Shy Boys

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vickie g : Long haired dude needs a Xanax and to have genuine friendships with women. I honestly believe he might not have a sense of empathy at all.

Ainsely Harriot : 14:35 that apparent "pick up artist" reminded me so much of Steve Carrell there.

FeverGaming : 2:38 lmaoooo Matt was right 😂🤣

Nambanjin95 : The blond guy with glasses is really likeable! I'm sure he'll find someone if he looks in the right place.

imafuckinbird : This is partly depressing and partly hilarious, kind of like a dark comedy.

Al Drogo : The guy with long hair seems to have serious issues.  The other two seem like decent guys, just lacking in confidence.

are you feeling it now mr krabs : The guy with glasses and blonde hair is cute and by far the most likeable one of the bunch.

Flanclanman : "My looks are the only reason I am incel." You sure 'bout that, bud? You sure it's not your terrible personality?

boy jenus neutronoid : Michael is a normal, good guy who is dealing with depression, rejection and uncertainty. He goes on the website to get a sense of belonging and wants people to talk to. Urban White Trash is a bit crude but other then that he is a normal, good guy who has been rejected and lacks self confidence. He plays the part of the over confident macho alpha because he wants to hide his true self which lacks confidence and is sensitive. He posts on the website so that he can act alpha in front of other people like him, giving him a sense of self worth. Advanced self-hates far too much but on top of that he is a narcissist, he's completely self obsessed and lacks empathy. Spending so much time on the internet has worsened his condition and he comes off as quite toxic and hateful. He goes on the website so that he can feel superior to the other people there. Michael and Urban White Trash could both easily have healthy relationships and be normal people if they just solved a few issues. For Advanced I believe that his issues are a bit more serious, it would take a long time to unlearn all that self-hatred and accept that you have to work really hard to improve your personality, not just your looks.

Poogans : "Approximating" is a word. That weirdo tries so hard to come off as smart, but fails miserably.

LittleWolfChub : The love shy guys seem so genuinely sweet. Incels can honestly be absolutely terrifying.

Leia Dyste : advanced photoshopped himself very femininely. im thinking there's got to be something deeper going on

fredguy2 : This is one of the best unintentional comedies I've ever seen.

concars1234 : Long hair dude kind of looks like Ted Cruz

isabella : Michael is the cutest thing I've ever seen; honestly i don't know how he's still single. i really hope he finds happiness soon! he seems like a really, genuinely nice guy

Katy Zimmerman : I realize this is an old video, but here's my two cents. If you put me in a room alone with the three guys, I'd be most drawn to Michael. Of the three, he's the most personable. I feel like I could have a real conversation with him because he consistently listens and responds thoughtfully. I don't have a problem with quiet guys. I actually find them endearing and, for lack of better word, comforting to be around. I'm introverted, and in a social situation, I'm much more likely to flock to the quiet, thoughtful guy who looks like he could hold a good conversation than to the life-of-the-party guy who would rather be in the middle of the action. I'm very one-on-one. And there are plenty of other girls who, like me, have a real soft spot for quiet guys---so, love-shy males, despair not. You're not nearly as hopeless as you think. "Advanced" is a tricky one because right off the bat, he would probably strike me as the most likely to be interesting. I like that he's articulate and doesn't hesitate to share opinions. And despite what he thinks, he's not so much ugly as he is unconventional looking. The lips and cheekbones are striking, so he's interesting to look at. The problem with Advanced is that he's kind of a pretentious dipshit, at least in this video. I find it very unattractive when a guy thinks that his one flaw when it comes to women must be his outward appearance. You have to have very, very low self-awareness to not be able to even entertain the thought that the problem could lie inward. If he really stepped outside and examined himself with honesty, he'd come to the conclusion that there must be SOMETHING he could be doing better. Blaming all problems on external forces is super immature. Instead of having sour grapes over the fact that he can't get a date, he should focus on how he can improve himself and, in so doing, make himself more appealing to women. Oh, and his comment about pride and having to come off as intelligent made me roll my eyes, too. Let your intelligence speak for itself. You have nothing to prove. Urban White Trash could be a genuinely likable, attractive guy if he would just drop the Mr. Cool act and be himself. He's energetic and creative and probably fun to be around. I just can't stand false bravado. Stop with the flashy clothes and pickup lines. Women see right through it.

Mark Yatsaphone : Michael, the guy with glasses and blonde hair, seems like the most likely to hold a stable and healthy relationship to me.

Mahatma Kane Jeeves : They think women have it easier, and have these delusional ideas about women because they have little to no experience with women irl.

the red woman : if anyone is "genetic trash" it's that pua

Joshua Shank : All these guys need fedoras and they'll get laid. Everyone knows that fedoras are classy and class if for men while swag is for boys.

LH EF : I would absolutely date Michael. He seems genuinely lovely and also intelligent, just shy and insecure. The guy that thinks he's ugly isn't actually, he just has a really obnoxious manner of speaking.

saxon : I think part of the problem is that every single one of these guys looks like they'd become obsessed and stalkerish ....and very quickly. Nobody wants to deal with that.

Nicholas Longinsky : Did that neckbeard really just say that that he's tall and slender?

John Smith : They're like middle schoolers but 30 yrs old

Yer a weezurd harry : The Urban white guy was so cringy

Rose : I strongly feel like these guys think they are uglier than they are. That sucks

Squarezone : This was a really well made documentary and I'm glad that is exists. I've always felt that a documentary about incels would be an interesting watch, and it was.

Jade Dando : The PUA guy was insane, it's like he thinks women are a completely different species. And ranking men based on their personalities... His way of thinking is just bizarre.

ItsaCapita9369 : I cant disagree enough with these guys opinion of vaginas... most are fuggin beautiful.

shinz : micheal's a cutie the pua guy is rly mean

Miss Paradox : These men are miserable I can't even bear to watch them without rolling my eyes in disgust, they should firstly understand that life is more than just appealing to girls or getting of the things most girl like is a guy with a passion, hardwork and aim for success, someone who isn't just obsessed over girls and has no shred of confidence or will to improve.

Yung Magi : "People can talk slow and still be intellige- "No" LMAO. I feel bad for this man. He's holding on to too many messed up ideas about life and about himself.

Roger Spacebucks : I wonder where they are now and what their lives are like?

alis avis : Im so glad these men cannot procreate

TACnumb : This is what happens if a sociopath doesn't have charisma

That0Homeless0Guy : 18:05 I'm crying. That's simultaniously sad and hilarious. Well done.

Carson : all narcissists.

Goosechild : the blond haired guy with glasses that was talking about jumping off the building actually seemed like he would have a chance with a girl. he seems pretty nice.

Norse Ninety-Two : That douchy guy reminds me of Michael Scott

mercilesscuttlefish : The PUA is a complete atrocity

Octoboobs : Guy with long hair is one My Little Pony episode away from mass shooting

Helane Ruslan : Micheal must be protected at all costs

Patrick Star : they aren't that bad looking at all. The real issue with the long haired dude is that he looks a little to feminine. It's literally just their autism that's the issue here.

Nele K : major props to Sara for voluntarily approaching these men, I would be afraid for my life

Mandy Anna : The sad thing is none of them are even ugly. Let alone to the point that they could never potentially find a partner. Just take better care of yourself (gym, styling and maybe fashion) & most of all, they need to resolve the deep seeded self-hatred and self-confidence issues they have.

starkingbiker : None of these guys look terrible. What they need is working out. Shit is the cure for everything

CaptainSkelebones : this is a 4chan r8k documentary


wala lihowa : I'm an average guy I slept with beautiful women, has nothing to do with your look , is how u approach your self to women, these guys they are just a bunch douchbags, for instance get a job

John Smith : Guess you'll have to go gay then