Born In East L.A. (Cheech And Chong) [HD]

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Chicago Street TV : the original CHICANO comedian

johnny Gutierrez : Thier american. Mexican Americans alot of them fought for this country like my pop respect .

8 of 12 : Still more patriotic than Bruce Springsteen

Ruben Delgadillo : This is Trumps ringtone!

c walker : Mexican- Americans they go to night school...they study Spanish and get a B...🇲🇽🏫

aaron cassese : the randomness of Elvira Mistress of the Dark being in this video is mind boggling

bigjr1979 : @ 1:00 that immigration cop sound likes almost Hank Hill lol

Marco Torres : “Next thing I know I was in a foreign land people talking so fast I couldn’t understand” - lol 😂

Tunggul Wirajuda : Great video. No way in hell it would have been made in this politically correct day&age

Mike West : i am native American from canada went to los Angeles for Christmas met couple Mexicans they were nice one of them thought i was Filipino but he said he has high respect for native Americans

kentagion : at least we still have free Cheech in this country

Brad Dawson : Immigration officer is Jan Michael Vincent!!!!

Shantée Nicole : The movie is a cult classic lmao #Wassapening

jeso317 : dope movie. still holds up

Fox : This film needs to be revisited and given an Academy Award for being the perfect example of today!

Rob soto : I was born East LA Go Dodgers Go Lakers

Mnop Xangelus : Bruce Springsteen and Cheech wrote this song. true fact.

Allie S : This song is very funny, but in a way, this actually happened. Back in the early 70's and 80's many American-born Hispanics were rounded up and sent to Mexico; a land they had never been to before; many were scared shitless and did not speak the language; it took years for them to get back home. I just wonder how many people will be torn from their families under Trump's presidency?

alien coffee mug : Still a Classic

Esteban Vidabuena : Now Trump is president...I am gonna have say this to La migra.

Carlos Barragan : Cheech for president! 👌

vsgfilmgroup : Who's the President of the United States? Aw, that's an easy one! That dude who used to be on The Apprentice...uh...Arnold Schwarzenegger! Alright, less go.

cgtalk ! : everyone in that video is a senior citizen.

david fyre : It looks like the Boyle Heights area ( East side City of Los Angeles), and the scene of Whittier Boulevard if I remember correctly is where it comes into the City of Los Angeles. I have not been there in many years. But I sure hope the Gente I knew and everyone else is still around and doing fine. I still remember the City Terrace area. That was a rough area, and some of those White Kids that grew up there were speaking Spanish very fluently, and better than I can speak English or the old Sicilian language. Well take care, and God bless.

Space Monkey : Cheech calls Bruce and gives him the pitch and Bruce say's yes, Weird Al calls Prince and Prince yells no and then he hangs up on him.

Haunted Astolfo bean plushie : lmao elvira

K Acosta : So I was born in East LA in City Terrace the slowz rock n roll slowz

truth seeker 502 : LATINOS FOR TRUMP !!!

Marco Villareal : Now that's a music video! GREAT movie too!

Jungle Boogie : Cheech is a master piece

DMSProduktions : This was NOT Cheech AND Chong! It was Cheech Marin only! They had SPLIT as a comedy team by that time!

anonymous : better then most of todays music

Moto Rick : Relax ya'll. Nobody is against LEGAL immigration.

Inka Tupac Amaru II Cultura Música y más. : Viva Latinoamérica!!!viva Simon Bolívar!!! y su proyecto de una Latinoamérica Unida!!!no al muro de Donald Trump !!!

Tom Servo : my Christian brothers and sisters from over the boarder, I welcome you -- as the bible says!

antonio torres : Priceless, Cheech Marin for President

Tony Orozco : Wass sappining...😎

Reel Dirtie : I was also born in East L.A.

T Heinemann : I'll give Elvira a ride

bugsta2012 : lol childhood memories, when MTV was kool

bobicpfan2 : 55 chevy Belair? and thats Elvira right?

rene hernandez : dude, haven't seen this this in years!! brings a big smile man, good times!! A CLASSIC!!!!

RESPECT MY AUTHORITY : Still love this song after all these years.

Justin Gardea : Mexicans for life

GlacierZombie : Somehow this video is not so funny anymore since the election. Who would have considered Cheech prophetic?

Not in service : Dodgers in the 80s were great nowadays they suck .

American Prepper : love it still after all these years

Leonard Gilbreath : this is dedicated to trump.

chavy : I use to watch the movie at least once a week. Lol

TheKingSappy31 : Cheech is a legend