Shy Boys
Shy Boys

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The documentary Shy Boys IRL. All rights reserved #sweetie squad


welmholtz : zuckerberg would totally be in this if he didn't create facebook

J T : I think a lot of this is down to anxiety and autism

Xaldyn Nemo : I really hope Michael's doing alright. All of them had absolutely atrocious levels of self-worth, but he specifically was showing warning signs of suicidal thoughts -- most notably, the joke about jumping and later the whole "wishing he could just never have existed" thing. The weirdest thing about this documentary is that none of the guys are "ugly". Not even the long-haired guy. The only thing physically "ugly" about him is his haircut imo. It's his acting like a creepy psychopath that's unattractive. His face and body are fine.

Nova Lutiont : The so called pick up artist is such a loser lmao

Geneia : "My looks are the only reason I'm incel" this guy has the personality of a serial killer

E K : The blonde fella with glasses seems the most reasonable person of the group. Hope they’re all doing okay though.

Will McDonald : The photoshopped picture looks like an Oblivion NPC ngl

loserlexi • : I need a "where are they now"

MadMagicRabbits : The PUA guy reminds of an extremely toxic Michael Scott

Chad O : This is sad to watch. These guys have literally created a self-reinforcing negative false reality in their own minds that is inescapable.

QuantumCatX : wtf. dude just need a haircut. that photoshopped pic looks like a woman

PanicGiraffe : Here we have several virgins following around another virgin trying to learn how to not be virgins.

Mark Yatsaphone : Michael, the guy with glasses and blonde hair, seems like the most likely to hold a stable and healthy relationship to me.

Kenny Blankenship : The virgin shy boys, the chad Kyle btw, according to an AMA with Sara Gardephe, Kyle was not enjoying these guys coming onto him.

Robert L : 25:32 when he talks about jumping, that’s a massive warning sign and I feel like nobody caught onto it, he just covered it up by smiling and making it out like it was a joke when really it’s a cry for help

Jordan Kelly : Long hair dude mad as hell

Drives Fast Likes Cats : Guy with glasses seems like a pretty righteous hombre I could hang with.

Octoboobs : Guy with long hair is one My Little Pony episode away from mass shooting

Virginboy3D : "I need to sound as intelligent as possible"

Nick889999 : this "pick up artist" is a massive tool. He's so cringy lol....

Daz : The blonde guy seems the only mentally sane the others have horrible perceptions on what woman like and give off very negative vibes even through the screen, couldn't imagine in what they're like in person

IAN m : Wonder how many of these guys are on the Autism spectrum .

imafuckinbird : This is partly depressing and partly hilarious, kind of like a dark comedy.

RockaRolla Wmn : The long hair dude is INSANELY akward. He seems high function aspie weird, ANGRY, self-loathing, and like he'd likely hurt a female if one was alone with him.

IgiveyouNONE : The long hair dude... If he go to gym and get rid of fatness from his face and build some muscles, he would look so much better, but he don't realize this. Also cut the freaking hair. The hair does not suit his face!

Lyric : The blonde hair and the glasses is actually very charming. He seems sweet, and he looks like the kind of guy who is loving. I feel like guy with the long brown hair needs therapy and he needs to gain some confidence, he isn’t terrible looking, and he has killer fashion sense, he is also funny af. He just needs to change his outlook on life and women. The dude with the short brown hair needs to lose the whole douchebag vibe.

Matthew Sharp : Who's here from Mister Metokur?

Helane Ruslan : Micheal must be protected at all costs

saltywalt x : The blonde guy with the glasses is so sweet ❤️ I hope he is doing fine

Tons of White babies : How old is this? 2012? 2010? I demand a follow up!

Palpameme : I would totally watch a whole sitcom about these guys, this is like a twisted, depressing version of the Office

BOLSONARO 2018 : Also stop worrying so much about girls, this is unmanly. Worry about your soul.

Gh0st Chili : Blond dude with the glasses seems like genuinely good person, just shy. Dude with the long hair needs to change his perspective, its his personality thats awful not his looks.

Kathylen Pitner : The guy who was rejected 3000 times, I m sure it wasn’t that many. And he is not ugly. He just seems angry.

ava ! : okay here's what i don't get: these men would rather sit and loathe themselves about things that are TOTALLY fixable, such as their physical appearance / aspects of their personalities, than go out and try to fix them. i don't like myself 99.99% of the time, but i'm actively trying to fix aspects of my being that i would like to improve. i don't blame men, i don't blame society, but i don't blame myself either. it's not a matter of blame, or dwelling on the negative, it's a matter of improvement. these men just *refuse* to improve. that's their issue. they don't want to improve because they've created this negative bubble in which they'd rather sit and hate women for not dating them when they look as they do, not trying at ALL. they'd rather believe women are entitled to have sex with them because it puts the work on WOMEN instead of themselves. it's sick, but not uncurable. these men need help in becoming better versions of themselves. i really pity them.

Caleb : The guy who photoshopped his face into his ideal appearance looked a hell of a lot more like a chick than a guy. The hair REALLY doesn't help... Also, he claims to be "tall and slender." Then it shows him walking around shirtless and he is pudgy af with some nice little titties and love handles

Nomadic_Warrior : Guy with long hair legit has very feminine face but quite pleasant to look at. He just needs to oose weight work out and a hair cut. Hope he finds a way to solve his mental illness.

Joshua Shank : All these guys need fedoras and they'll get laid. Everyone knows that fedoras are classy and class if for men while swag is for boys.

Isabated Cases : with the exception of the blonde guy in glasses and the guy with the speech impediment, every one of these individuals is a satire on themselves

Zegot : The Urban White Trash guy reminds me of Dennis from Its always sunny lol

Sosic : When theyre around each other socializing without anxiety they're not bad. Decent group of lads with a few problems


fredguy2 : This is one of the best unintentional comedies I've ever seen.

Double Helix : Advanced has this weird Bjork/Robert Smith thing going on. He should try and work with that.

Jordan DNB Cx : The guy with the sunglasses is pure cringe. Can guarantee if he said that to a girl on a dating app she will block him. 😂😂

Stonewall Strategy : The number of rejections has no real importance. Randomly approaching strangers IRL or online will almost never yield results for anyone. Quality over quantity, my guy.

Chris : Mike with the spectacles will be just fine as long as he doesn’t withdraw and give up completely. You can tell he’s a decent guy. His self-awareness and quiet observations also place him light years ahead of the other 2 who are basically walking talking forums. The pick up artist definitely relays all the bullying he received at school onto Mike, calling him ugly and shitting on everything he says. If he was a lot more positive and reserved, he’s do well. But he’s a massive douche unfortunately. Advance is just plain delusional blaming his decent looks and not his toxic vibe. I wouldn’t know where to begin trying to convince him. At the end of the day they, like 99% of men, have all the potential they need, but won’t get anywhere until they realize where they fall short.

Jonathan Castro : That long hair guy should be in the FBI radar.

Samantha Peters : Long hair guy has so much baggage. No lady is going to want to deal with that. Also he gives out a negative vibe. Like he sounds angry at all women. No woman is going to want to have a negative partner. Women would rather go for a man that can make them laugh. He also stereotypes certain women as being the bottom of the barrel. That's not nice. If you have an ugly personality, women won't be attracted to you. The woman gave him some advice about talking. He refused it because he wants to talk fast to sound intelligent. Um long hair talking to fast, and can't get your words right. A woman is giving you advice that will help you attract woman. Try listening instead of being arrogant, acting like you know everything.