Anton Chigurh vs. Lorne Malvo

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DrQuiza : Lorne Malvo is a psycho. Anton Chigurh is not even human.

Marc Couture : I vastly prefer Malvo. He has a sense of humor and employs pranks and trickery. Anton would never waste his time persuading a kid at a motel to piss into his mom's gas tank.

Yannik : I think Malvo is the better killer, but as a character Chigurh just scares the crap out of me.

Funky3887 : Im gonna name my kid: Anton Malvo Dexter, I bet he will be a nice person.

Marcos Orduno : Lets flip a coin to decided

Bron Kyrie : LORNE MALVO

KOG4N : Anton Chigurh: Someone with solid principles. Superior human. Darkness. Lorne Malvo: A pure nihilist and anarchist. Out of humanity. Black hole. Lorne Malvo is will win.

Bruno Camodeca : "That's on you"

occams99 : I'd rather be hunted by Malvo.

Chistability : This a tough one. I can say Anton Chigurgh but Lorne Malvo took out an entire building by his dayum self with the fbi parked right in front! Chigurgh has NO remorse whatsoever though

Jacob Faux : Lorne is more of a prankster Anton is a straight up hitman but this would make an interesting fight

Tad Ficus Catus : Anton Chigurh gets my vote.

remsensor TM : One thing can be certain and that's both Malvo and Chigurh are dragons.

james : Best two movie/tv antagonists in my opinion.

Jake Davis : 2:13 looks like Pablo Escobar in Narcos (Wagner Moura)

Raimundo Célio : no one defeat chigurh

DanceFloorOutCast : You could talk things through with Malvo as he is interested in people's characters, in the end, he's a paid hitman, not a serial killer. Anton, on the other hand, is a deranged psychopathic mass murderer that kills in cold blood as he sees fit. Plus he seems as a very conflicted and unpredictable individual.

唐智余 : the guy was shot at 3:05, is the same guy Malvo shot in the elevator

Dustin Saunders : Can we have some sort of film a prequel where Lorne and Anton were partners that were very close but some huge event turned them against each other resulting in a mountain of dead caught in the crossfire. resulting in one thinking the other is dead or coming to a climactic showdown were they destroy each other and just laugh at how indestructible the both are and walk away to do their own thing.

Hal : Excellent video compilation, but just a hint, when the Devil asks you' "Is this what you really want?"... Say NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Fox : I say Lorne Malvo simply because I think he is smarter and made of stronger stuff. Like I recon a character like Batman would find and defeat Anton with ease, however Lorne would be more difficult for him in all aspects. (just using batman as a guide line).

Jay Fisher : Lorne is the devil, Anton is Death

62rome : Anton Chigurh would win in a heart beat.

Ygor Nimoy : 3:40 Kuklinski move.

Mark Wright : Can anyone recommend any other characters in movies like these two. I always loved the poetic psycho.

joeyboogenz : They would make a hell of a team! Very similar. The Coen Bros. are dark,dark dudes!

theivory1 : Their only similarity is that they both kill. Nothing more. Malvo is one of the most manipulative villains I have ever seen, and the other guy just meanders around shooting people with air.

Oscar E. : are you gonna kill me? well that depends... can you see me?

Xanatos21 : Lorne Malvo has my vote! Malvo has A LOT more training than Anton Chigurh and is also much more sadistic in comparison. He also took out 22 mobsters single-handedly with no problem whatsoever! He would simply play mind games with Chigurh (as he did with the other characters in season one of Fargo) and then put a bullet in his head. Malvo wins!

ruger51995 : holy fuck whoever created this video you read my mind, this is exactly what I was thinking of comparing Billy Bob thorton to anton So crazy, u ready my mind, theyre exactly the same!!! it's insane!!!! and they act very eccentric, I love the scene "call it"/from ncfom

Noé Roy-Marsiquet : Anton is not Human, Malvo is, but the philosophy of malvo is more interesting

Lord Awesome : Did you just kill Key and Peele?

I agree with everything you say : Have to say that the conversation between Anton Chigurgh(?!) and the bloke at the petrol station is one of my favourite 'conversational' scenes in any film, ever. Who would I rather have on side? Although Anton is probably the man for most people, Lorne Malvo just has something about him that I wish I had. So Malvo for me but can't really explain why... PS. Chigurgh is more like the Terminator where Malvo is more unpredictable which I find more scary. They're both incredibly charismatic 'Alpha' males (- or predators which is why we can see more shades of green!) and the mix of charisma and ruthlessness is what makes them so good at what they do and steal every scene they're in!

Ken Martin : No comparison... They both played sociopaths but totally different types.

Slayer King : key and peele noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

nclfup : Gus killed Malvo.... Anton chigurh vs hanzee dent

Chistability : Clyde Sheldon/Law Abiding Citizen vs.Bruce Willis/The Jackal

King Buliwyf : My god....what a video....awsome scene selection and background music......

316lawdog : Both simple as that.

Si Hopebgood : No idea who's the worst....just glad I've never run into either of them cos I'd run away screeeeeeeming lol

OZYMANDIAS : Stephen Root was killed by Chigurh and Malvo

Paul Sturza : I think malvo îs 90%based on chigurgh.

SPMCG 7 : Anton Chigurh is The Grim Reaper. Lorne Malvo is The Devil.

ffp08 : 3:21 they got that from a true story told by The Iceman a.k.a Richard Kuklinski. Well no true as in this scene, but he used this tactic on a hit during the late 70s.

hopeful life : if one had to kill each other, malvo will just sneak behind him and kill him. he got outsmarted by lester as he had underestimated him plus he had a sofy touch for him. otherwise he to would of been killed i eleavator.. only.person who can stop malvo barr8ng any badluck its jack bauer john reese

DonaId Trump : I want Lorne to destroy me. Sexually.

Kevin F : I feel like Malvo is more tactical (stealthy) while Chigurh doesnt hold back and is a one man wrecking crew. The fight would certainly be one worth paying for.

RappelKarton : Anton was lame, Malvo was great

KutWrite : Well done. I liked the music, too. Thanks for leaving credits.

ahmet can : Firstly, Malvo is teacher of these guys like Lester, Anton etc. Lester meets a Demon like Malvo, and he growns up as a Anton Chigurh (terminator). But of course, students can gain more experience than their teachers. In Fargo's finale , Lester hurt Malvo and he has lived much more than Malvo. So, if Lester won Malvo, Anton can kill this Demon definetly :)