This New Zealand Couple Is Charming—So Is Their Farming | Short Film Showcase

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Annora : I am from Auckland and I always knew that the Chinese market gardeners grew most if our vegetables on the fertile hills just south of the city but I did not know the Gocks story of saving the kumara. And I did not know how recently the racist policies against the Chinese were law. What a loving, dedicated salt of the land couple.

mapOoni : Hahah Chinese people with New Zealand accent, absolutely charming.

Ale : Reminds me of Dr. Seuss

Via : I want someone to love me like that : *Lovely couple.* ♡♡♡ A good example for how people give back to society, when they are happy and passionate in their life.

nidia lopez : So adorable. I love this! And the way it was presented is very unique!

bow hunter : I'm a kiwi and grow my own veg backyard these people are awesome and as a native of Aotearoa these are the kind of people we do want here this makes me feel proud to see them do so well and live for the sake of living rather than working a desk job so to speak. my mum has 3000 acres here her and my brother farm sheep and cattle she is 90 just last month . she has had an incredible life and story of experience and knowlege .I am the youngest of 11 mum and dad have 29 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren . dad is 91 and still works 1 day a week as an accountant . just a thought if you are looking for your next story. lol. worth a try.😎

Onigbajamo : "Chinese people were not allowed to buy land..." I didn't know that. Would like to hear more about it.

mrde0mrsai : I truly don't understand the viewers who gave this video a "thumbs down". WHY?! What's so dislikable about this video or the couple or the produce that turned you so off that you had to publicly disapprove?

Kedron Mallia : Who did that magnificent voice-over?

L Emery : Sounds like they've spent a lot of time with Maori, their English all has a Maori flavour to it :), their humour as well. Thank you Joe & Fay Gock, I love my kumara!

Kimberly Tay : This was an absolute delight to watch

Sam Marcus : To new zealandaer stay safe! Earthquake and expecting tsunami.

Christina Inya : GOALS

M A T T V I B E S : Chur Bro, Their Love is Cute As.

Luiza Golubkova : omg that was sooo cute <3 i diee

New Message : Luck to them all after today's earthquake.

Lennon Zheng : Stay safe, New Zealand people!

dothedeed : So Kumara is a type of Sweet Potato? Does it taste the same?

Mavicity : Excuse me, yes, you who wrote the script for this video, and yes, you Mr. Narrator, I love you both.

msfatbooty06 : Praying for a love like theirs....💖❤

grace mclean : lovely couple...they deserve the highest honour.

Christine Thornhill : They made my day , wonderful couple 💞

Dreygo Headley : Lovely couple

aely M. : how adorable ❤

Yu Li : Awww so touched I wanna life like that with my husband someday

ep brown : Soooo cute love them

Scrooge : Really cute thanks

Angry Kittens : Made me think of Stardew Valley.

Luv Giraffes : Aww that's cute

La Ing : I love their story.....and they were so grateful to New Zealand...more power!

iris : Lovely

Willy's Toys : they are so cute

Licqurice Lewis-Bleck : Love the way their story was told - simple, quirky, entertaining and compelling. Amazing Love Story! about the love they have for each other, and for Kumara! What an Awesome contribution Joe, to not only develop a bug-resistant Kumara, which saved the Kumara, but to gift it back to NZ. Thank you!

Gondos Viki : So cute 👫❤️👍

Christian Bregmen-Lyon : keep up the great work, hello from NZ

how u_ _doin : Love this. They are charming. Made me laugh. Kiwi as!!!!

jules short : They are so cute

Rye H : beautiful

Hayden Swears : the whole of newzealand now has tsunami and earthquake warnings


Penrhyn Girl : Wow and they from Mangere too, 275 taking over!!

Yue Yu : 吖!!!超可爱的叔叔阿姨❤️

eerereps : beautiful

Andy : hey ummmmm, yeah, can there be more little videos with this kind of narrating?

The Opinionator : What a video to post on the day they got a 7.8 earthquake and a tsunami

Hayden Swears : good luck to kaikoura

Joel Johnson : Great storytelling!

Ashutosh Jha : How beautiful

Pasha Claine : This is so cute. Literally my dream life.