Portland Anthem

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tofuscramble : concept: twin peaks, exactly the same, except instead of the red room dale dreams of this

jessica : ever since I found out they told him to improvise whatever for this scene I find it like ten times funnier than it already was

Sauce302 D : "Oh Portland I thought you never ask...And I will" damn straight mr mayor

Gabriel Priddy : Coop's best Tulpa.

zinki120 : the fact that this whole thing was all improv, makes even more funny

DanDan : This is what it would sound like if the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel could make noise

Donovan Rogers : Over the course of his entire career, Kyle hasn't gotten ANY less cool or charismatic

that's a mistake : instead of OkCupid I want an app called OkKyle so I can find my beautiful boy bride that is just like Kyle. thank you.

Peter Bonde : Didn't he improvise this whole thing on the spot? I read that once

Michael Esparza : which late-60's scott walker album is this from

HanoverFiste3 : You ARE my darling girl!

SJ : The entire universe has led up to this moment

infinitegut : babba bababa lalala... lalaLAAA

lionut87 : COOPER!!!!!! so he actually went crazy at the end of Twin Peaks and here is the result :)

dharmallars : i read on the fred and carrie AMA that they told him to improvise "literally anything"

Ian Richter : I just realized this guy played Paul Atreides in Dune. That makes me like this show even more.

Drake Toto : All of television was leading up to this moment.

joeypropeller : 0:52 Fred has to turn away

Rose Weldon : Now that is one damn fine cup of anthem.

Jesse Weinberg : Haven't watched  this in a few months, but I still laughed out loud. So good. "I thought you'd never ask..."

Gordon Clark : HEEELLOOOooOOoOo

TioOrwell : Lalala lalala lala lalalala ssing to me.. Hahahaaa!

Robert Palmer : he is a genius. Half of every episode should feature Mr. Mayor.

Mary Ashley Boykin : I've watched this video every morning for a year. It gets me through the day. Thank you Portland

Jessie Gilchrist : this song gives me life

Alan Clark : I have never wanted to visit Portland so much, due to this song! Love it!..........

blujay1524 : wtf is he standing on?

HappyScary Jeff the Killer : This show is so stupid. I love how the mayor lies down while he's singing.

Tara Webster : This is my favorite song. I love it and I always will.

Patrick Rodgers : Let's rock!

Timur G : yep, I feel it's inspired by TROLOLO to a degree

jessica donaho : Kyle Maclachlan I love you but I'm so done 😂😂

Dale Lee Cooper : That's Mr. C.

Ethan Winstead : It should have been the Bene Gesserit rite from Dune.

Max Goldberg : This is completely improvised

Jon Hall : Should have Will Farrell'd it and had him spinning around in circles.

Arthur Link : Shatnerian.

Christopher Nihil : He's hypnotic. :-)

Christopher Nihil : He's hypnotic. :-)

Ma La : Dale Cooper needs a singing career😍😂

VOIZES : So very Leonard Cohen-y!

three person couch : just amazing

Luke Thomas : I didn't want that to end. Ever.

Paul Holder : Change 'Portland' for 'England' and this would make a great new national anthem.

Jakob Michaels : this is my favorite thing in the world

Jon Buehler : No one dares to dislike the mayor

Roby Ortichella : pure genius

red drib : this is beautiful

Saunders Cowie : my anthem to life

Giorgi Nemsitsveridze : Gold