迪玛希《一个忧伤者的求救》 -《歌手2017》第1期 单曲纯享版The Singer【我是歌手官方频道】

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Verba Vocal Technique : Wow, an incredible voice. Very well done, I can hear how much work has gone into that voice.

Dimash USA Fan Club : Thank you "Singer" show for featuring Dimash. Love this performance!

Mr. Devil : conquers the world :)))

Айтбаева Жазира : Лучшего исполнения этой песни ещё не слышала!!!!Космический голос!Димаш молодец👏👏👏

Даниил Бондаренко : Кто с Казахстана ставим лайк!

Marat Adaldos : 谢谢你的发现人才Dimash

Люся Шашкова : Казахская культура очень песенная. Казахские песни и радостные, прямо русские частушки, и печально-тягучие, и надрывные, и веселые, всякие есть у казахов. Народная культуры необычайно разнообразна. Увидела несколько дней назад Димаша и вот не могу остановиться!! Все слушаю и слушаю, даже про свою спину забыла, сижу у компа и летаю где-то там, не на земле.... Диапазон вокала настолько широк, что можно только диву даваться, откуда прет этот голос в таком щуплом теле. Думаю, что Евровидение 2019 будет за ним! Верю и надеюсь на тебя, Димаша. Спасибо, родной, что ты открыл миру такую прекрасную страну - Казахстан!

Kevin Kilgore : Dimash is my all time favorite singer. I hope he comes to America. The world could heal in the echos of his voice. He is truly divinely touched.

Sapphique Incarceron : Dimash really needs better promotion everywhere: older fans organising fans into BIG events and planning how to get him more recognition, young people talking about him every day on Twitter, Weibo, Snapchat- and schools- and all media platforms, thousands in a united forum or somewhere coordinating requests to TV stations to invite Dimash to sing (like the French TV show) - this needs to happen EVERYWHERE in the world, thousands requesting at same station, for a few days, so they get their attention. Make a Request Dimash Day for each country's most popular shows or Tv stations. Every fanclub should try spread word about DImash and make sure more fans join in AND BECOME ACTIVE IN PROMOTING DIMASH EVERYWHERE. Dimash's talent is too big to be limited to Kazakhstan, China or Russia. Please make sure everyone spreads every Dimash video everywhere and gets more people into his fanclubs. It is so unfair that he isn't yet worldwide recognised, adored and viewed by billions of people. Everyone should try get more people to become his fans (recommend his videos), also active fans that try get Dimash more known to official governments, companies and record labels IF he does BIG events once a week or so, then he doesn't need to do daily smaller events, so Dimash has more time to REST HIS VOICE. Fans should think how small events tire him and his voice. Also, huge stadiums instead of smaller halls would give him enough money to employ best people to support his singing: doctors for his voice, musical coaches, musicians for shows, producers. He should be singing for World Cup, NBA league, events like the Oscars, Golden Globes, Olympics as an OFFICIAL invitee- that is where people can take notice of him and Dimash can make contacts in the entertainment world. IF any of you has a contact in entertainment world, use it to make sure Dimash gets in touch with hitmaker producers- he needs this badly for him to connect with huge audiences that haven't yet heard him.. Dimash needs a wise and smart manager, intense promotion, a lot more songs, a more Westernized repertoire (he really needs to watch very successful artist's shows and take from those an understanding of how they have thousands of stadium shows that are also so polished and entertaining, and how they attracted so many fans), a lot of new songs with English content (so all fans can connect with them), composers like Sia, Ed Sheeran, etc collaborating or writing songs for D, producers from Sweden and US known as hitmakers (RedOne, Usher, RR, etc) working with him, a YouTube Dimash Official page, a Twitter handle, a Dimash Kudaibergen Official website, an official fan forum- and many other ways for international fans to connect .. and very fast. Bieber wouldn't be Bieber if not for smart management from Usher's company. Adele might be talented, but smart XL helped her be the phenomenon she is today. Sia was 'small fish' in Australia before smart management. Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran-smart management.Taylor Swift is a billionaire thanks to her manager. D needs this. A lot depends on that. Dimash needs his songs published officially and a contract with digital song sites like Spotify. His DIGITAL IMPRINT is minimal: there is barely any news and talk about Dimash on Google and search specialist sites- which are used by record labels for tracking new artists, potential successes. He cannot get recognised if there isn't HUGE web chat traffic on the word 'Dimash'. As someone that has dealt with web traffic and understands a bit how markers can be used, Dimash NEEDS the word 'DIMASH' to APPEAR DAILY IN THOUSANDS OF COMMENTS, INTERNET SEARCHES, EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA. THEN markers will signal labels and companies about this new 'sensation', so they take notice, and possibly come begging for him to sign with their label. This can all be done by fans, active fans. Everyone has a 'gimmick' and uses that to garner audiences. Dimash has this huge range- this should be used to promote him. His neoclassical style doesn't suit all tastes so intense promotions would ensure more fans, more focus on him, more news outlets talking about his talent, so record labels stand up and take note of Dimash. Please spread the message- seeing just 60 k fans on Facebook makes me sad, he should be loved and followed by billions. Help him BECOME the biggest star on Earth- please understand I am trying to suggest good ways for him to become successful, I am not criticising him. I adore him. Peace and love to all Dimash fans, Dimash Dears.

Рыскуль Мустафина : Красавец ты наш! Успехов и здоровья крепкого тебе! Да защитит тебя всевышний от негатива завистников! Радуй ценителей прекрасного своим необыкновенным голосом и пением! УДАЧИ И ПРОЦВЕТАНИЯ НАШ ЗОЛОТОЙ!

張恩恩 : 太強了!多變的聲線能高能低能男能女……完全不輸維塔斯…“


Татьяна Бубряк : Очень, красиво парень поет!Голос просто класс

K. T.M : смеялись пока Димаш не запел🤗🙄😎а затем тишина и восторг 🎉🎆

zendyk : This man changed my life. It all started here.

apple of thy eye : i love i love i love you dimash....

Sholpan Tabaeva : 迪玛希! Dimash, fantastic performance!

fang shiuan : 听了这几期下来还是觉得第一场最震憾、最好听。。

asian prince : Why isn't he world wide famous?! Why doesn't the whole world know about Dimash?!

Jennifer Teoh : 他声音一出就被震撼。。。震撼到他结束演唱。之后就只期待他的演唱而已,从来没有听过这种音域的男歌手,太太太棒啦!!!

arsis44 : Просто нет слов. Волшебный голос. Браво.

Тая Серегина : Очень мощный голос и очень широкий диапозон его голоса дает ощущение полета..Талантище.

Saule Azimhanova : самый прекрасный голос мира Димаш!!!

Aigerim : 🐦 соловушка!

Ariizah Bs : replay, again and again. 😂😂😂😂

Прикольные штучкии изобретения : Димаш на сцене ведёт себя шикарно !!!!!!! Шикарный певец, шикарный артист!!!! Bravo 👏🏻 💎👌

Anime LOVE : ❤у него голос ангельский❤

Peggie king : 听了其他人唱,觉得dimash诠释得很好,多了一份忧伤。

Renee KD : Incredible wonderful voice !! Love you from my deepest heart Dimash ♥️

Lizzie Sky : Super Dimash!!!!! With his voice I think he just UNITED the whole wide world 🌎 the comments are from every single part of the globe!!! What a talent... everything in one package - the voice, charisma, handsome .... everything !!!! Everyone LOVES YOU ❤️ DIMASH!!! Keep smiling... God bless. <3 California.

JennA Herrera : dimash i love you!!!!!! big fan here!!!!

S K : Many many years later, when I die, I will listen to his songs at my funeral! Because, this is the most brilliant singer I've heard in my entire life!

Aarcilya • : Une magnifique reprise, un chanteur incroyable. Merci.

_FIRE_Gold_ Gerakl : Ты перевернул мою жизнь!!! Мой милый Димаш!!! Ты- мой наркотик!!!

Danabek Turuspek : Бир жараткан колдасын озинди , Жарайсын!!!

飛流捏住的鴿子 : BRAVO...

QiQi Cheong : Love this song the most...too stunning

frank chin : What ? OMG that was just stunning !! I'm a 61 year old Granddad for goodness sake. I am never lost for words !! But Dimash - what can I say that even comes close to expressing the emotions he made me feel ! I'm just stunned but so pleased I got to hear his voice. OMG thank you Dimash. You are indeed GOD's gift to the world. WOW ! WOW !! WOW !!!

Rain Tang : 我昰西洋音樂鑑賞老師推薦才有幸聽到迪瑪希的這首歌,聽的當下就被他天籟般的聲音震撼,聽到淚流滿面,他的聲音如此空靈,象上帝之愛的聲聲呼喚,讓聽眾在他的歌聲中被融化,在飄渺中隱約感受到自己內在那至善,至高,至美的存在。。。。太美妙了,無法用言語形容。而小迪純真無邪的臉上常帶著微笑不語,內在散發的美與純潔,讓人似乎看到一張孩子的臉。。。。感謝上蒼讓迪馬希的歌聲來療瘉這個世界,也請喜愛他的聽眾們珍惜他,祝福他有更多的作品讓我們的耳朵享福。讚歎!隨喜!

Danielle Fournier : J suis émerveillée de découvrir cette voix magnifique ! Bravo !

Bezaz Roumaissa : omg omg what a voice I'm in love ♡♡♡

Алёна Орловская : Bravo, Dimash!

Elvira Sabitova : БРАВО! БРАВО! БРАВО! не устаю слушать твой голос на любом языке. Совсем недавно открыла тебя для себя и не жалею этого. Удачи на твоем пути и много много здоровья.

luckyfishfish : SOS真的超經典

Patrice Grullion : His voice, interpretation and stage presence are astonishing!

Deise Do Vale - Canal Oficial : Voice Number one the world

Guest fifth : какой талант! Димаш, молодец!

corina chen : The best performance and the best voice in the show.

K : 第一次聽到這樣的音樂 很有魔性.. 好像直接穿透人心 好像在夢裡 太特別了

aun beck : perfect... where to download this song? MP3