Shy Boys

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John Smith : They're like middle schoolers but 30 yrs old

FeverGaming : 2:38 lmaoooo Matt was right 😂🤣

John Smith : Guess you'll have to go gay then

Fuckyourselfgoogle : The only way you could possibly ever rack up 1000 rejections at a young age is if you throw yourself at anything female, regardless of the situation, full of desperation. That is why those women tried to ignore you until you go away. smh

Ainsely Harriot : 14:35 that apparent "pick up artist" reminded me so much of Steve Carrell there.

boy jenus neutronoid : Michael is a normal, good guy who is dealing with depression, rejection and uncertainty. He goes on the website to get a sense of belonging and wants people to talk to. Urban White Trash is a bit crude but other then that he is a normal, good guy who has been rejected and lacks self confidence. He plays the part of the over confident macho alpha because he wants to hide his true self which lacks confidence and is sensitive. He posts on the website so that he can act alpha in front of other people like him, giving him a sense of self worth. Advanced self-hates far too much but on top of that he is a narcissist, he's completely self obsessed and lacks empathy. Spending so much time on the internet has worsened his condition and he comes off as quite toxic and hateful. He goes on the website so that he can feel superior to the other people there. Michael and Urban White Trash could both easily have healthy relationships and be normal people if they just solved a few issues. For Advanced I believe that his issues are a bit more serious, it would take a long time to unlearn all that self-hatred and accept that you have to work really hard to improve your personality, not just your looks.

JeremyPorridge : that "pick up artist" seems like he is actually very lonely on the inside

Alice Delarge : i really like the blonde guy with glasses. he is really sweet and likeable, i'm 100% sure he'll find someone. i just hope he stays away from these miserable women-hating incels.

Luci Skies : These dudes aren't ugly. They just have mental health issues and need hardcore therapy. They've gotta dig themselves out of the hole of depression and self-hatred. Women stay away because of how unhealthy they are. (I was suicidal/depressed for a decade and would use sex as a way to feel beautiful/worthy of breathing so I am aware that getting better isn't easy. It can be done tho. <3 )

Daniel Marrama : "I would fight in the front lines of the bloodiest battle the world has ever seen and come back with no limbs, if it meant that it would guarantee me an ugly fat chick for life. I.... just can't believe this sentence actually exists.

Octoboobs : Guy with long hair is one My Little Pony episode away from mass shooting

PS : These guys are in a lot of pain. And they're looking for a woman to fix it. That puts them in a very dangerous position because no one can fix anyone else. If you find purpose in your life, you'll learn to love yourself. That will make you an attractive person--period. You have to get to that point before people will trust they can open up to and love you, especially within the context of an intimate relationship. Forget the PUA method. It ultimately teaches manipulation of others, not working on yourself.

Ramzeltron : The Pick Up Artist dude is the saddest, most pathetic one, to be honest.

imafuckinbird : This is partly depressing and partly hilarious, kind of like a dark comedy.

A Shogun Named Juan : "I don't think most women like sex" Holding this belief is veeery bad for you if you want to get laid.

Matt Xander Neutral : Most of the guys in this video have glaringly obvious signs of Asperger's Syndrome, which would explain why they find it so difficult to interact with people. I do not mean this to be mean or offensive, I'm just worried that perhaps these guys are living their lives without a really important diagnosis that could change their lives for the better, and help them calm down and not be so angry about human interaction. I'm genuinely worried for these guys in that respect.

Jodi Pickle : I’ve dated a guy like Michael and honestly it’s so sad. Not because the guy I was dating was horrible but because he was so low in himself and unwilling to accept my compliments. Even when he expressed the idea of moving forward sexually and losing his virginity, he became super shy, never responding to my advances, and I felt rejected like the Asian girl. I just had to realize that just because I was his girlfriend, I can’t cure his self-hate.

Matt Xander Neutral : As a gay man, I find most of these guys really attractive, honestly. But the '3000 rejections' guy is only less attractive because of how angry and intense he is. He is scary, and if he calmed down that might help his case.

Mark Yatsaphone : Michael, the guy with glasses and blonde hair, seems like the most likely to hold a stable and healthy relationship to me.

SmallvillenerdTwo : long hair guy looks FRESH when he steps out with the fellas in his white jacket and speed dealer sunnies

girl knot : all these guys need to do is lose the glasses and start lifting...

fuckoffhoxo : "what's this music?" "it's just beautiful music". nice way to shut down a conversion you spaz

James McCaffrey : These guys are kind of pathetic. I've been single for five years, and am happy with it. You have to be comfortable with yourself and not idolizing women and relationships. Jesus.

Cailee G : These boys are not models, but MAJORITY of people in the world aren’t, none of them are ‘ugly’. These boys have terrible self image, I hope they learn to love themselves and if they want, find some one. The one with the long hair is so sweet, I hope he stops stressing about his self image SO much.

ॐNeo_White _Rabbitॐ : The main issues with them is that they seem selfish, resentful, childish and jerks. They blame women for them being single, when they need to take responsibility for why they are single.

Boblee Cooper : I really wonder where these guys are now, especially Advanced.

Gabriel Rains : The director in an interview with the podcast Last Podcast on the Left said that after a few of the shy boys saw the documentary they gave up on being incels. The mirror can be a crazy thing to learn from.

Gh0st Chili : Blond dude with the glasses seems like genuinely good person, just shy. Dude with the long hair needs to change his perspective, its his personality thats awful not his looks.

ThePsychoRenegade : As shitty as most of the things the PUA said, I think his thing about looks and personality was pretty great, "Looks and personality are not exclusive. By boosting one, you boost the other."

welmholtz : zuckerberg would totally be in this if he didn't create facebook

Grand Champ : These guys are not butt ugly. It is the fact that they're socially awkward and lack self esteem. Especially the PUA guy, it ozes out of him that he's trying to compensate. IMO starting a sports activity and learning to built friendships with women would go a long way before they tried dating. Maybe even therapy would be ideal. There's some basic elements lacking. Now I know the dating scene is a toxic hellhole but these guys are by no means a lost cause or "genetic mistakes" as he puts it. I believe in them.

are you feeling it now mr krabs : The guy with glasses and blonde hair is cute and by far the most likeable one of the bunch.

TheHydroHammers : The guy with the glasses I think has a better shot at getting a girlfriend then the guy with long hair. He seems really nice.

DRubino11 : this guy counts his rejections and has a flip phone wtf and he said ugly and obese Jesus Christ wait I have to edit this because he just said no I have to talk fast its an ego thing wtf

Stefani : Michael is actually really sweet. Idk how he got lumped in with these guys.

Marianne Davy : Long haired guy, Is not ugly at all. He could use a good hair cut, might bring out his face. I do think that dude maybe is a bit androgynous. None of these guys, the 3, are ugly. But, the attitudes wow, they have got to do something about that. These stories are sad, but some of these men would definitely drive women away because of their attitudes towards women.

Spooky Spaghetti : Michael is a good boy. The rest of this autism is irreparable.

moira torres : the girl who directed the documentary and who had to passing time with those men should had a very awkward time

MEEHOWtv : 1. Now I realize what women mean when they say "I just want a normal and confident guy". 2. How can you be not so self-aware? How can you be so cringy and not realize it?

enima : i've seen clips from this in cringe compilations. Glad to have finally found the whole thing. I wish they could do follow up. Like everyone else has mentioned, Mike seems really nice and well balanced. I think his shyness is the only reason he is/was still single. If he could just put himself in more social situations and actually ask some girls out, he'd be sorted. Advanced is a lost cause and I wouldn't wish him on any normal girl. He looks like he has Klinefelter's? All of these guys are average looking, not ugly.

vickie g : Long haired dude needs a Xanax and to have genuine friendships with women. I honestly believe he might not have a sense of empathy at all.

A. Lanzarini : That guy reaction to a vagina...

sironiichan : i feel bad for michael i think the pua are just hurting his self esteem more. he may be shy but he seems genuine and kind and thats something girls do like

S Lian : lmfaoo, the fadora shit thing is realll??? i thought it was usually trolls

Thelema : Dude with the long hair is a sociopath.

Nambanjin95 : The blond guy with glasses is really likeable! I'm sure he'll find someone if he looks in the right place.

jamie birch : "my looks are the only reason im incel" uh, no dude. its your autism.

Jessica Hummel : Thank you Matt Watson for sending me here Edit: I can’t believe that rejection quote is real, I thought you were making it up off the top of your head

Isaac Emilien : dudes just need some coke and hookers

Stressed Out Azim : I think Michael (the blonde guy with the glasses) has a lot more going for him, attitude and personality-wise, than the others. The others have so much anger and frustration built up in them. I think he's just a little out of practice with social stuff, but he's way more likable than the others. He's got great instincts and he doesn't seem as entitled. With a little confidence, I think he would be amazing at dating and socializing. For a prospective boyfriend, he would be my pick. I wish him the best.