Band of Brothers- Liberation of Concentration Camp

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Strifuhn : Makes one imagine what being one of the troops that found the camps by the end of the war must've been like ... Macabre beyond describtion.

Mixer : The man at 3:47 says "People help me please, he is still alive you can still save him, please help.

TraustiGeir : I can't help but think that this is just so unreal. We, as a generation, won't ever see anything so horrible on such an immense scale. The only way most of us will ever observe it is via computer and television screens and books. While they deliver the story, they'll never substitute the wave of emotions and sensory overload that many Allied soldiers must've experienced when they witnessed this for themselves. We must never forget that this happened and could very well be happening in different forms today, hidden from view.

BadMouseProductions : One thing I've never understood is how did they get so many actors with such slim build?

Arthur Rubio : People who deny the Holocaust are the worst and did not learn anything from it

Marc Andre van Breeden : I watched Band Of Brothers together with my father. And I remember watching this scene, seeing my father cry at this scene made huge inpact on me. Now I cry at this..

RayPall : "Wait until you see it." "See what?" "What a man can do to another man." Boyd "Bible" Swan, Fury.

Фатима Хишам : what ! 2009

sugarfreejelly : 386 neo-nazis disliked thuis

Nalyd Llewop : 4:09, I break everytime I watch that prisoner embrace and kiss the american soldier. Such an emotionally amazing part of this entire scene

Finbar Brolly : Such senseless suffering.

TheBIackFox : I break when he salutes the soldier.

Daniel Rogneson : Insane... This scene bring me to tears and makes me feel sick.. What humans can do to one another.. All because of hate, racism and anti semitism... Jesus Christ.. May all the victims of the ruthless Nazis rest in peace.

Spencer Wayman : Oh my lord that salute ;_;

Robonator7of9 : My Grandfather Edward was a medic who was in the Regiment, 3rd armored, that liberated Buchenwald.

wintermoons1215 : For me the worst part about this clip is knowing the physical condition of the actors playing the prisoners probably isn't bad enough. The reality of it was worse then you could ever safely portray on film.

Mark Gilbranson : It's things like this that convinced me a long, long time ago to never, ever, blindly follow orders.

Gringo Viejo : I'm an old man now.. My father was 82nd Airborne, WWII. He saw this. This happened. Don't forget that it did.

Mewtwo : people who say the holocaust never happened are just scared to think that it did.

Bryan Gillan : Cried so hard knowing every instance of this was real, Sad moment of humanity

Errin Pritchard : This Episode was very emotional! It made me cry!

Eddie Edmondson : Just an FYI: I watched a director talk about this scene and the actor's weren't allowed to see the set until they actually shot the scene. He wanted their genuine reaction of seeing it for the first time. One of the most gripping of BoB.


The Slickest One : I saw this clip after visiting Buchenwald (concentration camp) on a class trip at the same day. I bursted out in tears.

Logan Beastmode : For some reason I feel like I'm suffering from PTSD after watching this.

FilipinoSlugger : The Jewish walking were like zombies that are peaceful when in a presence of a U.S. soldier. It's still quite depressing.

tommyau2006 : very well acted............almost real

William Mosely : God dammit. Watching this. All that suffering. All that death. The anger. Just comes over me and tears will come to my eyes. It's not tears of sadness but hate. Humanity is truly the cruelest animal.

Jackie Guthrie : humans are the most dangerous of all predators. not because they do wrong, but that they have the knowledge of right and wrong and still choose evil

Goettschwan : Could anybody be so kind and translate what the man is saying at 3:47 and onwards? Is that polish?

Acdragonrider Videos : Simply heartbreaking... The Japanese did things just as terrible as this in China...

Patrick Osinski : It said to think that people actually think this didn't happen.

Darth Belal : 9:06 - O'Keefe found his war........

Cross Knight : I cannot even imagine what was racing through the minds of those soldiers when they saw Hell itself

Kimberly jo : my brother is going to the military I'm really scared what's going to happen to him I'm really sad he's a great brother God bless him

Randy Palmer : See, when I first saw this series, I knew this was coming and was slightly mentally prepared for it, especially after seeing the newsreels of the real thing in Grade 8 Science. People watching this live on HBO back in the day had NO IDEA this was coming. Holy christ, that must have beyond jarring and horrifying. And it actually happened, and was probably worse than they showed. Just incredible viewing.

FoJq Yx : "The worst part of seeing war is not what the result of the war are,It's seeing what Human are capable of"

Berosar : nope never happened.. WIR MUSSEN DIE JUDEN AUSRASSEN! ES WAR EIN BEVEL!


KyIe Reese : I wouldn't have given them any food, any water. NONE. Not without access to proper medical supervision. Many of them would go into shock and die. How many were killed because of this? After not eating or drinking for so long, their bodies just give out. I've seen it with depressed pets of neighbors. They stop eating and drinking. Instead of going to the vet and slowly introducing nutrients, they force fed or sprayed them with a water hose. Those poor things soon died. How troubling it must have felt. These people are literally starving to death and are dehydrated, but you can't help them! Dysentery and the walking death. It's disgusting what those men of the past did.

Bödvar : Watch the documentary ''Adolf Hitler the greatest story NEVER told''

Daniele : can someone tell me if the fact that the concentration camps existence was known to US soldiers already? because these guys looked like they fell from the sky! nevertheless this scene made me feel really really sad

Themastergamer : When I was in the 7th grade 2 years ago we dident know how bad it was except a few of us and people were making jokes then our teacher showed us videos of gas chambers, camps, the giant graves they dug etc and then everybody shut up after that day and a few went home crying about what they said before we learned how bad it was. (I wasn't one of those btw I knew how bad it was)

Avihoo Ilan : If you want to understand how something like the holocaust can happen, look no further than the comment section here. The amount of hatred harbored against Jews is staggering. It is just bullying on an international scale. People hate because they can or because they feel it's easier to blame others than to fix than their own problems. For those who still dismiss it: just imagine waking up one day to a world where you're sentenced to torture and death for the crime of having a different ethnicity. And why? because they can, and only a minority of people think you're worthy enough to live - the rest either don't care or outright agree that you should die. Even if you don't agree with me and are about to dismiss what I just said. Imagine that fully for a moment. It happened to millions of Jews and other ethnicities and it is happening today to people in the world.

Gavin Z : I admire these soldiers for their ability and courage to come home and still attempt to live a decent/normal life (if you can call it normal) after seeing such a horrifying and paralyzing act of human suffering and evilness. If seeing something along that scale of senseless human carnage doesn't make you lose faith in humanity, nothing will. I am astonished that humans are capable of exacting such cruelty, violence, wickedness, and depravity. I will always be astonished. Something like this is unfathomable. Watching this reminds me that the human race is capable of anything, and that anything includes losing all senses of judgment and morality and killing millions and millions of innocent people.

Commander Shepard : Fun fact, there is people who think this was made up.

santoslittlehelper06 : General Patton himself wept when he saw the camp his army liberated.

Lars van huffel : RESPECT

Jazzlyn Wilson : my social studies teacher showed the class this and most of us cried