American Horror Story Theme Song

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Slazy : I used to be scared shitless when I heard this and now it's my lullibly

Emily Anderson : We play this song while we are warming up for volleyball games and it scares the other team

Karen Kk : My English teacher says this helps her sleep at night lol

Alisha Thomas : Sounds like a lawn mower gone psychotic

Alfirmitive : it's not even a song, it's just distorted noise but I love it lmao

Andy Afflerbach : music to my ears💕

Esme Perez : This doesn't scare me, maybe I'm used to the Nine Inch Nails sound in this

audrey e : i love this theme song so much

DarkGamer_1930 0 : bing bing bong

Jlove33100 : i want to have this ringtone if they have it.

Haran Gefen : I don't know why But I find it so calming

very Hideous : this beat is fire

4 Digit 5 : Me: Hey, Dally, my lawnmower is doing that noise again! Dally: Hah.

jackieloves100 : I miss the theme song

christy jackson : Juss started on this and this is a weird good creepy awesome intro!

ffresh outhill : Netflix, here I come!

Andrew The Fanboy : I keep hearing "Are you scared? Are you scared? Are you scared?"

Vasilijan Nikolovski : A great song to be played at a wedding.

GingerGal : When i hear this song i think the latex guy is downstairs lol *shit im scared now*

Izzy Love : This still creeps me out to this day. And few songs creep me out. This and the intro to the hills have eyes *shudder*

Joey Simmons : Not even close to being as scary as the name game from season 2.

Mekai tucker : what is being said in the background ?

Mrs. Panda : This song is so cool but I'm 11 and not allowed to watch the show...

lazybear : Yo thiscan put me to sleep it can be my lalabiy and my intro my ringtone and theme song

Jay M : Someone needs to do a freestyle over this!

Queen Lotus215 : I love this...

Ahh S : Didn't anyone really notice that this is almost same with the song Iron Man by Black Sabbath?

Lee Lee : what's your favorite american horror story season?

Flame Werewolf : In 5th grade there was this test then suddenly out of nowhere this song popped up in my head perfectly it was kinda freaking me out

Harahele : what is the weird chicka thats repeated its stuck in my head all the time

Jenna Thompson : Listened to this on a loop for three hours at Halloween horror nights That shit gets annoying really quickly 😂

Liz Parl : legend.

DJ L.E.V : for some reason when i first watched the series it didnt have the song just the sound fx witch made it way creepier

Dillon Flanagan : I have a question for all fans that seems to go on and on. Is the intro song saying "are you scared" or not?

bored : This is actually my alarm so...

1996 - 2017 : it's not a theme song it's just the theme music cuz there's no lyrics

a : What is the name of the song

iamjustkaila : I only like this song cus of Halloween horror nights wen I went in the house😣

Leroy Sinclair : This comment section is filled with edgy scene girls

Insanity & Humanity : Why do I want to have sex to this song?!

89karis : I listen to this when I watch Hoarders: Buried Alive 🤢

Yeet Yeet : What a bop 🤠

Demetria H. : I twerk to this

SCARLETT KINGS : I'm a psycho

Amberlee Brewer : My friend can’t hear the whispers?? Explain

Sonya Green : I listen to it to go to bed

Jane The Killer : Original song?

Omg_Itz Mg : This gives me chills ._.

El GüERO : 2018??

Papa : Why is everyone saying they are afraid of the intro more than the show...??