Overwatch Animated Short | “Honor and Glory”

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Explore the origin story of Overwatch’s rocket-hammer wielding knight in our latest animated short: Honor and Glory! Then begin your watch on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One: http://www.buyoverwatch.com Learn more about Reinhardt: http://blizz.ly/Reinhardt Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/playoverwatch Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/playoverwatch Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/playoverwatch


Endyrym : I still get goosebumps watching this.

Hava N. Day : Kids will say Dragons is the best short But Legends will say Honor and Glory is the best short

Siddhart : Still a better story arc than fallout 76

Hayden Leong : You know what else the team needs? *a support main*

BLUERAYGUNNER : Team - "We need a tank!" Me - *tears in eyes* "I have been called, I must answer... Always."


The Funk : Would Reinhardt have a PTSD like emotion when he sees Orissa?

PinkPantherGaming : These are not tears...they're...sweat... *yea* *they're sweat, im sweating from my eyes*

Chris : Shed a tear for the nameless female crusader

ً ً : "get back and protect your team" blizzard lowkey hinting us

DaisyyMichelle : I'm crying :(

The Incognito Aussie : Imagine actually fighting all those bastions

A ENORMOUS FU DRAGON : my dream: being straight My obstacle: young Reinhardt 1:09

Jacket : To think, if Balderich had lived, we would have him instead of Reinhardt today

Bartholomew Thundercat III : "Get back there and protect your team!" "Ah, they're just slowing me down!" Boy, if that doesn't describe every Overwatch player.

Nick Meurer : Me: *Charges in like a hero* My team: DAMMIT REINHARDT!!!!!😂

no one : I have been called. I must answer. Always.

Nerve : A tale of the noob who couldn't play tank.

Grey Lightning Bolt : Still the best short Animation! My Reinhardt Gameplay improved through this! "Live with honor! Die with Glory!!" "Lebe mit Ehre! sterbe mit stolz!!" "Greetings from germany!

suqmahdeeeock : This isn't an animated short, it's a PSA for all Reinhardt mains who charge into the entire enemy team.

CodyYoshida : "I've been called... I must answer... always..." Who would have thought that a phrase would hit us THIS hard? ...i'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING!!

Lynizie - : 3:30 if reinhardt was this mobile i would be a tank for most of my time

Soviet Juno : Those OR14 units are freaking cool.

Zach the Dark Magician : The girl with Reinhardt. Was that Brigitte?

The Hardstyle Musicz : When Reinhardt spawns in the spawn room, can we get a "I have been called, I must answer" voice line? And maybe a "Live with honor, die with glory" one too?

The Skeezit : Reinhardt:The Crusaders are the immortal defenders of Germany! Balderich:*dies*

Kira Gamer : "I had this" "Obviously" Lmao

wish williams : Still gives me goosebumps in 2019 *Rein main*

miterbinnesdirty : This is still, by far, the best story of all cinematic shorts. This comment brought to you after the release of Ashe and her short, "Reunion", so that you have a timeframe of when this is posted. I honestly don't think anything will top that storytelling. I get shivers when he looks at Brigitte and tells her, "I have been called." It's just his duty, a promise he made to his commander and friend. If he, knowing full well he is able to fight, shys away from this call... Is he really living a life of honor?

GrowlingTummy : Now “Don’t worry, my friends! I am your shield!” Has a whole new meaning now :’(

NoStress90s : everytime i drink beer with the boys we all have to watch this animated short, its usually fallowed by us bro hugging and bro crying on eachothers shoulders and wiping our tears with ultra soft cleanex tissue like true bros

Can Gürel : The way he says "I have been called, I must answer... Always..." gets me every f*cking time! Vote Rein for man of the century.

Mtgameing : All these Bastions have stormtrooper aim they hit him in the armor so many times but never hit once in the head.

Dyho : How can one man cry twice

Amanda Nies : "Live with honor." "Die with glory...old friend." "I have been called. I must answer...always." Brought tears to my eyes.

UH-60 Black Hawk : Imperial guardsmen and a squad of astartes being ambushed by tau forces...Oh and they have adapted to use ballistic weaponry...


MetaKirb7 : This was when Overwatch was at it's Peak.

Itschotsch : 2:35 me in comp

Olliepop : Heart wrenching backstory? Bring me another!

Lainter : Cheers to reinhardt fighting the most cancerous team ever.

Devs : still waiting for a short to top this Masterpiece

josue lopez : It is sad how his partner dies

Ardashes Najarian : The only overwatch short with LEGIT character development. Thats why its my fave

Faheem Jamaloodeen : I'm seriously thinking that the only reason this was made is to teach aggressive Reinhardt players how to use him properly.

Awan Putih : Balderich is a fallen crusader who sacrifice with other people before himself...incredible cinematic

noop : Give Mercy a cinematic short!

KelpyG Shakes : Best animated short by far for any game. Don’t @ me

Sergio Xisto : most expensive class tutorial video ever made