Shy Boys

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vickie g : Long haired dude needs a Xanax and to have genuine friendships with women. I honestly believe he might not have a sense of empathy at all.

John Smith : They're like middle schoolers but 30 yrs old

welmholtz : zuckerberg would totally be in this if he didn't create facebook

Alen_Egre T : Together, they look like an indie rock band.

Astral Liberation Army : wtf. dude just need a haircut. that photoshopped pic looks like a woman

_egas calybird : the man with the glasses who takes pictures - he has a kind soul, i can see it.

John Smith : Guess you'll have to go gay then

moira torres : the girl who directed the documentary and who had to passing time with those men should had a very awkward time

Chad O : This is sad to watch. These guys have literally created a self-reinforcing negative false reality in their own minds that is inescapable.

Luci Skies : These dudes aren't ugly. They just have mental health issues and need hardcore therapy. They've gotta dig themselves out of the hole of depression and self-hatred. Women stay away because of how unhealthy they are. (I was suicidal/depressed for a decade and would use sex as a way to feel beautiful/worthy of breathing so I am aware that getting better isn't easy. It can be done tho. <3 )

RockaRolla Wmn : The long hair dude is INSANELY akward. He seems high function aspie weird, ANGRY, self-loathing, and like he'd likely hurt a female if one was alone with him.

Amanda Gildenhar : What's this music? 'It's just beautiful music!' Haha it's Enya, who is actually a volcel who lives in a castle with her cats in isolation in Ireland, true story. She's my idol. ✨

MadMagicRabbits : The PUA guy reminds of an extremely toxic Michael Scott

E K : The blonde fella with glasses seems the most reasonable person of the group. Hope they’re all doing okay though.

Alice Delarge : i really like the blonde guy with glasses. he is really sweet and likeable, i'm 100% sure he'll find someone. i just hope he stays away from these miserable women-hating incels.

Nomadic_Warrior : Guy with long hair legit has very feminine face but quite pleasant to look at. He just needs to oose weight work out and a hair cut. Hope he finds a way to solve his mental illness.

Dean : School shooters, the documentary.

Drives Fast Likes Cats : Guy with glasses seems like a pretty righteous hombre I could hang with.

IAN m : Wonder how many of these guys are on the Autism spectrum .

loserlexi • : I need a "where are they now"

Rasmus Andersen : I know a whore that goes specifically after incels, god bless her.

Jason M : Ironic that I could see the long haired dude being a male model if things were different. Modeling world loves the androgynous look

Caleb : The guy who photoshopped his face into his ideal appearance looked a hell of a lot more like a chick than a guy. The hair REALLY doesn't help... Also, he claims to be "tall and slender." Then it shows him walking around shirtless and he is pudgy af with some nice little titties and love handles

Samantha Peters : Long hair guy has so much baggage. No lady is going to want to deal with that. Also he gives out a negative vibe. Like he sounds angry at all women. No woman is going to want to have a negative partner. Women would rather go for a man that can make them laugh. He also stereotypes certain women as being the bottom of the barrel. That's not nice. If you have an ugly personality, women won't be attracted to you. The woman gave him some advice about talking. He refused it because he wants to talk fast to sound intelligent. Um long hair talking to fast, and can't get your words right. A woman is giving you advice that will help you attract woman. Try listening instead of being arrogant, acting like you know everything.

imafuckinbird : This is partly depressing and partly hilarious, kind of like a dark comedy.

Robert L : 25:32 when he talks about jumping, that’s a massive warning sign and I feel like nobody caught onto it, he just covered it up by smiling and making it out like it was a joke when really it’s a cry for help

IgiveyouNONE : The long hair dude... If he go to gym and get rid of fatness from his face and build some muscles, he would look so much better, but he don't realize this. Also cut the freaking hair. The hair does not suit his face!

iluvtelenovelas : The PUA guy is such a chode. What a psycho

NiftyTheLynx : 75% sure that Advanced is a closet trans. Seems like a mixture of self-loathing and denial is what's making him hate women.

Mark Yatsaphone : Michael, the guy with glasses and blonde hair, seems like the most likely to hold a stable and healthy relationship to me.

ShaqGalifianakis : I would bet money that the long haired dude probably did have girls that were interested but he probably totally misread the signals. He’s not terrible looking and there’s always gonna be someone out there with low enough standards to ignore all the red flags. Dude seems like he totally lacks empathy so he probably has no idea on how to pick up on subtle signs of interest

Kathylen Pitner : The guy who was rejected 3000 times, I m sure it wasn’t that many. And he is not ugly. He just seems angry.

Tons of White babies : How old is this? 2012? 2010? I demand a follow up!

뱈경린 : I actually really like Michael (the cute and pale one with glasses).. he has a good head on his shoulders, from what I could tell. Yeah, he was shy but most people these days are very shy. I sure as hell am, I have never been able to really approach a guy that I liked in my entire life... I hope he finds a nice girl to love and care for him. He deserves it.

Messofanego : 18:16 The only reasonable male in this video: "Women and women. Men are men. You're still humans. They're not special. They're not something to be placed on a pedestal. And I'll tell you one thing, women think the same things about men sometimes. If you can put yourself in the female perspective, you'll realise that they on occasion are just as nervous about finding a mate as you are."

CYKA BLYAT : that guy with the long hair is actually funny asf

Wernhard Bierbauer The Fourth : I’ve watched this so many times and its STILL fucking funny! These guys need their own show it would be so hilarious!

Xaldyn Nemo : I really hope Michael's doing alright. All of them had absolutely atrocious levels of self-worth, but he specifically was showing warning signs of suicidal thoughts -- most notably, the joke about jumping and later the whole "wishing he could just never have existed" thing. The weirdest thing about this documentary is that none of the guys are "ugly". Not even the long-haired guy. The only thing physically "ugly" about him is his haircut imo. It's his acting like a creepy psychopath that's unattractive. His face and body are fine.

volkermuller55 : The blue pills are strong with the commenters

Daniel Marrama : "I would fight in the front lines of the bloodiest battle the world has ever seen and come back with no limbs, if it meant that it would guarantee me an ugly fat chick for life. I.... just can't believe this sentence actually exists.

Sosic : When theyre around each other socializing without anxiety they're not bad. Decent group of lads with a few problems

Brotein : It frustrates me so much seeing the guy with the long hair so blind to his appearance. All he would have to do is cut his hair and lose weight. This is body dysmorphia at its finest.

Seananigans : Advanced has this weird Bjork/Robert Smith thing going on. He should try and work with that.

Salmonfaky : Dude with the long hair needs psilocybin like SERIOUSLY NEEDS PSILOCYBIN

Donavon Heim : It is mostly personality for incels. They have the worst personality i have ever seen.

Kboom 1 : If most of these guys got a change of clothing style, decent haircuts, and hit the gym a fair amount, they would look a lot better. It’s personal choices you gotta make.

Cutter Driftwood : The only one out of these dorks that will ever get laid will be the guy with the glasses. He's the most together. He just needs some confidence. The Worst ones are the prick that thinks he's a pick up artist yet has never been laid and as long as he acts an thinks the way he does he never will. The other one with the long hair is a sociopath so until he gets treatment it'll continue to get in his way. He would be a guy that shoots up a place full of people!!

Virginboy3D : "I need to sound as intelligent as possible"

Fuckyourselfgoogle : The only way you could possibly ever rack up 1000 rejections at a young age is if you throw yourself at anything female, regardless of the situation, full of desperation. That is why those women tried to ignore you until you go away. smh

Zegot : The Urban White Trash guy reminds me of Dennis from Its always sunny lol