Stupid Movie Quotes - Shark Attack 3

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"So, what do you say I take you home and eat your pussy?"... :o :o


Firemarioflower : Old man seemed to know what was gonna happen....

Ed Bertoli : Barrowman says he ad-libbed the line.

JoannaRice : Tip to guys: this line doesn't usually work.

avrilhaily : well that escalated quickly

TwoScoopsXD : Didn't know it was that easy

Ali Cem Erturk : I swear to god I'm going to say that to a girl one day

Verrrifried : I guess some girls like an honest man for a change.

adarkerlight : No, no, NO! You're supposed to play games! Euphemism! Innuendo! Cat and mouse! Guys want it and girls don't! What IS this!?

what0080 : "Oh, don't start!" - The Doctor

MiniJesusPad : Manhattan Doc

Away RainFar : His delivery is out of this world too

little Johnny Cornteeth : THE funniest video of all time.

Scott Wright : I talked to John last weekend. This actually came up. hahha He said he didn't get anything out of the naughty line either.

Player of dos games : Aw wait, I just messed up my own joke! Ugh...

Player of dos games : REEEJECTED!

Infinite Mixer : haha I remember the day my cousin and I hired this movie out, when this scene came on we couldn't stop laughing, young kids at the time, I think we rewound the scene 10 times in disbelief haha

Zippermouth888 : that must be rough

germandrummer13 : This is how I approach women.


Rcker31BDrinkN : This would maybe work for me, but not if it's some random asshole at a club or bar. And after being anything traumatic , the last thing I would be think about is getting my pussy eaten lol.

arthurleon1387 : *Shakes Fists* BARROWMAN!

Joshua M : Who says romance is dead?

Ted B. Smith : BARROWMAN! *Shakes fist*

subliminalvibes : Yep. When it's 4am and you're genuinely a little bit wired - but just wired enough to be confident to say this to the girl you've been talking with all night, then look them in the eye and say it. Girls want sex as much as men do! If she turns you down that night, you're still a bit wired and you can still go home happy. Try it again the next time you're out... One time you'll get lucky and all the effort will be worth it. :)

Justin Millar : Pussy! :P

skaty825 : I love that the director asked him to do this to make her laugh and then they left it in the movie!! lmao

Z0mbieShock : Anybody that says this to a random girl in real life is a GOD in my book...

Terrell Robinson : LOL......Nice callback! Hahahahahah!

Terrell Robinson : You almost sounded like Greg Gutfeld. Oh...and I agree! Had me in stichtes.

Michael Tomson : And how I met my ex girlfriend

ClimacticMedia : idk but this line works for me when im at job interviews

ImjustSaiyan 92 : "He's eating her pussy! He's going to eat mine! Oh my Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddd!"

Jon Goli : Barrowman, aarhhg! hahah!

TheEnoirMePlz : Captain Jack Harkness! ...for the record Ianto is hotter

Nik0ran : It's funny because he's actually gay.

dick childers : i remember when i first watched this movie. it was not comedy which made this scene so funny because the line came right out of left field..and i was like "what the...?

Alekx : BARROWMAN!! I totally did not know who this was when I first saw this years ago. NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE.

Derek Martz : No, Jack, that's her mouth. Try again.


Ed21069 : BARROWMAN!!!

yeahhthatsme123 : puss pwnage!!

MrRumpld4skin : well´╗┐ that escalated quickly...

SkivMarine : What's so bad about this line? Cats make a great meal. Especially when sauteed in white wine with mango salsa....

atavus -_- : Nop it was in the movy i think. This was supposed to be an outrtake but the realisator put it in the movie without saying it to tthe actor. The actor go to watch it with his child............ XD

ultrapowerpack : It is my lifes goal to say this to a woman.

n Garcia : I can't tell you how many times this line has worked for me.

coolmodine : Apparently this retarded line actually works.

Patrick Lange : If this was real life, the woman would slap him and called him pervert!

leroy jenkins : Goes to show that shes a slut,im pretty sure i would have had my balls kicked the fuck of between my legs....