A New Time-lapse of an Island Forming in Tonga

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maksphoto78 : I don't see any timelapse of an island forming here.

babygene52 : This is a Google Earth rendering of the island changing. Where is the time lapse of the island forming?

eftupworld : Love that there is a flat horizon in "space" You silly nasa employees, this isn't taken from space, and isn't real at all! Wow blatant lies.

منوعات MIX : 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

Marconi Allotment Channel : Kwik let's build a Nuclear power plant 😂

Phexism : But earth is flat

louis43233 : Does this mean we don't have to worry about climate change rising the tides cause volcanoes will just make more land for us to stand on?

Viper & Mustang : Say the island's name 10 times fast.

tedGEGI : Thought I saw a Chinese flag and military base on the other side of that hill.

MRCFgaming 333 : GO TONGA

YouCan'tAlwaysGet WhatYouWant : China: Wow New Island we need a revised old Map!!!

Nunya Bizness : Potential Surf Spots 🌊🏄👍

David O'Connor : Soon it will be covered with lush green and the chatter of birds. And palm trees, don’t forget the palm trees.

outsidetherain1 : This Title is misleading and the music in the background is too distracting!

shambiashinu87 : Lololol more computer graphic for the tube, nothing else here

Nuclear stealth bomber B2- spirit : USA: we will invade this island to search for oil and bring democracy and freedom. Russia: we will invade this island and then lie to the media saying they wanted to be invaded. china: we will claim this land because... uh (why are we doing this?) oh yes! because it used to be part of ancient china.

Tonga S. : Oml the pronunciation of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'api. 🤦‍♀️💀

Avinash Khetri : First?

Avinash Khetri : I thought tectonic movement were slow but the island forming in mere 3 years of time suggest something else

PewDiePie’s Chair : It’s my island

Communist Cat : What time lapse

Titus : say that again pls, hunka hunka wat?

Derpster : Why are they calling mountain tops islands?

briantravelman : That's not a time-lapse, that's an animation.

gerry chan : I was waiting for the words climate and change to pop up. Lol

Chris Smith : *i think its tonga time*

architectural ink blots : So this was the reason why Tonga Region kept on alarming on my earthquake alert app.... ♡♡♡♡

Detlef Schmidt : fantasy is something nice .... it is only the perspectives that change with every life, every generation and every new culture. only the things themselves - come and go and are just constantly in their work. that one observes this and tries to understand - is a way to give things a name and a name: to somehow determine everything. I wonder how one can manifest such persistence and perseverance in his opinion of the kind of human experience that has come to exist in the centuries of human existence. Everything about knowledge is based on old, what somebody has written - and no perfect installations can really do the things justice. Why? because the human being is not thinking: not from the point of view of things. if we know how volcanoes develop-which causes cause eruptions-which mechanisms-only then can we form a view of the other as well. but the overall connotation always remains: where and how all this, what we call volcanoes - expresses itself - is the secret of this earth! who knows which position - at what time - which pimples are created? Everything big in this world - is not human! because man is too small and too limited: in everything he does!

Corwin Roncace : Wow! It's already connected itself to both islands

Cedric Boucanus : View by satellites ??? Cgi satellite maybe....

kalesh kumar : Suprbb 😍

Frontier : Studying this stuff is NOAA's job. NASA has lost its way.


Isoa Pulu : Many people say that the islands will disappear in the future. Well I beleaven that it will grow into a big country, but it will take years for it to grow 😁

olgsta75 : Aye it's not called Tongga it's called tonga

Samuel Estes : To all the haters: This was not from google Earth. And the Title does't say "Life cycle of an island". It's clearly just a digital representation of how science has captured (over time) a volcanic debris cluster that formed into a structure, than it's slight (mere three year) decay due to erosion

oliverwilson11 : Mars sucks, Earth is the best

Michael Mullins : We're just going to ignore that name?

cine pobre : show that to the Pope and he will resign.

The Island : Wahoo! just what the general public needs more of... CGI!

schwarts bewithyou : I can't tell the time lapse of the formation?

finian jeory : Never A Straight Answer!

Seth Nowlin : what song is this?

Acama : Yeah they said they will be the first in front of the Door.Waiting for the Egg to hatched. Obviously they can't laid their own Land foundation.But blessed them they need extra Place.

Bruise Knee : i need to own my own island