Parks and Recreation - April and Andy (Behind The Scenes)

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Alex : Chris: "She puts me in a diaper..." Aubrey: Yes, I do; cause you're a bad baby." LOLOLOLOLOL

Ryan Lamont : Andy and April are my favourite couple on TV :D

Sweet creature Jimin : Seeing her tear up made me tear up! I loved the show so much and I loved them as a couple

Joanna Dorian : The awkward way that Aubrey starts acting when she's crying is the same way I act lol

Sorbet : Usually when two people get together on a show or a book or something, it's not interesting anymore. Then the creators have to make problems or a love triangle or something to keep it interesting, and when they run out of ideas the show or book ends. But when April and Andy got togehter it just started being better and better only because you can see how madly in love they are with each other in their own kind of weird and super cute way.

Josh Pescatore : This is the most real relationship ever created on TV. So bummed to see it end :(

Doc Bino : "April and Andy are like the human version of what it'd look like if a cat and dog were together " I can't remember where I saw this posted in another video of these two. Great show, it'll be missed.


Tuc : 5:41 I feel like she actually loves him and is struggling with a lot of internal stuff. That's life I guess.

Count Swagula : Andy and April spin off!!!! Why are we not funding this!

Chelsea England : I am in no way emotionally ready for this show to end. 

Josh Song : wow watching Aubrey cry got me emotional

moiraine_damodred : fairly certain aubrey had a thing for chris at one point... regardless that anna was in the picture

Atomic : Ron Swanson needs a spinoff: Ron Swansons Breakfast Buffet

Robert Goss : she looks in love with him for real...

Jose : Parks and Rec Movie 3hours long plz

30RockChannel : I love that she's doing these awkward stretches not to cry her eyes out.

Hernan Ordaz : So Aubrey really has anxiety in real life.. I knew you couldn't act that emotion..

Elle Keener : I love how Chris knows all the signs that Aubrey is going to cry.

Mahnoor Khan : Andy and April are LITERALLY the best couple ever.

FreakDaMIghet : I've never actually seen Parks and Recreation, but this kinda makes me want to see it.

Mia H : If a cat and a dog were in a relationship it would be this.

Abby Ventura : When she started crying I started crying.

Daniel Krogh : i have seen: Seinfeld, the office, community, curb your enthusiasm, the leauge, it's always sunny in philadelphia, and many more shows, that were considered the best. But i have yet to find a show that is better in story, and funnier that Parks...

Fight Sleep. : so many TV pairings are either boring or the characters are too similar. these two are opposite personalities but mesh perfectly.

Sophie Lawson : I just started watching parks & recreations , what have I done to myself

riedstep : aw Aubrey holding back tears was so sad. shes so pretty.

MLS : "Just like life, it's a beautiful thing but you enter it knowing that it will end one day."

שת בנ־אברהם : I loved April's character development in this show. Everyone is brilliant, but I think April takes the cake because of how dramatical she changed. She clearly resisted it, but she ultimately gave way to caring more openly about everyone.

LopsidedCircle : cant tell if it's chris or andy at the end there with that little speech...i think it's so sweet chris saw her and reached over for her immediately. tear in my eye

Sylvia Camacho : Aubrey has always been so good at those "I'm happy but trying really hard not to show it" moments when it came to playing April. That slight smile brought on by Andy (for instance at their wedding when she's walking in, or Chris's favorite moment) always made me happy because it was authentic and felt so real. Andy and April are goals.

Robert Lewis Auchey : Andy And April needs to be a real show now that parks and rec is over

Stephen Richter : Sorry jim and pam, but andy and April have you beat.

Polaraptor : I love how Chris Pratt knew that Aubrey was getting teary eyed without even really looking at her.

sum moner : I don't know women, but seeing the way Aubrey looked at him in bloopers and in this. It kind of gives off the vibe that she had SOME actual feelings for him. I'm not saying she was in love with him, but there is no doubt that she was attracted to him. You can say that he was married and she had a boyfriend all you want. That doesn't stop you from having feelings for other people. I've never seen anyone look that deeply into another persons eyes the way she does with Chris with out having some kind of feelings for that person. I know that i don't go around looking at every girl like that.

hitdoctor24 : Aubrey's face at 5:42 is heartbreaking

Chloe Jean-Pierre : aubrey is literally her character in real life hahaha

Wolff : I like how Aubrey is similar to April on how they don't really don't show much

emma : I think they actually have feelings for each other but can't because they are committed to people in real life.

Fellatio Horatio : Their relationship is what kept me watching the show

rocketdave : This got me a little emotional.  It just hit me how much I'm gonna miss these two.  April and Andy are one of my all-time favorite TV couples.  Ironically, when the show started, I actually kinda hated April because of her cold and indifferent attitude.   Come to think of it, I was also ambivalent towards Andy, who initially came across as a bit selfish before his sweet nature became more apparent.  But the relationship between those two characters became one of the most richly satisfying parts of the show for me, especially seeing how it helped April to mature and grow into a more caring person.    

MagentaPhilosophy : I've literally seen this interview about 50 times

Liselot Ramirez : AUBREY MADE ME CRY LIKE A BABY! They're adorable!

Akatechon : Aww, that Chris picks up that she's about to cry with a single look. That's chemistry you can't buy.

Kearney Truong : Jim and Pam or Andy and April IDKK

Wes1 : I imagine an April & Andy spin-off where they do have a bunch of kids but Andy gets sick and has to start secretly cooking crystal meth to pay the bills and it gets really dark and he has to kill people and stuff but when April finds out she's totally cool with it and they all live happily ever after.

Mr_HAHA : April and Andy spin off !!! Why has this not happened?!?!


Alosa C : I'm pretty sure Aubrey actually fell in love with Chris at some point. It would be difficult not to lmao

Heba Las : oh my God... i'm crying. Aubrey tearing mp made it even worse. every time i think i've gotten used to the fact that it's ending, i see one of those behind the scenes clips and we get a glimpse about what goes on behind the cameras which looks as entertaining and heartwarming as the show itself, if not even more, and i get even more emotional about it. it's not just the show that's ending, it's the beautiful world behind it that is extremely evident in all the aspects of the show.