Mitchell Robbins Microwaves Soup

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Jake & Steve : How does so much genius exist in one singular man??

Drew Gooden : This is great

Minefan48 : That ending tho it was both hysterical and beautiful at the same time

Kav Linn : This video is 9×10^999999 times after knowing where it came from.

Carl Mauch : 1:14-1:15 I'm amazed at the way he anticipated those two banging sounds and perfectly synced his facial expressions to match. That shit was so perfectly funny.

Brandon Boss : Every time his head hits the cabinet I lose it.

Barrett Olson : The double head cringe when the can falls twice is glorious

Jayzee31519 : Abstract comedy could be the renaissance of skit channels on YouTube

Andrew Knight : HellomynameisMitchellRobbinsIam23yearsoldandIamtryingtomicrowavemysoupandIcantdoititisveryhardandamicrowaveisveryfrighteningandIjustdontknowwhybutmyfamilykeepscallingmenamesandputtingmedownandsayingIcantdoitmywholefamilysaystheycantdoitthenandandandtheyhatemeforit.

An Alarming Number Of Bees : Don't worry fellow humans, a microwave will only hurt you if you really deserve it.

Stephen Mitchell : That "should we even release this" has so much genuine meaning now

Brian A : I see the hurt in your eyes now. Glad you got through it gustoonz.

S Cost : I’m dying over the ridiculous amounts of family photos

Richard O' Neill : This video is much more meaningful after knowing why it was made

UnPhayzable : *_T H E G L O V E S A R E C O M I N G O F F_*

Nicholas Bradley : This video is a lot sadder now that we all have the backstory

Jeff Wants the Loot : Damn Gus now I can’t even laugh at this video anymore. I’m shooketh.

Joey Larrondo : Lol, that was the Samsung morning alarm adapted to the pitch of the boat. Amazing stuff Mitchell

James Patrick : Bruh that's already the song I wake up to.

Gus Johnson : i don't know either follow me on twitter for more clarity

BobbyBeRad : Even the piano version of my alarm gives me anxiety.

Chipotle : Now that he's ended the series I'm doing a Mitchell Robbins Marathon! Which takes about 7 minutes...

Norwegian Chill : I would watch a feature length film of this. Amazing.

B B : "I would like to laugh, but I can't tell if it is a skit, or Mitchell is actually Autistic. He does have the mannerisms down." After I showed this to a friend who has never seen Gus's content before. I died 😂

Grace Motley : Gus are you okay

Cameron Coleman : I can’t stop watching this video

djdjrox : My appreciation for this video has only grown, especially after watching the final Mitchell Robbins episode.

Frankie Noe : 00:52 "I forgot to Vote" LOL

Aaron Mitchell : More Mitchell Robins. I'd pay you lots of money if you just keep making Mitchell Robins videos.

Shad8x : Its one of those days

Sam Graef : 1:12-1:22 The greatest ten seconds on YouTube.

Roogle J : Someone spilled the trending juice on ole Gus again

Bridger Hardy : I can't stop watching this. *Send help*

Dogrimp 3 : *OH MITCHELL!!!*

PDaley Productions : #1 on trending yet again.. gus, who are you in bed with at youtube. :) on the real, another masterfully done video by you guys... perfect.

Noor Singh : I have come back to this video with a completely different appreciation after Gus's latest video. We love you Gus.

marvelvsdcfight : I had a dream a few nights ago where my dad told me that I was adopted and you were my real dad. So what’s up dad? Also if you see this then like it so my dad will finally notice me.

Tony13000000 : The piano at the end gave me a flashback to my morning alarm and its terrifying

Jackie Johnson : This is actual footage of me having an anxiety attack. Like I'm not even kidding... those mannerisms and the weird finger curling.. It's so accurate

mynameis bob : It's interesting to watch this now that he's ended the series, knowing that this series was born when he was going through a rough time.

A Plant : This video was the reason I subbed to ur channel and I’ve watched every vid since and I’ve absolutely loved every video and I even went back and binge watched your old vids. I’m glad to know that your doing better then ever and I hope I‎t stays that way. RIP Mitchell Robbins

Kyle miller : Rip Mitchell Robbins. You will be missed

Chupika 64 : It really shows his talent after you learn how this was made

UnPhayzable : Microwaves are bad for you kids, do cocaine instead

Violet Howard : Anyone here from the new video???

NeatTom : hopefully mitchell becomes immune to all of the scary things now. i'm still gonna miss this boy.

Joseph Stache : Someone give this man a sketch comedy show.

Graer Skies : Hello my name is Mitchell Robbins I'm 23 years old and I'm trying to microwave my soup but I can't do it it's very hard and the microwave is very frightening and i just don't know why but my family keeps calling me names and putting me down and saying I can't do it My WHoLe family says that I can't do it and-d-d-d-d they hate me for it.

DEAD LINE : Rip mitchall you will be missed 😳💔💔

Jordan Anderson : Gus hits his head 4 times in this video. 0:42 1:03 1:08 1:20