Spiders On Drugs

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Thomas Quigley : More views than the population of Canada

Pastel x Gecko : I thought this was educational until it said *got a restraining order*

Justin Y. : I'll have what they're having

kremit the frog : 0:47 me watching my hyperactive brother

hoealrightx : we had a drug presentation for the whole school and this was showed. no regrets

dumb bee : Japan is weird But like have you seen Canada lately

Noah : i thought this was a legit documentary until the spider started building a hammock

*Insert Name Here* : My teacher clicked on this in class because we were all curious and everyone started laughing their heads off

JZachAttack TheNexus : I actually thought the hammock one was real

Sapphire Diaz : I thought it was legit until the cocaine spider popped a cap in the cafine spider

Shadow Stalker : Mhhm...very educational...this is very in- "The mate got a restraining order" whAT- *Finishes the video with mouth wide open* I- I- I dont know man-

Skull Crusher115 : Is canada drunk again?

Bolt Marksman : I'm actually wondering what will happen to spiders if we give them that stuff.

Phar0s07 : Canada's new education system is great!

spiritoast : POPPED A CAP

Michael Brewer : "The crack cocaine spider thought web building was for suckers, waited until the caffeine spider was exhausted, came up behind it and popped a cap in his ass" By far best part

BluestVane : Let’s be honest, we all thought this was legitimately a documentary on a spider but instead, this came up, *...the cocaine spider thought building webs was for suckers, so he waited until the caffeine spider was exhausted and, popped a cap in it’s ass...*

: "Where it lay all day, and watch the caffeine spider, go."

The Jackass Linguist : I just fell for it...then I realized I saw this like 10 years ago and fell for it then too 😐

putmaning : Nice web mr crack spider

Pottor Fhasz : My favourite part is the white text at the end. "First Church of Christ"

Apple Alien : The next episode of why this is in my recommendations

Matt Morehouse : @ Sidetracked wasp Watching it in December 2018. Still funny. I wonder how many outtakes the narrator had to do.

Jefferson Juno : This was very educational and now my pet spider can make a hammock

Carlos Gonzalez : Ok, so... I thought the hammock spider was plausible because the spider could have just built a hammock-like web and chilled, but I had my suspicions. :J

Alex McCormick : I began tonight watching videos theorising how the universe came into existence...now it’s 2am and I’m watching this. Goodnight

Hamza Kuruçay : This video is older than all of Fortnite's playerbase

Undead Warlock : Consider this, this video is older than some people watching it

Keanna Hickman : I was taking this so seriously until the weed spider 😂😂😂😂

That one guy : Wait does this mean spider have laws and government?????? if so then how did the spider get a Restraining order?

CheesecakeLasagna : Just imagine Australian spiders on drugs.

Divan George Romorosa : Crack spider: No hard feelings but, that's just how mafia works.

Sascha Von Staa : I really thougt i gonna learn something

Eric Fallas : Glad to see people are studying Canada's culture

A random guy Nothing to see hear : Came out 12 years ago only now is recommended That’s how Mafia works

Horny Fruit Flies : I thought it was for real until I read "First Church of Christ" in the credits.

crazycheese214 : What have I just witnessed

Nemoris Inferioris : There was an actual study on the effects of drugs and the type of web the spiders make, and I thought this was it.

Natalie Alfera : What the hell canada


Justin Combs : Who's here in 2019?!

SquawkImABird : The spider building a hammock high af. Then the clip after of the other one doing the hellicopter xD

Newby ton : So this is what inspired Justin to legalize weed

Jim B. : 0:38 - Me at work when I've had too much coffee. 😂😂😂😂😂

WorldEater 1174 : Mr crack spider? He's a drug dealer isn't he

Candy Anne : How to make a spider look stupid and weird Give is cocaine, achohal, and caffeine

Jefferson Juno : _I always come here to think_

Sieger : And I thought Japan was weird

Name not found : “Ayyy, bro, pass the web.”

Pheonyzize : Me: Okay this is pretty norm- Narrator: And the spider bust a cap in his ass Me: