I Think I'm an Animal (Species Dysphoria Documentary) | Only Human

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TheFlipside : 0:26 iconic.

finpin : Honestly, having delved into this community myself a little, it's.... one of the most harmless little "subcultures" that people like to mericilessly make fun of. Most of the time, it's a coping mechanism, whether they know it or not. A way to escape from who they really are. For others, it's basically just a religious belief. It's weird, sure, but the community can be really pleasant and open which is why a lot of lost young people gravitate towards it.

Paula Kelly : What is going on??!! Nobody is happy with their gender... now we're not happy being human! The end is coming my friends.

Amira Henry : Is no one going to mention how hilarious it is that the channels name is Only Human???

Cameron Cooke : “I’m a leopard in EVERY way except physically.” *Turns on PS4* *Picks up pizza slice* *Sips Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte* *Howls*

Grizzly Grounds Landscaping : I wonder how many raccoons have to come out to their parents identifying as human

AsbestosLover666 : the only thing I care about is that they all have the same haircut...

Olivia Goin : I feel like if any of these people saw a wolf in real life they would run away

Bagel : oN aLL LeVeLs eXcEpT pHySiCaL, i aM a WoLf * b o r k *

Brandon Hall : This is cringey as all hell but, as long as they're not hurting anyone or infringing on anyone else's rights, whatever. Carry on.

Abby Reynolds : "Yes, I AM a wolf. See ...I even got a wolf tattoo on my leg, just like a real wolf would."

Rukayat Okunola : At least they're not school shooters.

yuli hyalika : i went to school with "shiro ulv".... if you call him by his name (matthew) he'd bark at you then run away on all 4s. interesting year of my life.

Jaileen Avila : Didn’t know wolves wore collars

Emily H : Back in my day we had scene kids

T L : “I am a wolf, I behave like a wolf”.... 30 seconds later he is eating jam on toast with apple juice!

Leia Skidgel : what about "wolf instincts" would compel you to go to the pet shop to shop for collars???????

Amy R. : Interesting how in all these cases it's always animals that are deemed "cool" or "cute". None of these people ever identify as a sparrow or a mole rat. It's always wolves, cats or horses.

DeeCee : My deepest heartfelt condolences to the poor editor that had to censor the raging furry boner in the porn art at 27:12 Your eyes bled so that ours wouldn't have to. You have our thanks.

Big Sam : Western parenting is ridiculous. If I tell my parents here in the middle-east the same he did, they’ll slap the wolf out of me

imakefoodhappen : I'm sorry, but nothing about that guys personality says "wolf". Maybe a squirrel.

Biguki : i like how they've never used the word "furry" in the entire video

Kadyn Donovan : this is why people think real trans people are a joke 🤷‍♂️

Ke'yani Chapman : The red girl seemed to have MPD( multiple personality disorder) or rather DID(dissociative identity disorder).

my pfp is nothing : Imagine you're having a nice time in a bowling alley with your family and this squad of like 20 furries roll up

Salvi Almighty : Why did they have to show the furry porn drawing at 27:10 ?? WHY

Emily Johnson : Funny that the guy said Wolverine matched his wolf side considering a wolverine is a completely different animal to a wolf. A wolverine is part of the weasel family lol

Fivefootnothin Chardè : This. Is. So cringe ... I identify as a turtle I’m going back in my shell till this dies off 😂

Angelica Suarez : It's 2 AM am I really gonna watch a documentary on furries?? *yes.*

Caydence Collins : roses are red violets are blue i came here for the vine kid and so did you too

ChaoticDucky : Someone tell me why I just watched a 43 minute documentary on furries.

what iswho : That wolf is really good at riding a bicycle

Kylie Fay : Yep, sounds about white

Ethan Bryars : Matthews mother said that name shiro has no nationality but it’s literally a color in Japanese

M. M. : ... all of these people have a certain *look* ... they don't help the stereotype at all

Zita Šantel : just gonna put this out there: the name wolverine has nothing to do with wolves

Mary F : Why do they always have super greasy hair?

Laureli H : Seems like these people felt lonely so they chose to identify as a pack animal.

Ariana : these people probably feel a sense of belonging in these groups while being rejected by society. In real life people think they’re weird losers but they are thought of as strong and intelligent animals in their social circles

I am a Potato 🥔 Lord : “I behave like a wolf.” *eats pizza*

junejunejuniejune : "Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken" -Chuck Palahniuk . Whats curious to me is that all these people are nerdy mall-goth types and were bullied in school. It seems more like a self esteem related problem, rather than a body-dismorphic/identity disorder. It may seem harmless, but their "beliefs" are hurting credibility of people with actual body dismorphic and gender dysphoria. Theres such a cultural misunderstanding of identity and freedom to choose that identity and this is neither here nor there, or that guy who identifies as a raccoon would eat from the garbage and sleep in an alleyway. This is their fantasy, and that is totally acceptable, but acknowledge its a fantasy, that makes all the difference.

shannon Whorton : The way the wolf guy talks is like if the word uwu became sentient.

LexiColey MUA : “Shiro? You can’t even put a nationality to that!” Ummm Sounds Japanese to me...?

Rachel X. : I wonder how many wolves "came out" suspiciously after Twilight was released? lol

KJH -H : If you find me a hot popular person who feels this way then I’ll eat my hat.

Lili Avacado : Does anyone else notice that most of these people who see themselves as animals are gay or bi? Maybe they were ashamed of being so and developed this animal character to set aside their sexuality and have people focus on who they are. Idk maybe I'm thinking too far into this

Corvid Katana : Im a long time therian and this documentary does a lot of mistepresentation. It shows a lot if shots of fursuits and dress up which isnt otherkin or therian but part of the furry subculture The title here is misleading too these people know they are physically human its therianthropy And otherkin believe they are in some way not human as in spiritually or use it as a way to explain their mental state. Its a way if understanding yourself and why you are the way you are I know that for a lot of this documentary things were staged (the guy barking at the ocean was asked to bark for that shot) Most otherkin and therians are just people who believe they have the soul if an animal or were an animal in a past life Wearing collars and tails, ears isnt therian its just people having fun i mean therians can also be furries (But furries are not therians bc furry is just a hobby not a spiritual belief) Its a shame that people take these documentaries as they are rather than doing some critical thinking about the bias these things have to make it look as weird as possible Also there are a lot of less popular animal therians weasels,rats,bats, troodontids, snakes, small birds. They just aren’t as sensationalised

Mrs. Bear : " I began to get concerned,it sounds like mental illness to me my child telling me their half animal" NEWS FLASH MOMMA..... IT IS A MENTAL ILLNESS!🐾🐺🐶🐱🐼🐯🐴🐲

Sammie Cave : 1900s: we'll have flying cars in the future 2019: MOOOOOOM!! IM A RED WOLF!!!!!!! RESPECT MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Houari Fitt : *I'm on that side of youtube again* jesus hold the wheel. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️