Best Celebrating TOO EARLY Fails!

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Brian Su : The miss Universe one isn’t her fault at all. Why’s it on this video?

AmericanPride1234 : How come Miss Universe always seems to be from earth? 8-11-18

Harambe : Wheres the Hillary Clinton rally on election night haha

jeeperscriminy : Ms. Columbia didn't exactly celebrate too early..

Clifton Photographer : Harvey screwed up big time. But he apologized and took full responsibility immediately! Even showing the card eliminating any chance of him going back on it later. That's the definition of manning up. 👍👨

Brains before BS : We need more people embarrassing themselves, all these videos seem to be the same ones on all the channels just in different order

okolekahuna : Steve Harvey won’t be able to visit Colombia anytime soon...

jtpro : I love these videos when people are overconfident and then get the rug pulled out from under them. However I don't think the Miss Universe or the movie award should be included because those people we're not being cocky it was announced that they were the winners wrongfully.

FRANTIC : 0:20 guess he found his super suit

FearTheDestro : I celebrate 10 seconds late to be sure

laratta : "You lost bro". 5:28 lol

Tony Baines : i thought hillary would be on here ?

Bacons Shakin! : 0:22 frozone?

the legendary egg : 4:14 oh my gosh the literal real life form of a cartoon nerd Bruh theres no way this kid is naturally like that

PhotoGeorge : That second one is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. That guy in the green suit runs like Usain Bolt being chased by a cheetah.

someBODY : 4:11 the ultimate nerd

Christopher Dones : How did that cup game even become a thing? 🤔

Dan Hillman : The best clip was Kimmel standing there like an idiot.

Nyel : When he said "it was my mistake" my auto subtitles said "it was mama state"

Al Testic : Cup stacking is so lame..

P. Luchs : this spelling bee dude was so unlikable

Rex Dubs : It would be awesome to be at all these events when the fails happend

Brett Hopkins : Thought this was only gonna be about motocross :(

Slumped : The spelling bee cringe

Edward Klein : 3:33 *Harvey fumbling* "....still a great night." Lmao

Lester Araragi : Miss universe event probably the most memorable and the most famous atm.

The Champ Is here : 3:06 I have to apologize there’s been a mistake the actual winner is Miss Compton from LA😳🤬🤦🏿‍♀️🤣

EvilMinecraft1100 : you forgot ericvanwilderman dying at 98% on hexaforce

The Winspear : Thank you everyone for making my comment the most liked get in 😂😂😀😀😦😦😢😢 what it's not I wish I didn't celebrate too early.

KIBO The last bald otaku : 2:34-3:07 doesnt count as celebrating too early

Sunny shah : There's a difference between celebrating Early and being mistakenly declared as the winner

WWE Match Highlight shows : Who is Miss universe 2015 Columbia/Phillipines

Mon _ : i feel sad about the guy who said ''c'' instead of ''k''... i just want to hug him and say it's ok... :I

Nashiry Shizuka : 1:22 😊🔫

10,000 subscribers with one video : 7:18 that guy giving out cards has a pretty good gaming chair

Thomas Kraus : 16 september 2018? 17 september 2018? 18 september 2018? 19 september 2018? 20 september 2018? 21 september 2018? 22 september 2018? 23 september 2018? 24 september 2018? 25 september 2018? 26 september 2018? 27 september 2018? 28 september 2018? 29 september 2018? 30 september 2018?

Krezy TV : 6:27 😂😂😂

Keyboard Warrior : 2:40 was not a celebrate to early moment it was a mistake by the announcer.

Gabriel Gonzales : Jacob I want you dead.

Scythegenram : 4:07 The Whitest White I Ever See..

pmm4177 : Showboating gets you no where

Bhomesh Kumar : Miss universe one... should not be in the category. That was a mistake by anchor

The Champ Is here : 7:30 NOOOOO WAYY!!!!!

Ziwei : Once I was playing Air Hockey and my friend scored a point on me and then I rejected the puck at the "net"


1 SUB FOR THE MOTHERLAND : *Yeeeeeees........... Nooo......*

Shanix Xinahs : In model Pia wurtzbach is my favorite(philippines)because im filipino too she has movie called in filipino (GANDARAPPIDO THE REVENGRS SQUAD)

Derp Gamer 525 : 4:11 LMAOOOOOOOOOOO his voice lol

MonkeyBoy : What's Frozone's biggest fan doing in that second clip though?

tripjet999 : "Best Celebrating TOO EARLY Fails"...what? Of course, "fails" is a VERB.