American Horror Story Theme Song
American Horror Story Theme Song

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Season 1 - Theme Song


Abi : I used to be scared shitless when I heard this and now it's my lullibly

Karen Kk : My English teacher says this helps her sleep at night lol

Alisha Thomas : Sounds like a lawn mower gone psychotic

Alfirmitive : it's not even a song, it's just distorted noise but I love it lmao

Esme Perez : This doesn't scare me, maybe I'm used to the Nine Inch Nails sound in this

audrey e : i love this theme song so much

Andy Brooke : music to my ears💕

GingerGal : When i hear this song i think the latex guy is downstairs lol *shit im scared now*

DarkGamer_1930 0 : bing bing bong

Jlove33100 : i want to have this ringtone if they have it.

Haran Gefen : I don't know why But I find it so calming

4 Digit 5 : Me: Hey, Dally, my lawnmower is doing that noise again! Dally: Hah.

jackieloves100 : I miss the theme song

ffresh outhill : Netflix, here I come!

very Hideous : this beat is fire

christy jackson : Juss started on this and this is a weird good creepy awesome intro!

kailarrosario : I only like this song cus of Halloween horror nights wen I went in the house😣

Andrew The Fanboy : I keep hearing "Are you scared? Are you scared? Are you scared?"

Izzy Love : This still creeps me out to this day. And few songs creep me out. This and the intro to the hills have eyes *shudder*

Vasilijan Nikolovski : A great song to be played at a wedding.

Megasplash X : Last night me: this theme soooooo scary reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (because I watched episode 1 last night) Me right now: yay now I can listen to this in the daytiiiiiiime

Jay M : Someone needs to do a freestyle over this!

Raph : JOUISSIF :O ♥

Mehmetcan Demirkıyık : /watch?v=O2UGjhYW9WM woah.

Kenzie Sumner : This shit scares me so bad idk why

Sirma Boyanova : I'm so fuckin addicted to this introooooooo :33333333

Julian Alegre : I love thiiiiis

Julian Alegre : Totally agree with you!

GREYSpartan Gaming : makes me think lana banana for some weird reason :P

alfie thomson : qwachicka qwachi qwackia

Erica Hammond : It's already been made. Did you find it yet? It's awesome!

Damnanimal33 : You bunch of sickos! Especially you strawberryflufff...Lol


octo bot : true dat!

DeathTripp1355 : because you like a song?!

mzladyalana : makin this my ringtone this beat is sick

vv9341 : Who cares if it makes you a "freak" it's still great


dollxiao. : I really love this! Does that make me a freak?

Sam B. : I want nothing more than there to NOT be a dubstep version of this. It's perfect the way it is, don't ruin it with that shit.

violentjsgurl : there is

autumnrose3 : Sounds like a Perfect Circle song.

derpy hooves : =o

derpy hooves : scary

tony3203 : the intro makes the show just as much...that bass and noises just brings you in...kinda like Friday the 13th, just simple yet memorable...hurry up 9 o clock!!!!!!!

broadwayboundguy : No.

Shaun Calhoon : could do without the weird sounds, I like the bass beat alot

Gabrielle Kay : This scares the shit out of me. D: Not the show, just this intro thing.

livinlavidaloki : the show wasn't even that scary, but this theme song... it was the sound of my nightmares