

Jennifer M. : I'm not here because of Mr. Robot. I'm here because Phil Collins is one of the best music artists of all time and this is a fucking amazing song ! <3

Janetta Martin : Bone Thugs-N-Harmony made Phil Collins an honorary member of sorts. He is "Phil Bone." Let's see, Bizzy Bone, Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone, Flesh-n-Bone, and Phil Bone.

Mike BradyVEVO : Peter Gabriel and Sting on backing vocals. Three of the greatest voices ever recorded.

Richard Jones : I’m only here because my 19 year old son has started to listen to Genesis and Phil Collins.... “Dad they don’t make music like this anymore do they” and that my friends is from the mouth of our youth. Great music never ages or dies

Alessandra Volpe : 2018????!!!!

enzothebaker22 : Seriously Phil, just take me home. In fact, take me back home to 1985 when this came out. That was really a great year for me. But I...I don't mind...

Knight Rider2018 : 831 MORONS that don't know JACK about music. GREAT SONG, the 80's ROCKED!!!

Marc Titus : Great song and video! Phil is one of my favorite singers!!!👍🏿

Big Sonny : Philip Michael Thomas twisting Pam Grier into a pretzel and then rushing to the airport to meet Don Johnson brought me here! (I'm 44) THE GOOD OLE DAYS!

Anna Brown : Hot tubs in the back of limos is so 80's.

Peter Larkfield : Beautiful song, from a time when music was great. god if I could turn back the clock, the world just seemed so different back then

Domenico Siano : Looking at this video and seeing Phil singing with the twins tower behind him makes me think the good time back then and shite time we are leaving now days ,Phil change the words to takeeee takeeee me back in the eighties.

steve lafarga : Being alive in '85 and rockin out to this song brought me here

Ruben Delgadillo : Phil Collins could do no wrong in the 80's!

Danny Robinson : Miami vice prodigal son 1985!!!!!!!

mitch3996 II : Forget around the world in 80 days, Phil manages it here in 6 minutes 😂 great song as well, one of his best and most captivating

Christopher Mcclave : I find it fascinating that Phil did a concert in Munich a few years ago and he closed the event with this song. Those who were there said the Germans were absolutely mesmerized by Phil's music. By the end of this song they were singing along so strong that you could barely hear Phil. Collins has probably done more to repair the Brit-German relationship than any damn diplomat could. Bravo Phil. Well done, sir.

Joe Greer III : After NBC Saturday Night Maint Event also in the 1980s.

Dan 007 : Love! 80s songs are gold! Much better music then today...and so good memories. Goosebombs ❤

abc0xyx : Take that look of worry I'm an ordinary man They don't tell me nothing So I find out what I can There's a fire that's been burning Right outside my door I can't see but I feel it And it helps to keep me warm So I, I don't mind No I, I don't mind Seems so long I've been waiting Still don't know what for There's no point escaping I don't worry anymore I can't come out to find you I don't like to go outside They can't turn off my feelings Like they're turning off a light But I, I don't mind No I, I don't mind Oh I, I don't mind No I, I don't mind So take, take me home 'Cause I don't remember Take, take me home 'Cause I don't remember Take, take me home Oh Lord, 'cause I've been a prisoner all my life And I can say to you Take that look of worry, mine's an ordinary life Working when it's daylight And sleeping when it's night I've got no far horizons And I wish upon a star They don't think that I listen Oh but I know who they are And I, I don't mind No I, I don't mind Oh I, I don't mind No I, I don't mind So take, take me home 'Cause I don't remember Take, take me home 'Cause I don't remember Take, take me home 'Cause I don't remember Take, take me home, oh lord Well I've been a prisoner all my life And I can say to you But I don't remember Take, take me home 'Cause I don't remember Take, take me home 'Cause I don't remember Take, take me home 'Cause I don't remember Take, take me home 'Cause I don't remember Take, take me home 'Cause I don't remember Take, take me home 'Cause I don't remember Take, take me home 'Cause I don't remember Take, take me home 'Cause I don't remember Take, take me home 'Cause I don't remember

Peter Rawai : Got the autographs of the remaining "Then There Were Three" in the lobby of the Plaza Hotel, NYC. I was with my brother and grandparents at the time. My grandfather (miss him dearly) made some remark about how the hotel allows almost anyone as guests these days as they exited the lift. I thought I was going to die! My heroes at age @14yrs were standing right in front of me.

Nixter1974007 : Not sure why most people are mentioning Robot. This fabulous song was featured in Miami Vice, as well as several others, and also the main man himself starred in an episode called "Phil the Shill". Great times!

Angie Catkid : Who's listening in 2017?

D. Shannon : I just found out my husband just bought 2 tickets to Phil in Vegas for Oct!!! It's my bday tomorrow! Woohoo! Haven't seen him since Apr 21st, 1997. That was my 10th but now, 21 years later, it's my 11th time. Been busy with babies and life. I'm SO BLOWN AWAY RIGHT NOW!

yossarius : My junior year in high school my high school jazz band played a cuban beat version of this song, without a vocalist. By the end of it, we reduced an entire auditorium of disinterested teenagers to tears. It was one of the top 10 greatest moments of my life.

jay see : You been at the pub...way too funny!

Eric Gibson : Phil Collins' finest hour. I don't believe Rock n Roll would be offended by another Genesis reunion tour. They might sell a ticket or two.

Dorian Mitchell : When I was a child this song used to scare me....they used the instrumental as the cover song for the commercial for missing children in my area back in the 80's....

Dr WGA Labriskagni : Miami Vice Bought me here 17 years later... the prodigal son pt2 what an ending...

sam mark : Phil Collins visiting all the Major Capital Cities all around the World Love London best city in the world, good old days gone.

Auras Sparsas : This is my favourite Phil Collins song.

Janusz Grześkowiak : Yes,I like all songs of Phil Collins so much

JudahLinux333 : "Put on the mask"


bionicbigfoot : First-ever use of blue screen digital reformat downloading technology; Phil shot this entire vid in 90 minutes in a London soundstage & Disney added the digital backgrounds 17 months later. Astounding

Randy R : Fantastic song from the phenomenal artist and the cd he put together.  (Please take me home because I really don't recognize the world that I am still in these days. )

OmnomTheDevourer : "...You've been down at the pub, haven't you." :)

neilsmith2009 : Reminds of me of Saturday nights main event

OnlyFloyd : I've listened to this song over and just hit me....this is after the spit in the band. He's talking to Peter Gabriel through song. I realized this about 8 minutes ago and I keep hitting back to "I can come out to find you.."

Steve Berlack : 947 people ain't home yet.

jdw99 : Imagine the budget for this 6 minute video, having to fly all over the world to different places for each shot!