Rising Streamer Sweet_Anita

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Jordan Vallejo : Shes not the only thing rising when i watch her

Ryan M. : Ever get that feeling of sexual healing?

Ben Dover1 : Bitch lasagne

Hartmann Mk : Adorable girl

LocoOfAO : She’s the real life donation reader when people put in messed up stuff to troll

itsZukka : its got to be so hard to live with this condition,

shiva suthapalli : What if its all an act,if she is putting on an act then she is a real genius

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : Wow dissing on greek in the beginning cmonbruh


Jakub Wieczorkiewicz : I believe it's genuine, but the things she is saying have to come from somewhere, it's not like there is a universal turrets dictionary. So you begin to wonder, what is she watching all the time... "I'm up for 10 dicks and a baseball bat" :D

N angel : if she is acting am gonna be so disappointed coz this girl is the cutest girl iv ever saw ! like if had a chance i would ask her out coz she seems wonderful person and special ! so damn cute

Redwarrior7071 : It's nice you asked permission for making this video.

Marcus Marcus : Suffer from Tourette’s lul

Thomas Miller : can confirm I was baseball bat

realeques : not a single banana one ? AYAYA

SubHek : She will be very successful. She is interesting and a meme machine. Smart Lady and awesome speaker.

This Is Getting Old Google So Stop : The people saying she's fake if she was she would've been banned already she already showed diagnosis too and the way she acts clearly indicates she has Tourettes i honestly thought she was trolling or something but it seems genuine

10 1001 1010 : oh my god. my sides

Eetu Peltola : About time she blew up. Used to play a ton of ow earlier this year with her :D Go bunny!

pazzwerdz : She’s an amazing troll 💯

/ : Lmaooooo

Andy : You only made this video because she's a girl. Desperate mf lmao.

Shiatsu : i call it fake

Kevin Baker : Don’t believe it, fake fam

Ŕx ŘÅĮĐĘŔ : I'm sure she has Tourette's , but i think exaggerated

Marcus Marcus : Idiot

Jack : Based on some of the comments here I guess all mental illness are fake. Depression = moody attention seeking teen. Retardation = me faking it for attention. If it's not visible it must be fake. No wonder mental health is difficult to talk about.

Hesus : Oh god she has that condition? That's very very shitty. I guess that's a mine gold on twitch though.

Scho0rschi : Rising webcam

Rapto Souls : 0:29 i have never seen someone do that impression so well and it was on accident!

Boris Kljaic : oh man, i would have so much interesting conversations with this girl

collin versluis : She is so f ing cute omg

ultraman223 : no its not iphone 7 sound.

DerMonsterHase : GWEEK HYPERS

Keith O Power : Bananya

lei : Watcha gonna do now twitch huhhh gonna nan her for her torretes

SuperNintendoZach : yikes, i would not wish this on my worst enemy. i feel for her.

Great RNG : It's sad that in 2018 people think other people are faking shit as serious as tourettes. My niece has tourettes and it's not pretty but she okay with it and everyone has a good laugh. Glad for this good now that she's getting some attention

R3kkamix : She’s cute and funny

Miming memes : Well it's my new best streamer Yup it is ._.

Kobe Young : Wtf bro

Jaja Dick : oh wow Twitch chat fell in love with a girl cause she is pretty and now everyone is watching her this must be the first time ever something like this ever happened Kappa

Evan R : I love her xD

Stacey Lee : Ahahahahahahahahhaah i love her shes so funny

Res three : Banana

Nate : i felt bad laughing at this. she's trying so hard to stop herself from saying shit. but that got her famous so..

Wolfiest : I discovered her like 30 mins ago an then this video is in my feed lol

Fat Philly : good vid but the sound sucks ass. one sec its super low. next sec its super loud. no way you dont notice this when your making the vid no?

Carl Austero : schedule?

Борис Жидков : Бля, мне её очень жаль. Но это пиздец как смешно. Я, наверное, буду гореть в аду за это дерьмо