Microwave has its own perception of time

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Matthew Dauphinais : This can happen if there is a short in the magnetron tube, if this is a standard wave clear model you can fix it easily by replacing the quartz reactor in the main microwave cavity. Source: I googled the schematics of a microwave and put the words into a sentence.

Seldwin : Nice find, a real Hyperbolic Time Chamber!

danielgr86 : Didn´t know an inert object could have a perception of time. I would say, call me crazy, your microwave´s clock is broken.

TheOriginalKidCoyote : ok, now put a berenstain book inside the microwave and see if the spelling changes

The First Watch : Simple explanation, the cellphone timer is the "control" for this test. The microwave bends space and time in order to "cook" your food from the inside out. The microwave does this by using a magnitron that emits high levels of anti-matter particles that react with high voltage plasma generated by the warp manifolds. This causes an effect known as time dilation which in turn causes the microwave to exists in a slight out of phase point in time. You'll notice that the difference is most notable every 8 seconds which can be explained by the magnitron-plasma pulses generated by the machine to make your food. Don't believe me... Check it out.

Andulamb : You don't even need to compare it to another timer to see there's a problem. 59.... 58575655545352... 51...

James : Don't automatically make the assumption that it is the microwave. Do any of your other household devices show this issue? Many utilize the frequency of incoming power to determine the time so if you have dirty main power this can happen.

Calvin Lowe : Whoa, take'er easy there, Pelgrim.