Date A Live Ⅲ「Anime MV」Natsumi, Witch Spirit

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fumire. : [Shidou Harem Group] — another girl has joined the group.

Rogelio Muñoz : Nice 👍👍

Raid Kun : Welcome to the Shido's Harem Squad, Natsumi Chan 😊

HeyItzRaiderZ : I'm claiming this waifu, no one get in my way.

Evariste Galois : One way to summarize this loop: *Oppai*

Anime no Sekai : Cool

Jon DMC : Great.

greyliances : Ah hell YES 🌺💕💖🌺🌸💖💖🌸🌺💖

oof spoof : She is waifu martial

Blue V1 : 💯/💯💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞😍😍

Terrific Typhlosion : Beautiful 😍


All Might : Very good

Riddle 18 : Oh,she leans pretty nicely. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tuffe Oof : I remember when I completed the first season of date a live.... 4 years ago

Rumia Tingel : i have 2 thing to say for her 1.Cute and 2.she is so COOL!

TheJedaiHero9000 : Aww Yea, this is gonna be fun. 😏😎

Dr DanDy : Am I seeing waifu material?

Osterle Productions : I wish she could "LEAN ON" me!

GreenGoblin editz : I make edits too, mind checking me out

Spikyboy Gaming : It's witch lewding time!

Eto Vibe : New waifu UwU

pdx_frosty Pdx_pdx : Is there a actuall date a live lll cuz i couldn't find it (╯︵╰,)

Meme Biologist : *I will lewd u*

NXR senpai : Ohh boi lean on

Kelvin : Welcome back, also... I knew you were gonna do an AMV on Date A Live. :)

Rem - chan : Is this the new season?

Arveblad : OwO

Kelvin Tran : <3

Kagamine Yunomi : Toyoma great job