A New Time-lapse of an Island Forming in Tonga

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maksphoto78 : I don't see any timelapse of an island forming here.

babygene52 : This is a Google Earth rendering of the island changing. Where is the time lapse of the island forming?

tedGEGI : Thought I saw a Chinese flag and military base on the other side of that hill.

briantravelman : That's not a time-lapse, that's an animation.

Marconi Allotment Channel : Kwik let's build a Nuclear power plant 😂

Tonga S. : Oml the pronunciation of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'api. 🤦‍♀️💀

gerry chan : I was waiting for the words climate and change to pop up. Lol

louis43233 : Does this mean we don't have to worry about climate change rising the tides cause volcanoes will just make more land for us to stand on?

David O'Connor : Soon it will be covered with lush green and the chatter of birds. And palm trees, don’t forget the palm trees.

Phexism : But earth is flat

Nuclear stealth bomber B2- spirit : USA: we will invade this island to search for oil and bring democracy and freedom. Russia: we will invade this island and then lie to the media saying they wanted to be invaded. china: we will claim this land because... uh (why are we doing this?) oh yes! because it used to be part of ancient china.

Cole : time-lapse of cg is still cg. get real footage, please.

Adriana : Hohmygaaaaah! The pronunciation in this video 😂😂😂

Mitchell Cox : 57 seconds I've lost and didn't gain anything new.

Communist Cat : What time lapse

thunder bear courage : Satellite photography? Even if were real photos the angle would be wrong. Must N.A.S.A. fake everything?

NickPDX22 : Short, sweet, and to the point

Brantson W : Clickbaited by NASA, and I thought I’d seen it all...

Dan Dugan : No one believes anything NASA say's anymore.

jason young : Did I missed something? Sorry I blinked.

YouCan'tAlwaysGet WhatYouWant : China: Wow New Island we need a revised old Map!!!

Christian Police : It’s my island

Miller Thyme : (N)ever (A) (S)traight (A)nswer

Oliver : Mars sucks, Earth is the best

outsidetherain1 : This Title is misleading and the music in the background is too distracting!

finian jeory : Never A Straight Answer!

eftupworld : Love that there is a flat horizon in "space" You silly nasa employees, this isn't taken from space, and isn't real at all! Wow blatant lies.

Viper & Mustang : Say the island's name 10 times fast.

Nunya Bizness : Potential Surf Spots 🌊🏄👍

MRCFgaming 333 : GO TONGA

منوعات MIX : 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

shambiashinu87 : Lololol more computer graphic for the tube, nothing else here

Avinash Khetri : First?

Avinash Khetri : I thought tectonic movement were slow but the island forming in mere 3 years of time suggest something else

namj00niez : I wanna live here

Jon Mallary : Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.

Farriba Starfyre : Is it Tonga Time? I think it's Tonga Time.

Chobittsu : Is it Tonga time? I think it's Tonga time.

Oliver : Sounds like they care more about Mars geology than Earth geology lol. Space is so dumb

Rick and Mushrooms : *i think its tonga time*

NebTheWeb : That island(s) was somewhat featured in the volcano series "Life on Fire - Pioneers of the Deep " from PBS before the new island emerged from the ocean via several eruptions.


MMM Chuckey Cheese3424 : I think it's tonga time

heals005 : Where’s to hd pics of the water on mars

Luna Amore : But yet scientists fail to realize Earth and Mars are two completely different planets. With completely different atmospheres.🤔

Kevin Balogh : Deplorable quackery!

DamageIncNZ : Its not forming...its deforming...

politically incorrect FYF : It's the island from Lost.

aaronrgunter : ... says island forming not island appearing ... it is doing exactly that, rising out of the water, eroding, all states of formation ... seriously people

hell Bent : should be owned by china loan shark operations by 2025 by loan defaults