Band of Brothers- Liberation of Concentration Camp

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BadMouseProductions : One thing I've never understood is how did they get so many actors with such slim build?

Nalyd Llewop : 4:09, I break everytime I watch that prisoner embrace and kiss the american soldier. Such an emotionally amazing part of this entire scene

Dado : 3:45 The guy said:"help please help him, he is still alive, he can still be saved"

ApeHead : That guy near the end who saluted the American... that hit hard for some reason.

Yildiz bitch : what ! 2009

Patrick Osinski : It said to think that people actually think this didn't happen.

RayPall : "Wait until you see it." "See what?" "What a man can do to another man." Boyd "Bible" Swan, Fury.

Marc Andre van Breeden : I watched Band Of Brothers together with my father. And I remember watching this scene, seeing my father cry at this scene made huge inpact on me. Now I cry at this..

Mixer : The man at 3:47 says "People help me please, he is still alive you can still save him, please help.

wintermoons1215 : For me the worst part about this clip is knowing the physical condition of the actors playing the prisoners probably isn't bad enough. The reality of it was worse then you could ever safely portray on film.

Robonator7of9 : My Grandfather Edward was a medic who was in the Regiment, 3rd armored, that liberated Buchenwald.

gilberto Rosales : "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it."

Jackie Vester : My grandfather helped liberate Dauchau. Being Jewish he spoke Hebrew fluently. My father said he rarely spoke of it. It was too much.

Eddie Edmondson : Just an FYI: I watched a director talk about this scene and the actor's weren't allowed to see the set until they actually shot the scene. He wanted their genuine reaction of seeing it for the first time. One of the most gripping of BoB.

Finbar Brolly : Such senseless suffering.

Commander Shepard : Fun fact, there is people who think this was made up.

Strifuhn : Makes one imagine what being one of the troops that found the camps by the end of the war must've been like ... Macabre beyond describtion.

Carmen van Dijk : Still proud of my grandparents,who had the courage to hide an entire Jewish family. Three times they are surprised by the Germans,after someone had betrayed them. But my grandparents never gave up and the Jewish family is never discovered. 1 German soldier knew it,but did not betray them He sat weeping at their table that he did not want this war,but he was forced to do so! Many thanks to my grandparents (unfortunately deceased) and the unknown German soldier! Vielen Dank Deutsche Soldat You saved my grandparents life!

Kiwigrunt : Mans inhumanity to could we let this happen!

TheBIackFox : I break when he salutes the soldier.

SPRyan82179 : Next time people compare someone to Hitler maybe they need to be reminded of this atrocity.

TraustiGeir : I can't help but think that this is just so unreal. We, as a generation, won't ever see anything so horrible on such an immense scale. The only way most of us will ever observe it is via computer and television screens and books. While they deliver the story, they'll never substitute the wave of emotions and sensory overload that many Allied soldiers must've experienced when they witnessed this for themselves. We must never forget that this happened and could very well be happening in different forms today, hidden from view.

Logan Beastmode : For some reason I feel like I'm suffering from PTSD after watching this.

Gringo Viejo : I'm an old man now.. My father was 82nd Airborne, WWII. He saw this. This happened. Don't forget that it did.

doid3r4s : My god this series is a fucking masterpiece.

sugarfreejelly : 386 neo-nazis disliked this

Tate Thompson : Half of my family were from Poland, Ukraine/Russia, only a couple survived the camps out of a few hundred, while my other side of the family were here in US fighting in the Army, Navy and Marines. My Great Uncle help liberate a camp. His company executed every SS soldier/officer they found after finding the camp. To people who say it didn't happen, you are just pure stupid. My babcia survived Auschwitz, 9 out of 10 Jewish Poles died. 9 out of 10. In all, we Jews are only reaching what our numbers were now before the war. Also many Poles, gypsies, politicians, gay, rebellious and mentally and physically challenged were murdered as well. What gets neglected is the neighbors knew, all the towns knew, Christiains/Catholics spit, beat and gave up what once was their friendly neighbors, stole our property, looted our homes, murdered us. Barbaric times. It should never happen to us Jews again, but to any race/religious group. It's 2016, I'm a mid 20's man with no family because of the war. Use my relatives and millions of others families spilled blood as a lesson to prevent it from ever happening again. Heartbreaking series, but one of my all time favorites. Once a year I pull out of the boxset and watch an episode or two a night for a week.

W-James : Heartbreaking! However what makes me angry is that there are still idiots out their who say the holocaust didn't happen. Theres fucking footage of it happening. Testimonies from soldiers who liberated it, confessions from the guards, confessions from German citizens who were forced to berry the bodies, confessions from survivors and actual FOOTAGE of it happening. "Oh but it was fake," you cunts say. How can you fake the footage of walking skeletons? How can you fake 5 million people suddenly disappearing and ending up dead? Anyone who thinks the events were faked is a heartless deluded CUNT!

thomas saucier : MacArthur told the American soldiers to take pictures of this cause he knew people would try to cover this up in history..

Spencer Wayman : Oh my lord that salute ;_;

360Nomad : You know bad shit's gone down when the two biggest hardasses, "Bull" Randleman and Ronald Spiers are horrified/disgusted to the point of speechlessness.

santoslittlehelper06 : General Patton himself wept when he saw the camp his army liberated.

Wolfboy2012 : It sickens me that we still have Neo-nazis, Holocaust deniers, groups like the KKK, it truth those kind of people should be wiped clean from this world. it may sound extreme, but to destroy hatred, we have to fight it with hatred.

Mark Gilbranson : It's things like this that convinced me a long, long time ago to never, ever, blindly follow orders.

Otaku timelord : My English teacher showed us this scene today at school to help us understand more about the book were reading

Dani Ho : We need to remember what happened in those times, so that never again on this earth of ours will such horrors repeat themselves. I would rather fight and die than having to tolerate such stuff in my country again. Most Germans feel like that too. We are ashamed and disgusted by the crimes of our ancestors, wether they committed them, or tolerated them, without standing up against these horrors. Let us all remember, that there are ideals worth dying for. Preventing this from happening again is one of them. With greatest respect for our American friends, who liberated our country from the nazi regime, in the name of all of Germany I express my thanks to all of you who fight, with words and deeds, against the neo nazi. We are one heart and one mind in this great cause of justice and good. May your hearts stay pure and free of hate, and may your ancestors, looking down on you be proud, as you are the ones, who are stepping in their footpaths, you are the ones carrying their struggle on in modern times and on modern battlegrounds. NO to racism! NO to hate! Thank you all, a modern German.

HDthemaster : the sad thing is. as a vietnamese. i can guarantee you Viet cong concentration camps would make this place look like the garden of Eden.

Jackie Guthrie : humans are the most dangerous of all predators. not because they do wrong, but that they have the knowledge of right and wrong and still choose evil

Bryan Gillan : Cried so hard knowing every instance of this was real, Sad moment of humanity

gilberto Rosales : Remember this, the Holocaust happen to people like us!

Mojo Risin : The Nazi commanders were crazy. Months/weeks before the end of the war they said that the trains with Jews were more important then the trains with supplies/ammo for the fighting troops on the front lines. Let this be clear, like 10-15% of the whole German Armed Forces of WW2 were nazis, the others just soldiers who fought for their country. Even the Waffen-SS, most weren't "evil" like many people say. But the SS... that's a different story. They deserve to die.

FilipinoSlugger : The Jewish walking were like zombies that are peaceful when in a presence of a U.S. soldier. It's still quite depressing.

Errin Pritchard : This Episode was very emotional! It made me cry!

ToHellAndBack Airsoft : I cried

Goettschwan : Could anybody be so kind and translate what the man is saying at 3:47 and onwards? Is that polish?

tommyau2006 : very well acted............almost real

The Slickest One : I saw this clip after visiting Buchenwald (concentration camp) on a class trip at the same day. I bursted out in tears.

Matthew Brunette : To think people still deny this shit.

Mathew The Canadian : I cannot even imagine what was racing through the minds of those soldiers when they saw Hell itself