When You fire the English Voice Actors
When You fire the English Voice Actors

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Think of how much money they saved!


RYO-kai : 0:19 _"Kamishiro... Enjoy your last ksst-mmph."_

Yorha Lolibot : *Plot twist:* _It actually real English voice actor speaking while faking the Japanese accent_

Yo'Boy Denzel : “So, are we recording the English Or Japanese dub today?” “ *Yes* ”

Stan talent Stan WJSN and LOONA : 0:36 *I approve to deploy the pasic fleet emo zebra*

1-Datagram : "Something is moving up-*_BLeBUDuRu_*-from the bottom of the sea"

Amanda Ahoko : It's always a good sign when they need to subtitle the English in English

daprofessor 12 : "Mom, can we get English voice actors?" "No, we have English voice actors at home." English voice actors at home:

Scare League : You know its a good anime when English and Japanese audiences need subtitles

KermitDFrog 2k17 : 0:18 Kamishiro, enjoy you last pstfahnah ....

Rajat Gupta : 0:06 That guy came all the way from Africa to dub this masterpiece.

Estefanía Bayona : Legend has it that Kamishiro is still enjoying his last kftnat.

intellektualPoet : "Kamishiro, enjoy your last Disney." Thank you, I believe I will.

Parker Faux : "I ap prove to deproy the fezik fleet ee moseye pran." -The President of the United States

Rizal Boon : Auto generated english: 0:29 The target is moving to thunderous applause al Qaeda. I was like WTF and laughed histerically at the same time.

Alex : Thank you YouTube recommendations for showing me this gem.

Billy Bob : Voice Actors: You want the anime to be in Japanese or English? Director: *はい!* *(Y E S)*

Unnamed Person : 0:30 the auto-generated subtitles tho "the target is moving to thunderous applause al Qaeda"

Tshandamay Rabha : 0:21 The only near perfect line was "kamishiro, enjoy your last..."

Goatbone : I doubt Kamishiro would enjoy his last queefening.

vikas p : Director- do u speak ENGLISH voice actor - YUSS

peebins123 : UwU-ga?! STOP IT! We've gota to defend da boot by ALL MEMES.

Mizhidor : And we never got to know who that Kamishiro guy is

VeronicasTouch : Thats why I voted for President Butt-chin.

lolasum sumi-san : The comments are cracking me up as if the video alone wasn't enough XD

142germans : "Kamishiro, enjoy your last ppffmfmffmpffht."

Ro321chile : -Did you studied for english? -Yeah, look: 0:36

Sibtain Afridi : Damn!! Never thought the President would approve the deproiv za pasic freet in mozeplah

chairmanMeovw : "The target is moving to thunderous applause Al Qaeda... " Well well

Nush And Doza : You can really hear the pain and pride of their work. Excellent jazz track

FanfareT.Loudest : Oh no! America is getting attacked by bad English!

Tohreo the Oreo : i was silent the entire video and then once it finished i just burst out laughing🤣🤣🤣🤣

NOOBtella : "Kamishiro, enjoy your last [unintelligible mumbling]"

AMS Orgasm Moan : "Samsing is heading up *rapidururi* from the bottom of the sea." Epitome of Japanese accent faking.

Romax 24245 : “The target is moving tew de Nerth. Ablos Hokkaido”

flawlessly faulty : "Something is moving uplflaroisheh the sea"

DefMekken : This almost feels like any scene in a movie where the protagonist knocks out a guard, wears the uniform, and tries barely to imitate the guards voice no matter how obvious it is. And then the other guards just shake it off like it’s normal.

Wolfie Inu : Turns out both Japanese and English audiences required subtitles for that one

Mr. Potatoes Head : This brought back my depression..

Choustin Y. : This is how non-english speakers' english is heard by non english speakers.

_SargentoCoelho _ : 0:31 "The target is *muvin* to the North *dwyuodjs* Hokkaido"

ScrappySuper91 : Still better than 99% of english dubbed anime

Io Szeged : I know you did NOT post this gem and not give the name of the anime??

duketogo : Crystal Triangle. They actually tried to have all languages spoken by the Japanese cast, even though it ends up comical at times.

Imad Helwani : -So which English accent is this? -Japanese voice actor: yes

Games Rus : "We've got to defend that boat by *ALMONDS*"

Kushan Blackrazor : The smooth Jazz music really sets up the tension for this scene.

David Diaconu : Friend : What's the best dubbed anime you've ever seen ? Me : It's complicated...

Nikko G : Turn on captions for 0:30 .... "The Target is moving to Thunderous Applause Al Qaeda." WHAT ARE YOU SAYING GOOGLE?

EvilForgemaster : "Kamishiro, enjoy your last poof poom" Cannot be unheard