I Think I'm an Animal (Species Dysphoria Documentary) | Only Human

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This 2013 documentary follows the lives of a group of people who believe they were born as the wrong species. Ranging from wolves, to leopards, to raccoons, these people wish to carry out their lives connecting with their other wild side. While some have found acceptance and community, many face rejection from a world that believes them to be crazy or asking for attention. Click here to subscribe to the channel: https://goo.gl/Ro2hdY Follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/OnlyHumanChannel/ Follow us on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/onlyhumanchannel/ Follow us on Twitter - https://twitter.com/onlyhuman_OFF Content licensed from ZigZag. Any queries, please contact us at: support@littledotstudios.com #onlyhuman #onlyhumandocumentary #fulldocumentary #ithinkimananimal #speciesdysphoria #speciesdysphoriadocumentary #alternatelifestyle

Comments from Youtube

Sean Cestnik : And they say white people don’t have culture. Psh.

Poto Somo : It amuses me that some of them would identify themselves as a wolf, a lion, or a leopard, but they tend to behave more passive and weak rather than dominant and animalistic.

Kerri D : When his white mom said she was a shaman it suddenly all made sense lmfao

John Apple : _4:03__ "As a red wolf i like warm temperatures"_ *_Has a AC in the background._*

ChaoticDucky : Someone tell me why I just watched a 43 minute documentary on furries.

Adam wiggins : I have the cure..... you lock them in with an animal they believe themselves to be. I think maybe they might rethink shit after a few minutes....

Lemon Macsour : I believe I’m a snail, I identify spiritually as a garden snail, ever since I was 2 I always dreamt of being a garden snail munching on cabbage everyday.

dogeokwhat : if you're a wolf why are you playing basketball

Makail Lyon : 27:12 they framed furry porn and put it on their wall wtf im crying😭

Amira Henry : Is no one going to mention how hilarious it is that the channels name is Only Human???

DingDongDanger : Since when do wolves bark like a chihuahua being kicked?

MrTweedlerdslol : ohhhhhhh shes a shaman now it all makes sense

Emma Games41 : 10:09 how intensely he eats his pizza and looks at the camera like "am i convincing you im a wolf yet?" 😂

bm : 'it sounds like a waterfall" *kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk* "its...getting there..."

Amy R. : Interesting how in all these cases it's always animals that are deemed "cool" or "cute". None of these people ever identify as a sparrow or a mole rat. It's always wolves, cats or horses.

nil : I think I am a human, is this okay?

Woomy boy : Thinks He’s a wolf Gets reborn as a Rat

The1UcalledaSinner : When I was littler, when I got sad I wanted to be a dog so I didn't have to go anywhere and could just sleep, eat, and be loved :,))) But this ain't it chief

Graeme Hayles : What in the white is going on here

Cameron Cooke : “I’m a leopard in EVERY way except physically.” *Turns on PS4* *Picks up pizza slice* *Sips Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte* *Howls*

Squiggleywiff 5000 : This felt exploitative, these people are clearly very mentally unwell.

Potatocat : Matthew/Shiro is a black wolf when Shiro means white in Japanese... interesting, lol.

PMMillard Windowlicker : the sad thing is, they have more friends than most of us who are commmenting.

Fairytailnerd : Why are those wolf identifying dudes poly? Wolves are monogamous

Daniel Morgan : This is either a fetish for some people. And on the other hand very socially awkward people trying to fit in to some type of people group. I can't believe I watched this whole thing.

miia thefatguru : •wolfs dont wear collars •wolfs dont walk on two legs •wolfs dont speak english •wolfs dont have instagram or computers or podcasts if they truly are these animals that they claim to be, why isnt the wolf attacking the raccoon? why isnt the wolf barking at any dog he/she sees? why is he drinking coffee? they 100% claim to be animals and identify as one but they dont fully commit or ACT like an animal

Nicki W : I wonder if Ben and Kim's dog identifies as "human"...

Paul Thomas : This is what happens when you shut down almost all mental health facilities and tell children they can be whatever they want, and then play along with their mental health crisis.

Shaylen Martin : Wait.. the one with the wolf “Luna”... would that be more of a split personality ??

RukkusRadeo : Is there animalism (racism) between furries?

M e : Unless you eat each other's vomit and feces it doesn't count.

Ashley Perks : Honestly, I feel as though not only Matthew but also Timothy are on the autism spectrum. They aren't harming anyone. Just let people enjoy themselves! Personally I don't understand it at all but honestly, who cares?!?!

Guy Michaely : I don't get it. If the leopard guy is, in fact, a leopard on the inside, and the raccoon guy is, in fact, a raccoon on the inside, shouldn't the leopard guy have an instinctual urge to kill the raccoon guy?

Fairytailnerd : Why do all these people who identify as predators like going to zoos? I feel like it would make a predator uncomfortable to be surrounded by other predators

Woomy boy : I identify as the Pokemon Groudon

Aya Mohamed : when you watched too much anime ...

Luis Madera : It would have been hilarious, if they all started fighting like animals 😂

Love Me Please!!! : Why are they always mammal animals?? I wanna be a jellyfish. Jellyfishes are nonbinary emotionless creatures.

Mekhia Khiev : Lmao wears a collar? He must be a domesticated wolf

daniel luc : I never saw a wolf ride a bike

Toaster King : Yea I'm a Toaster

dogeokwhat : When I was 1-8 years old, my parents said I used to act like a cat and wouldn't stop Lol Thank god I grew out of it though.

Eric Cartman : I wonder how many raccoons have to come out to their parents identifying as human

Gisselita Antunez : That does not add up, Identifies as a wolf *dresses up as Wolverine for Halloween*

Playfer : He went to school wearing a wolf tail and was surprised that he got bullied?

Leslie Seymour : Can we stop giving these mental ill people a platform for the purpose of normalizing this kind of behaviour? If this is a joke, then okay? But if they're serious, they're ill....

Viper CRB : I have to disagree, I've observed not all anthropomorphic enthusiasts believe they are actually animals, but instead indulge in the fantasy of owning some aspect of (a) different species. Others only participate in the artistic aspect of it. Undoubtedly the individuals portrayed in this video are delusional and do not represent the entire fandom, however they are harmless, save for perhaps the loss of social relationships, but no one needs people who don't accept their differences and flaws. I may be mistaken and confusing furries with otherkin/therian, but my statements still stand in either case.

jmantime : Where are they now ? this is documentary is from 2013.

Michael Trevathan : "He's not your average teenager." Yeah, he's disaffected, alienated, confused about his identity, and wonders how he'll be able to fit into society at large without compromising his self image. Nah, that's never happened to a teenager before...