Shy Boys

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vickie g : Long haired dude needs a Xanax and to have genuine friendships with women. I honestly believe he might not have a sense of empathy at all.

John Smith : They're like middle schoolers but 30 yrs old

Luci Skies : These dudes aren't ugly. They just have mental health issues and need hardcore therapy. They've gotta dig themselves out of the hole of depression and self-hatred. Women stay away because of how unhealthy they are. (I was suicidal/depressed for a decade and would use sex as a way to feel beautiful/worthy of breathing so I am aware that getting better isn't easy. It can be done tho. <3 )

Alice Delarge : i really like the blonde guy with glasses. he is really sweet and likeable, i'm 100% sure he'll find someone. i just hope he stays away from these miserable women-hating incels.

loserlexi • : I need a "where are they now"

welmholtz : zuckerberg would totally be in this if he didn't create facebook

John Smith : Guess you'll have to go gay then

volkermuller55 : The blue pills are strong with the commenters

MadMagicRabbits : The PUA guy reminds of an extremely toxic Michael Scott

Astral Liberation Army : wtf. dude just need a haircut. that photoshopped pic looks like a woman

mcamurray : Was anyone else weirded out by Urban White Trash and Advanced's fixation on Kyle the sound guy?

Gabriel Rains : The director in an interview with the podcast Last Podcast on the Left said that after a few of the shy boys saw the documentary they gave up on being incels. The mirror can be a crazy thing to learn from.

MEEHOWtv : 1. Now I realize what women mean when they say "I just want a normal and confident guy". 2. How can you be not so self-aware? How can you be so cringy and not realize it?

A. Lanzarini : That guy reaction to a vagina...

Nunya Bidniss : The blond kid with the glasses is cute, sweet, and doesn’t blame anyone else for his problems. The rest are completely revolting simply because of their attitudes.

Marianne Davy : Long haired guy, Is not ugly at all. He could use a good hair cut, might bring out his face. I do think that dude maybe is a bit androgynous. None of these guys, the 3, are ugly. But, the attitudes wow, they have got to do something about that. These stories are sad, but some of these men would definitely drive women away because of their attitudes towards women.

IAN m : Wonder how many of these guys are on the Autism spectrum .

Fuckyourselfgoogle : The only way you could possibly ever rack up 1000 rejections at a young age is if you throw yourself at anything female, regardless of the situation, full of desperation. That is why those women tried to ignore you until you go away. smh

Nomadic_Warrior : Guy with long hair legit has very feminine face but quite pleasant to look at. He just needs to oose weight work out and a hair cut. Hope he finds a way to solve his mental illness.

moira torres : the girl who directed the documentary and who had to passing time with those men should had a very awkward time

lilac petal : It sounds like Advanced has Body Dysmorphic Disorder. He's obsessing over tiny details like the shape of his chin. He isn't a bad looking guy, but his attitude and personality are pushing women away. Michael seems like a very nice, average guy. Honestly, I expected this film to be about angry incels.

Jason M : Ironic that I could see the long haired dude being a male model if things were different. Modeling world loves the androgynous look

JeremyPorridge : that "pick up artist" seems like he is actually very lonely on the inside

Amanda Gildenhar : What's this music? 'It's just beautiful music!' Haha it's Enya, who is actually a volcel who lives in a castle with her cats in isolation in Ireland, true story. She's my idol. ✨

Sarah Cash : that long haired guy is so weird: "my looks is the only reason I'm incel." nope. it's 100% your personality. you need help.

DRubino11 : this guy counts his rejections and has a flip phone wtf and he said ugly and obese Jesus Christ wait I have to edit this because he just said no I have to talk fast its an ego thing wtf

func : that guy with the long hair is actually funny asf

Mediocre Caleb : The guy who photoshopped his face into his ideal appearance looked a hell of a lot more like a chick than a guy. The hair REALLY doesn't help... Also, he claims to be "tall and slender." Then it shows him walking around shirtless and he is pudgy af with some nice little titties and love handles

Ash Mofo : Don't change how they look so much, just imagine a complete change of their personalities - imagine they were confident, pro-active, passionate, funny men that didn't constantly beat themselves up. Do you think they'd be more or less attractive?

RockaRolla Wmn : The long hair dude is INSANELY akward. He seems high function aspie weird, ANGRY, self-loathing, and like he'd likely hurt a female if one was alone with him.

IgiveyouNONE : The long hair dude... If he go to gym and get rid of fatness from his face and build some muscles, he would look so much better, but he don't realize this. Also cut the freaking hair. The hair does not suit his face!

Gh0st Chili : Blond dude with the glasses seems like genuinely good person, just shy. Dude with the long hair needs to change his perspective, its his personality thats awful not his looks.

_egas calybird : the man with the glasses who takes pictures - he has a kind soul, i can see it.

Samantha Peters : Long hair guy has so much baggage. No lady is going to want to deal with that. Also he gives out a negative vibe. Like he sounds angry at all women. No woman is going to want to have a negative partner. Women would rather go for a man that can make them laugh. He also stereotypes certain women as being the bottom of the barrel. That's not nice. If you have an ugly personality, women won't be attracted to you. The woman gave him some advice about talking. He refused it because he wants to talk fast to sound intelligent. Um long hair talking to fast, and can't get your words right. A woman is giving you advice that will help you attract woman. Try listening instead of being arrogant, acting like you know everything.

Rasmus Andersen : I know a whore that goes specifically after incels, god bless her.

NiftyTheLynx : 75% sure that Advanced is a closet trans. Seems like a mixture of self-loathing and denial is what's making him hate women.

Mark Yatsaphone : Michael, the guy with glasses and blonde hair, seems like the most likely to hold a stable and healthy relationship to me.

Tons of White babies : How old is this? 2012? 2010? I demand a follow up!

Cutter Driftwood : The only one out of these dorks that will ever get laid will be the guy with the glasses. He's the most together. He just needs some confidence. The Worst ones are the prick that thinks he's a pick up artist yet has never been laid and as long as he acts an thinks the way he does he never will. The other one with the long hair is a sociopath so until he gets treatment it'll continue to get in his way. He would be a guy that shoots up a place full of people!!

specticular entertainment : I love this because it makes me feel better about myself.

Salmonfaky : Dude with the long hair needs psilocybin like SERIOUSLY NEEDS PSILOCYBIN

Al Drogo : The guy with long hair seems to have serious issues.  The other two seem like decent guys, just lacking in confidence.

ShyPoke : Chapstick. That is the first step.

Alaina Faye : They have absolutely no introspection into the fact that they are living self fulfilling prophecies.

Kathylen Pitner : The guy who was rejected 3000 times, I m sure it wasn’t that many. And he is not ugly. He just seems angry.

Donavon Heim : It is mostly personality for incels. They have the worst personality i have ever seen.

Daniel Marrama : "I would fight in the front lines of the bloodiest battle the world has ever seen and come back with no limbs, if it meant that it would guarantee me an ugly fat chick for life. I.... just can't believe this sentence actually exists.

Enzo P : Wow! Great job Sara! I really enjoyed the film. do you have any plans on doing a "where are they now" follow up?

ShaqGalifianakis : I would bet money that the long haired dude probably did have girls that were interested but he probably totally misread the signals. He’s not terrible looking and there’s always gonna be someone out there with low enough standards to ignore all the red flags. Dude seems like he totally lacks empathy so he probably has no idea on how to pick up on subtle signs of interest

Zegot : The Urban White Trash guy reminds me of Dennis from Its always sunny lol