Stop Making Sense

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NEM : 1 "Psycho Killer" 2 "Heaven" 3 "Thank You for Sending Me an Angel" 4 "Found a Job" 5 "Slippery People" 6 "Burning Down the House" 7 "Life During Wartime" 8 "Making Flippy Floppy" 9 "Swamp" 10 "What a Day That Was" 11 "This Must Be the Place" 12 "Once in a Lifetime" 13 "Genius of Love" _(performed by Tom Tom Club)_ 14 "Girlfriend Is Better" _(I want that suit)_ 15 "Take Me to the River" 18 "Cross eyed and Painless"

mattcrawfish : Watch the whole thing, but if you're looking for specific songs: Psycho Killer - 1:30 Heaven - 6:43 Thank You for Sending Me an Angel - 10:35 Found a Job - 12:55 Slippery People - 16:46 Burning Down the House - 21:13 Life During Wartime - 25:26 Making Flippy Floppy - 31:54 Swamp - 37:05 What a Day That Was - 41:37 This Must Be the Place - 48:09 Once in a Lifetime - 53:44 Genius of Love - 59:25 Girlfriend is Better - 1:04:34 Take Me to the River - 1:09:46 Cross Eyed and Painless - 1:17:52

yukoh : people will still enjoy the hell out of this in a 100 years time. no doubt

mattcrawfish : I dont know HOW the fuck David Byrne belted out 5 minutes of Burning Down the House and then proceeded to run a mile around the stage in the very next song

simbad909 : one of the best filmed rock concerts ever... talking heads kick ass

Phil Hayhoe : Saw the gig at Sweetwaters Festival New Zealand in 1983, still remains one of the best and we have this film to remind us how brilliant they were

Jenny Brooks : This is so awesome you deserve more likes and views

T. Duffour : Simply one of the best concerts ever put to celluloid. I can do anything with this on in the background: laugh, cry, party, workout, sleep, whatever. It is everything.

Ronwho Yes : Does anyone have any questions?

Mark Sims : I sort of like Talking Heads. I'm not a big fan but I like to hear them from time to time. This is absolutely brilliant. Byrne is captivating and the girls are just fabulous. And it's free on youtube. Modern life - people pay big bucks to go to concerts to watch crap and this is free....strange

WenisOfLore : 1:01:40 RIP Bernie Worrell. Engaging me into a funky dream sequence.

max morrell : I remember watching this on the dvd on my fathers friends tv and this was what got me into the music I now listen to, truly compelling

Diax1324 : 1:03:40 Don't do Cocaine, kids.

Ihatethetories : David is so beautiful

DP30 : One of my first and vivid memories as a child was watching this, and I loved film and music ever since. This band and movie started it. Thank you for sharing! :)

HentaiMcToonboob : You've done the lords work.

Garek McGuinn : the lamp during this must be the place is everything

rich5817 : Kenya West uses special effects and dances like he is being stabbed in the ass, he sucks and still thinks he is the greatest performer ever. H e needs to watch this

Ob 1 : Pure art

Keeley : Nice one Threefiveoonetwofive Go! This is mint

Grant Tes : jeez i never knew what they looked like and I thought that was Cillian Murphy as the singer. If they ever make a film, he could easily play David Byrne

canuckken : They should have done their concert with the girls from the 20 minute workout, the aerobics workout would have fit in well.

Jim_UK : Thank you for sharing, it's been a long time since I've seen the whole show.

D AA : When I was in high-school, everyone did hard drugs. Five of them died within a month in 2007. When the last one died, my family brought me home & we watched this video together. Idk why they chose to watch this with me. But this video has brought me so much solace, I can't even express it. My family knew I loved Talking Heads. My family had it on VHS. I'm so glad this is on the internet now. I will forever treasure the memory. Thank you so much for uploading this video. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (The bassist is really bad at dancing.... can't blame her though, idk, I'm sure it's very hard to play an instrument and dance at the same time. Hell, she made Tom Tom Club, that's enough, she rocks.) Why does this video have under 10m views...

Josiah Manzanares : I can’t believe it took me until I started college for me to discover the brilliance, ecstatic creativity, and otherworldliness that is the music of Talking Heads. Surely a band this transcendent and impactful only comes around once in a lifetime.

Aitor Ezquerro Ibarbuen : Grandes talking heads grande Jonathan RIP

InMistHeStands : One ob best performance EVER !!!

bogey2230 : There are certain things that your parents take you too that at that very moment you don't fully father taking me to see the ' Stop making Sense ' on film in Baltimore, Md. when I was a freshman in high school is up there on that list.

george whitelaw : Funky

Shambler : I love when David has the stage hand say "Stop Making Sense" during Girlfriend Is Better

Philip Kane : I am amazed this only has 6708 views as of 6/25/2018....what a classic band and concert film!

Jeremy : WhyTF did they leave so many songs off the original album? About half of these songs aren't on it.

Jeremy : Jesus...I forgot how annoying it is when the drummer yells that shit when the girl is playing her song.

Ruben Bareiro : The black guitarist is a cokehead. He is very high.

elClosed : Thanks for the upload!

Jonny Roxx : Anyone else end up here after watching Documentary Now on Netflix? Peace. JR

Jonny Roxx : Amazing energy. Byrne at his zenith. Tina carrying the groove. Anyone else notice the reel change at 1:09:38? Peace. JR

Larry Fulmer : So when I shop for a new sport jacket, what should I get---a David Byrne jacket that's 6 times bigger than n him where I can flap my sleeves wildly? Or one that's like green where can look like Dougie Jones Whatever! You can listen to this- you can watch this- you can get up and groove to this. And you can do all the above!

Housemasters Radio : to have been there on that night, an historic performance.

alk3hall : GOAT

BigGfromOKC 1 : Great show!! Thanks for sharing

Lux Moto : This must be one of the best 10 concerts(films) ever done. Musically, visually, and textually a masterpiece. Was 21 when this happened. It has influenced my live bigly. ....still impressed.

Vitor Santos : I love you Threefiveoonetwofive ... How hard is to get this full concert on youtube Totally Cheers

mary poppins : loved this, brought back so look many good memories☺

Andrew Wisecarver : 1:24:30 DO YOU SEE HOW FAST HIS HAND MOVES

Jeff N : "Does anybody have any questions?" Best. Concert. Line. Ever.

Shane Perkins : Just saw this at the Traverse City Film Festival Open Space... freaking awesome...

Brian Cone : Alex Weir (guitar) is so dang good on this album/movie. Everybody is great but he's always been my favorite part.


lapsus5 : David Byrne loves me/