Mitchell Robbins Microwaves Soup

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UnPhayzable : *_T H E G L O V E S A R E C O M I N G O F F_*

Drew Gooden : This is great

someoneinred : That ending tho it was both hysterical and beautiful at the same time

Kav Linn : This video is 9×10^999999 times after knowing where it came from.

Carl Mauch : 1:14-1:15 I'm amazed at the way he anticipated those two banging sounds and perfectly synced his facial expressions to match. That shit was so perfectly funny.

Jake & Steve : How does so much genius exist in one singular man??

Brandon Boss : Every time his head hits the cabinet I lose it.

Barrett Olson : The double head cringe when the can falls twice is glorious

Stephen Mitchell : That "should we even release this" has so much genuine meaning now

Jayzee31519 : Abstract comedy could be the renaissance of skit channels on YouTube

Andrew Knight : HellomynameisMitchellRobbinsIam23yearsoldandIamtryingtomicrowavemysoupandIcantdoititisveryhardandamicrowaveisveryfrighteningandIjustdontknowwhybutmyfamilykeepscallingmenamesandputtingmedownandsayingIcantdoitmywholefamilysaystheycantdoitthenandandandtheyhatemeforit.

Richard O' Neill : This video is much more meaningful after knowing why it was made

Nicholas Bradley : This video is a lot sadder now that we all have the backstory

Brian A : I see the hurt in your eyes now. Glad you got through it gustoonz.

Gus Johnson : i don't know either follow me on twitter for more clarity

BobbyBeRad : Even the piano version of my alarm gives me anxiety.

James Patrick : Bruh that's already the song I wake up to.

Hypoallergenic Meme : I’m never disappointed when I click on Gus’s videos

Jeff Wants the Loot : Damn Gus now I can’t even laugh at this video anymore. I’m shooketh.

Grace Motley : Gus are you okay

Dogrimp 3 : *OH MITCHELL!!!*

Joey Larrondo : Lol, that was the Samsung morning alarm adapted to the pitch of the boat. Amazing stuff Mitchell

Chipotle : Now that he's ended the series I'm doing a Mitchell Robbins Marathon! Which takes about 7 minutes...

Frankie Noe : 00:52 "I forgot to Vote" LOL

An Alarming Number Of Bees : Don't worry fellow humans, a microwave will only hurt you if you really deserve it.

Cameron Coleman : I can’t stop watching this video

Norwegian Chill : I would watch a feature length film of this. Amazing.

Roogle J : Someone spilled the trending juice on ole Gus again

BridgerTV : I can't stop watching this. *Send help*

Shad8x : Its one of those days

Aaron Mitchell : More Mitchell Robins. I'd pay you lots of money if you just keep making Mitchell Robins videos.

B B : "I would like to laugh, but I can't tell if it is a skit, or Mitchell is actually Autistic. He does have the mannerisms down." After I showed this to a friend who has never seen Gus's content before. I died 😂

Jackie Johnson : This is actual footage of me having an anxiety attack. Like I'm not even kidding... those mannerisms and the weird finger curling.. It's so accurate

djdjrox : My appreciation for this video has only grown, especially after watching the final Mitchell Robbins episode.

PDaley Productions : #1 on trending yet again.. gus, who are you in bed with at youtube. :) on the real, another masterfully done video by you guys... perfect.

Jordan Anderson : Gus hits his head 4 times in this video. 0:42 1:03 1:08 1:20

Clara Flos : I actually find this incredible acting in a way. Kinda a bit like Iain De Caestecker’s portrayal of Leo Fitz, after he gets severe brain damage from hypoxia. The speech patterns. the fidgeting of the fingers are very realistic because a lot of people suffering from brain injuries tend to do that, especially when they are triggered or scared. His strange impulsiveness is also realistic. People that that often have trouble communicating, leading to a lot of frustration, and along with struggling with impulse control, lead to sudden and unpredictable bursts. Of course, this video is comedy, so it’s not entirely accurate and some parts are exaggerated. Such as Mitchell being stupid. But I think, for being a parody, Mitchell, who clearly has ocd, mixed with some other issues, is a generally good portrayal, especially since Gus probs didn’t do research on brain disorders. Thank you, a ?big fan of your work and a big fan of cinematography and psychopathology.

Tony13000000 : The piano at the end gave me a flashback to my morning alarm and its terrifying

Caleb Baker : Why do I keep crawling back to this video like a broken husk of a man with no hope or vision beyond getting got by Mitchell Robbins one more time

Kyle miller : Rip Mitchell Robbins. You will be missed

Sam Graef : 1:12-1:22 The greatest ten seconds on YouTube.

mynameis bob : It's interesting to watch this now that he's ended the series, knowing that this series was born when he was going through a rough time.

Fallen Star : When you google how to microwave a soup and find this XD

Noor Singh : I have come back to this video with a completely different appreciation after Gus's latest video. We love you Gus.

marvelvsdcfight : I had a dream a few nights ago where my dad told me that I was adopted and you were my real dad. So what’s up dad? Also if you see this then like it so my dad will finally notice me.

Chupika 64 : It really shows his talent after you learn how this was made

Nick Linder : This is honestly a masterpiece.

Man of Water : more gloves

Joseph Stache : Someone give this man a sketch comedy show.

A Plant : This video was the reason I subbed to ur channel and I’ve watched every vid since and I’ve absolutely loved every video and I even went back and binge watched your old vids. I’m glad to know that your doing better then ever and I hope I‎t stays that way. RIP Mitchell Robbins