The Thanksgiving Remix Church " You Name it " by Dj Suede feat Shirley Caesar #UNameitchallenge

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David Richardson : Turning up while I'm catching the holy 👻👻👻👏👏👏👏

Eric Dunn : This shit bump lmao. He at it again

TAC 4 Beats : The Soul Train dude 🔥🔥

Yung Swisha : I broke the replay button 🔥🔥

Jacob Logan : strangely this is the most motivating gym song ive ever heard

Tr3DaMayor : The guy from Soul Train was right on point lol

Paro Deez : my shit

A guy who just hits dem folks : Who else bumping dis on thanksgiving?😭😂😂🔥🔥

Troy Stone : YouTube slipping, this video got like 2 million views on Facebook and its like 15 comments a second over there right now... Yoooooou naaaaaaammmmmeeeee iiiiiiiiitttttttt!!!!! LMAO!!!!

Jess Wills : at 0:32 tho, this joint is fiyaah! black peopllllllle killin it!!!!!

Maiya Sturdivant : I need to know when they are going to play this on the radio and in the club 😂😂😂

randy Williams : Man I've watched this like 20 times.

Patrice Jones : The lady peepin tho when she says lookey here lol

Yung Po : They even got Aunt Vivian from Fresh Prince in there in her ballerina gear schooling them cats. This is too much fire! LOL!

Mark Johnson : just made this my default ringtone lol

tia math : I swear niggas will remix anything lol...and please no negative comments because I am black and nigga is a word i use everyday

ERChris17 : This is gonna be big..

THE954GOON XL : that beat on point she killed it lol

Vanessa : Prince is my favourite

Jess Wills : this is the best version

Freezer360 : NIGGA I watched this like 40 times

Ramo Ambush : brah Rosie Perez face serious as fuck doh😂😂

Avijit Das : There's only one thing I have to say... U NAAMEEE ITTT!!!!! (comment below what you named it)

Barbara Gordon : She didn't name the mac n cheese . She ain't real.

Ms. Lady : What song is this sampled from?!!! ROTFLMBO 😂😂😂

DJaySplitSecond : This is why I love the web!!!

rose novel : ohhh this is so lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

musicfeignraymondify : I'm so mad y'all made this into a thing in like 2 days 😂😂😂😂 Shirley Caesar better get her a number one single from all these internet rounds!

Ja'Vaughn Turner : Shirley Caesar set this up on purpose Ik it😂😂😂😂 fuckin bumps

k21d25boo : rosie perez is a beast she was the best one

sheena B : Im so done with the internet! lmao

Furkan Dişbudak : who edit this video im weak af 😂😂

AquilaChe : This is why white ppl be mad at us!!! They ask us what we thankful for and this is what we say.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Tammy Perryman : This had me laughing yes Lawd Go Shirley

robitussin : piece of internet history folks.

Why You Trippin' Deebo : "Na looka hea.... look...."

M Mason : Did I see prince in this muh tho that was my nigga

King B Well : This is so lit!!

edd st : This is fire lol you name it!

bambína : The old lady at 0:03 IM WEAK lol

Beast gamer202 : #litgrandma

kakoo ly : LOVE THIS... watched it 20 times already.. great beat too.. and good mix of different artists! 👌👍

Tianna Perry : Sang, Shirley!!!! #younaaaameit 😂😂😂

Kiing _GoDz : BRUH I DIED😂😂😂 lokey hard

Portia Jones : just made this my ringtone lol and I sent this to my ma and grandma my grams loved it lol

luffy wikos : tu mérite plus d abonnés

Cupcakeworldstar : IM FUCKING DONE

Mann Holloway : I just want to know who's eating Rams and Dogs for Thanksgiving???