Racoon eats popsicle

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Racoon goes feral to domestic within 10 seconds

Comments from Youtube

Gary Gardner : I WILL FIGHT TO THE DEATH FOR MY- wait, that's tasty. Nom nom nom.

TheDman131 : I'MA FRICKEN KILL YO- Wait this is actually pretty good, thanks!

calibermoon : I think this little guy is absolutely terrified. He's backed into a corner, and something is reaching for him. His only option is to attack. His ears are pinned back as he is focused on his assault. And all of a sudden, Wait! what is this sweet, cold wonderful thing I am tasting right now? His ears pop back up, still enjoying that treat, and no longer afraid. I enjoyed this. But remember, it's a Racoon. Your hand is not a pop sickle.

AboveTheLost : At first I was like But then I was like

ReptoidHumidian : "AAARRGH GET AWAY FROM M --- oh wait! This is actually pretty good! Thank you!"

Mr.Gentlemac : GET AWAY FROM M- nom nom nom nom....

BlankPicketSign : That's the story of a conservative coming out of the closet in 17 seconds!

Frank's world : That racoon went through three emotions in less than one second. First frightened then angry then happy.

Nurse Painless : Tastes much better than finger....

Curtis Lee : This raccoon has been injured or has had a bad reaction to a distemper shot. It's back legs are probably paralyzed, I've seen that before. Hopefully it's injury will heal properly , because the distemper paralysis is permanent.

Danimal1177 : I love how his ears pop up when he realizes it is a treat.

Matussa92 : Woman....

Jerms Mason : That is both adorable and terrifying.

Tammy : Like and subscribe if u think he is cute

Aidon Torres : I laughed so hard I want Ed to show my mom the video she was crying that's how funny it was

White Jay : Hi reddit!!!!

Burrrnet ,., : Lem