The Akashic Records: Unlimited Universal Knowledge

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Baksho Dhadda : Everybody has the ability to tap in this realm, no one is less and no one is more, first ask,and be clear,don’t underestimate yourself,stay on that question,be clear,keep energies high,and keep vibration clear, but ask with clear good intent,and the answer will come to you eventually, I believe in God,and I ask, I R.E.M. what I asked,because this world can not give you clear direction,as it’s mounted with obstacles,and non clarity,and a very unbalanced in good verses evil,spirit does not lie, as long as it’s for the good of one and mankind,you have the potential to start believing in your path, Godbless everyone xxx

SAI KISHORE : *Reporter* : How do you feel as the most smartest person ever. *Einstein* : I don't know you'll have to ask Mr Tesla.

Jason Johnson : Tesla was a underrated GENIUS.

Vikram Lall : Play at 1.5 speed thank me later

P WHALES : Magic Mushrooms can help you get access to the Akashi records

suyip kumar : Akashic records was not first coined by Alfred. It exists in Vedas. He only made known to westerners.

Rakêz : I'm from Bulgaria and about the story of baba Vanga is astonishing.. and fully true.. from since i was little i was surrounded by the tales of the mystic and if you research you'll see hundreds of stories from people all around the world seeking for answers and getting them. I've visited her house and it's pretty much full of treasures... she didn't want them but people would simply come and bring her gifts. A personal story of a close relative states the following.... He went with his friend to meet her.. his friend was seeking answers while he waited outside in the car..Turns out that baba Vanga told his friend that everything is perfectly fine with him but the person which is with him requires help.. He never told me what she told him but he's on of the most intellectual and spiritual beings i know and his knowledge guides me to this day.

Mr Tibbs : Thought travels faster than the speed of light. Thought is already at its destination no matter where the destination is. Can't even say it travels since it doesn't adhere to any speed limit. It's instant. No travel.

WTF how bizarre : Akashic Records =Every Aquarian's wet dream. 🖖🧘🔮✌️☮️

Smartness 9000 : First...btw, I love your videos. I have learned so much about myself, and the universe because of your channel. Thank you🙏🏻

Abdul Wardak : Do you guys know that Nickola Tesla and Swami Vivekananda one had a MEETING!!?!

Glitterylibi realeyesrealizereallies : .zero energy is the lowest Hz in your journey you'll find this out..albert Einstein gets too much credit for energy is the one that keeps everyone in a low vibe the one that is used against humanity in music. We all have the ability to tap in frequencies but we have to earn it by activating it. You have to earn it.

Itzak Martinez : I love your channel keep up,the good work

Shivam Hygens : HINDUISM the mother of all religious yoga meditation science engineering technology in hindu vedas

Happy Kris : Meditation helps to enter other realms 👀

mallikarjun j : What did the record keeper say to the kid? Read More

Sams Son : The ancient Egyptians weren't white.

mike : I ask for assistance please help my soul please help

S Lyng : It was socrates who first proposed knowledge is everywhere and already in ur brain, you just gotta imagine it

Frederick Brain : Nikola Tesla is an underrated Genius.

Humanity : Are they hiring, those record keepers?

Greyfoxdbz18 : If people are coming up with the same idea at the same time, that suggests to me that the idea was consciously transmitted by something. either that or all the knowledge is transmitting all of the time and a handful of people just so happened to be ready to receive it.

I Dunno : you should say before every video not to take your word for everything you say until you verify it yourself with your own experience.

Peaceful Warrior : I am from New Zealand and when the Wright brothers were working on flying machines so was a guy called Richard Pearce in the south island town of Temuka. He actually beat the Wright brothers to the sky but we dont mind that they took the credit, no worries there i think the ancients were flying way before anyone!!!

roggekamp1 : The akashic records actually exist on the Buddhic plane, which together with the higher mental and atmic planes is the triangle of the soul. Hence the records are only accessible when full soul consciousness on the lower planes is achieved. This is the level of an ascended master, a 5th degree or higher initiate. But the Buddhic level reflects itself on the astral personality plane and thats why people who have not yet achieved the ascended level can have restricted access to this information too. The only problem is, this astral reflection works like a distorted mirror, thats why the astral reflection is often not very accurate and prone to misinterpretation. Compare it with reflections in water, the constant movement of the water distorts the reflection. Examples are people like Casey, Steiner, Tesla and others who usually are second degree initiates and not ascended Masters and only had access to this astral reflection through their own developed astral body. This information comes from the Alice Bailey teachings and other high level sources.

Joe Dean : Einstein did not discover zero point energy what a load of rubbish

Robert Holloway : A QUESTion is a QUEST for knowledge...

Louis J. K. : A bio synthetic life form on a dmt trip showed me the Records once. But it didn’t feel like a “record” it felt like I knew every single thing at once. I knew the answer to every question I had ever thought and even the ones I hadn’t thought of yet. It was as if I was shown that which cannot be known. All I could think was How!? How could you even know that? How could you know so much. I’ve never been so blown away by anything ever in my life. I literally knew everything for that moment. It was like in the movie Paul with the alien where he does the brain download. Lol. But it’s like my tiny human brain can’t comprehend it. So I understood and comprehended when I was there. But once I came back to “base” reality it’s like you can’t bring it back. But you can remember. You can remember remembering. It felt perfect and complete. Everything is perfect and exactly what it’s suppose to be. You get to choose. And the universe allows you to do whatever you want. But you have to make the choice. There is fate. And free will. Fate will bring you what you want or need. But you have the free will to accept it or not. You can lead a horse to water.... blah blah blah end blah here.

The Revolutionary front : I think that I have visited the records in my dreams. In my dream I looked into a small book and I understood it all. I understood the reason for the universe, but when I woke up I couldn’t remember anything specific. All that I remember is that I understood it all, I have been working for months trying to get back there

zak Sarwari : ThanK ¥ΩU for sharing. 🌞🙏

lamer Kinglamer : How do you know this Information?

Judeko's Journey : So how does one contact the record keepers exactly?

Garret Midkiff : Mind over matter...If you dont mind it dont matter

straw man69 : So I can honestly say but I've been there and is actually the great hall or knowledge made out of crystal. Spent 3 months i what through every room All the known knowledge science math engineering is all there to go you must learn to meditate if you are looking for the answer to a problem meditate. So when I say I know how to move planets I mean it

Master Prophet : Wisdom trek!

Creativity king : Srinivas Ramanujanan was also the greatest Mathematician, who actually received Ideas from his dream


Lynn Bjorn : She can predict because, nothing is real in this plain reality, all here is already planned by the darkside, and she can access to their games plans.. just like accessing the dark webs, looking what evil people next plan .. she is intuitive and old soul.. but at the end of the day.. nothing to keep in this 3dimension. Coz we are in programming with not who really we are..💚🙏

Chandria Prime : Why nobody ever mentioned the Akashic has been hijacked and you find dis-info along with the real thing to confuse you?

_ rosetto_ : Wassup everybody 👋

Sibusiso Sibeko : Once you say documents, books, etc. you lose me......but this is too DOPE to miss!

Svinjska Polutka : Tesla did not recive information from space but from the other side (dimension)

Bernadette Boyce : Jesus is returning soon , the antichrist will use an "extraterrestrial : invasion to bring in NWO and abductions will be a cover up for the rapture . This is the end times deception Jesus was warning us about .

Marshall Curtis : I like most of what this video had to say. Nevertheless, why is it that every time I hear that... “BUT you must be willing to (fill in)”, I am made to feel like I HAVE TO “jump off a cliff” out of “my own free will”? This formula is common among sales people. It is simply this... GOOD NEWS followed by “BUT”, followed by the BAD NEWS, which are the sacrifices we have to make in order to reap the good news. The only thing I hear is what follows the “but“. That is because whatever follows that “but” always receives the greater emphasis. A better message would be… “We have already suffered enough BAD NEWS all our lives, BUT there is A BETTER WAY to find our answers without our having to do something that we are now too afraid to do. BAD NEWS… followed by…GOOD NEWS, which are the free gifts that we GET TO receive in order to reap more good news! There is no fear in this message! (And we wonder why the grace of God has been frustrated)

Frank Smeeko : That was a great video, I agree with it.

Mike Rubendall : I wish people narrating these clips would learn to pronounce names and things properly.

Bodhi Jo : I had a dream I could access the Akashi Records, after only hearing about it from time to time. What do my soul friends think this could mean? Thank you for the info, such a great channel to help with the expansion of the collective consciousness <3

Terrisa Vibbert : The definition of insanity according to you is someone who perseveres has discipline and does not give up

Anshul Singh : U mean ancient Hindus were advanced enough to know how to receive any frequencies. Till now we know only 9% of our Vedas. Rest 91% would be ground breaking

Gazi Awakening souls : My first reading one of the most beautiful and painful thing i had ever experienced. the reading is done through feelings and compassion. it does not come out of brain.