You Picked the Wrong house fool but CJ's outfit changes every Second (original)
This glitching scene from GTA San Andreas is strangely profound

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I EDITED CJ outfits to together to make this Video using sony vegas 10



Andrew Lewis : @1:04 Me: Mom, can we have Big Smoke? Mom: We have Big Smoke at home *Big Smoke at Home*

DaSourOrange : 0:48 Big Smoke: you picked the wrong house fool! CJ: *Strips Naked*

un Ordinary : 1:37 The One Outfit I’ve Been Waiting For.

[ Snaccoon ] : Why is there not an OHHHHHHH replay button? Guess I'll just have to make one. 0:56

J-Brazen : Some of the outfits seem pretty normal, others are... 1:03

I did my part - now do yours. : 1:03 he just went from thicc boy to slicc boy

Arturo Atoyan : 1:04 *CJ:* "Can I copy your homework?" *Big Smoke:* "Sure just change it up a bit so it doesn't look obvious you copied" *CJ:* "OK"

Teez OTTC : “Pass or play?” “We’re gonna play Carl” 0:44

Jesse Skinner : This video just shows you how much you can customize cj. AND I LOVE IT

Chriss : Steve Harvey: What do you call a female chest? Person: Breasts. Steve Harvey: 0:44

a guy of randomness : nobody: youtube recommendations: you picked the wrong house fool but CJs outfit changes every second (original)

BrianStyleDeath : Stop CJ! You'll create a time paradox!!!

LuBu4u : All the univereses that cj exists in are fighting to be in the same wrong house at once.

地下Torushi : 1:04 Big Smoke: Do I look like a joke to you?

SwissCheese : Wait! Technically isn't Smoke in the wrong house?.... That changes things.

islam aydoğmuş : Nobody: what clothes are u gonna use CJ: yes

ALEJOwhatever : CJ: I'll have seven special outfits, ten outfits for a large man, a suit from Didier Sachs, a room full of shoes, fifty shirts, one with tie, and a large soda.

Der Thaddäus : Cj : *changes clothes* Big Smoke : Are you okay?

WhatTheTea : Its clickbait, outfit changes twice per second!

Dracula : Just goes to show that a 2004 game is better in terms of customization quantity and quality than most recent games.

Omegagreen Labs : 0:48 As you can see, when threatened by this territorial Greater Smoke, the wild CJ reflexively activates its sumo-wrestler fat to absorb the incoming impact.

Noah Rahal : Roses are red Violets are bloo Carl's mom is dead 00:47

random shits channel : 0:51 The wild CJ transforms into the big smokes rejected twin to confuse him enough to be friend him

CosmicEntity : 0:49 and that kids is why GTA SA is the best game

Kushagra deep : 0:49 *When u r pooping and then someone opens the door and come in* 😂😂😂😂

Shiwam Singroul : I love how his outfit changes his ass size too

hotcakes w/butterandsyrup : i cant be the only one who sees how well blonde hair fits cj. he kinda looks like frank ocean.

: l : 1:34 baggy Nick Fury guesting Big Smoke to the avengers initiative (colorized 1992)

glossyplane542 : 0:35 cj turns into skinny big smoke

Moken Ete : 1:03 Nah Man I'm like Your Twin..

DoodleBob : Nobody: Dragon Ball Z characters transforming into Super Sayans:

Marco Diaz : Joker (Persona 5) San Andreas Edition 0:42

yBroZ : You really played this scene 142 times everytime with another outfit and then you edited that it look smooth? If that is correct... Respect that you did this just for a meme

Jackson McKenzie : I like the part when his outfit changes

Dark Matter : When Cj walks into the wrong house Cj: "Aw shit, here we go again"

A friendly ghoul with 10K subscriber S : 0:44 *Steve Harvey is that you?*

Nofish uu : This actually must have took a while. I appreciate that

Handless : 1:26, CJ was officer Tempenny all along.

John Marston : BS: We are blessed, and cursed CJ: *Turns into Waldo*

Uruburus : 1:04 Big smonk finds his chinese bootleg copy 1946 *colorized*

Brandon Moreno : Yo it scared me when big smoke showed up. YOU PICK THE WRONG HOUSE FOOL

Polish English : So that is how it is to see millions of universes and possible outcomes at once! :O

Cheeki Breeki : This genuinely looks like a music video for a Tyler the Creator track

DeadlyLazer : 1950s: "We'll have flying cars in the future" 2019:

Paul Lucas : 0:49 Holy shit I'm in tears 😂😂

Protocol Apollo 001 : When you're making a new character in skyrim

Entua : For the age of this game it had pretty good customization options