Spiders On Drugs

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zecori flare : I thought it was real until the restraining order

Justin Y. : I'll have what they're having

Matthew Gage : The crack-cocaine spider figured building webs was for *suckaz*

A random guy Nothing to see hear : Came out 12 years ago only now is recommended That’s how Mafia works

CheesecakeLasagna : Just imagine Australian spiders on drugs.

Pastel x Gecko : I thought this was educational until it said *got a restraining order*

Hamza Kuruçay : This video is older than all of Fortnite's playerbase

kremit : 0:47 me watching my hyperactive brother

: "Where it lay all day, and watch the caffeine spider, go."

Jefferson Juno : This was very educational and now my pet spider can make a hammock

Noah : i thought this was a legit documentary until the spider started building a hammock

Divan George Romorosa : Crack spider: No hard feelings but, that's just how mafia works.

Pottor Fhasz : My favourite part is the white text at the end. "First Church of Christ"

Nemoris Inferioris : There was an actual study on the effects of drugs and the type of web the spiders make, and I thought this was it.

Apple Alien : The next episode of why this is in my recommendations

Undead Warlock : Consider this, this video is older than some people watching it

Sascha Von Staa : I really thougt i gonna learn something

Justin Combs : Who's here in 2019?!

Jesse James Atencio : My roommate, Johannes, is a spider who was addicted to cocaine and heroin. I showed him this video and he’s taken his first step to recovery: he went to rehab. I haven’t seen him in the shower (that’s his usual hangout) for a couple days and I already miss him a lot. But I’m sure he’s doing well and I’m proud of him. I’m thinking of you, Johannes - your place will be here when you return.

BluestVane : Let’s be honest, we all thought this was legitimately a documentary on a spider but instead, this came up, *...the cocaine spider thought building webs was for suckers, so he waited until the caffeine spider was exhausted and, popped a cap in it’s ass...*

Pentti Tikkanen : Now I know how Mexicans smuggle their drugs.

hz ! : welcome to another episode of *WHY'S* *THIS* *IN* *MY* *RECOMMENDED!*

Alex 0474 : *There’s something special with the YouTube recommendations that you just can’t get anywhere else...*

Pheonyzize : Me: Okay this is pretty norm- Narrator: And the spider bust a cap in his ass Me:

Name not found : “Ayyy, bro, pass the web.”

Daniel Cruz : Recommend in 2019 ! What ?


Salty peper : *Remember... This video exists because someone thought that it would be a good idea to give drugs to spiders.*

Drakonus : The Canadians must've been proud for this

Brandon_Gui123 : This 2 minutes of my life have been filled with so much laughter.

Blood brothers tv : Man that was awesome. Just after losing hope that youtube has no more creative videos i stumble upon this and restored my faith again.

HexterXD : Holy smokes I forgot about this video for over 8 years.. When I found it again, tears were shed for the victory. Seriously though that Crack spider is a rebel. Truly something fascinating to see in nature.

Alnitzs : Nobody : YouTube algorithm : Spider on Drugs

AnotherSettlement NeedsYourHelp : my teacher thought this was legit and showed us it for animal behavior on drugs Edit: Am scared that people are still replying to this

Jefferson Juno : _I always come here to think_

Myks Lang : I thought it was real until the car came out.

Miguel Arenas : The spiders were paid actors.

100 subs without no content? Shamrock : I was about to present this in my presentation.

Kassidy : the crack cocaine spider figured building webs were for "suckas", waited till the caffeine spider was exhausted, and came up behind it, and popped a cap in its ass i cant breathe

SquawkImABird : The spider building a hammock high af. Then the clip after of the other one doing the hellicopter xD

Kid Buu : 0:47 I like how the spider that was given Marijuana was so relaxed and chill. Edit: I know this is fake.

Vice Plug : This only taught me crack is the most superior drug.

F. I. R. E. : I'd ask why this is in my recommended, but I know why. It was featured in a GTLive stream I go back to often.

James Dooling : This clip was shown to me nearly 10 years ago in a course at UT entitled Drugs in Our Society... by accident. A TA thought he was being hip by projecting YT on the wall -- a novelty back then. Clearly, he hadn't previously screened the clip. His nickname for the rest of the semester was Crack Spider's Bitch, then Spider's Bitch, then simply 'Spider.' Ah, youth.

PatManGuyDude : *How to get over arachnophobia*

тнαтσηєgυy ➀0➀➁➄ : Welcome to another episode of why is this in my recommended

AnnFav : Nobody: Youtube recomended: spiders on drugs

Nasty'2 : 12 years. Stop. Recommending. Decade. Old. Videos. Thanks.

Eric Fallas : Glad to see people are studying Canada's culture