Born In East L.A. (Cheech And Chong) [HD]

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Chicago Street TV : the original CHICANO comedian

jeso317 : dope movie. still holds up

Ruben Delgadillo : This is Trumps ringtone!

Jungle Boogie : Cheech is a master piece

bigjr1979 : @ 1:00 that immigration cop sound likes almost Hank Hill lol

Tunggul Wirajuda : Great video. No way in hell it would have been made in this politically correct day&age

Esteban Vidabuena : Now Trump is president...I am gonna have say this to La migra.

littleteethkeith : I love that momma in the pink at the beginning. Damn yo.

c walker : Mexican- Americans they go to night school...they study Spanish and get a B...🇲🇽🏫

Rob soto : I was born East LA Go Dodgers Go Lakers

Mike West : i am native American from canada went to los Angeles for Christmas met couple Mexicans they were nice one of them thought i was Filipino but he said he has high respect for native Americans

Brad Dawson : Immigration officer is Jan Michael Vincent!!!!

Shantée Nicole : The movie is a cult classic lmao #Wassapening

Leonard Gilbreath : this is dedicated to trump.

Mnop Xangelus : Bruce Springsteen and Cheech wrote this song. true fact.

8 of 12 : Still more patriotic than Bruce Springsteen

Lynne Aneweer : The police officer sounds like Hank Hill

david fyre : It looks like the Boyle Heights area ( East side City of Los Angeles), and the scene of Whittier Boulevard if I remember correctly is where it comes into the City of Los Angeles. I have not been there in many years. But I sure hope the Gente I knew and everyone else is still around and doing fine. I still remember the City Terrace area. That was a rough area, and some of those White Kids that grew up there were speaking Spanish very fluently, and better than I can speak English or the old Sicilian language. Well take care, and God bless.

Space Monkey : Cheech calls Bruce and gives him the pitch and Bruce say's yes, Weird Al calls Prince and Prince yells no and then he hangs up on him.

Fox : This film needs to be revisited and given an Academy Award for being the perfect example of today!

Tony Orozco : Wass sappining...😎

kentagion : at least we still have free Cheech in this country

Haunted Astolfo bean plushie : lmao elvira

Not in service : Dodgers in the 80s were great nowadays they suck .

GlacierZombie : Somehow this video is not so funny anymore since the election. Who would have considered Cheech prophetic?

Danny Wilcutt : This very song is how I found out where my Dad was born-in east L.A.!! Lol

Jhonson M. : born east L.A. fashooooo!!!!! Brown pride always cuZ primero es mi razaaa.

truth seeker 502 : LATINOS FOR TRUMP !!!

Allie S : This song is very funny, but in a way, this actually happened. Back in the early 70's and 80's many American-born Hispanics were rounded up and sent to Mexico; a land they had never been to before; many were scared shitless and did not speak the language; it took years for them to get back home. I just wonder how many people will be torn from their families under Trump's presidency?

Ruben Hernandez : Born in East L.A, gonna die in East L.A!

anonymous : better then most of todays music

Alex Gonzalez : viva la mexico... y arriba el norte

Marco Villareal : Now that's a music video! GREAT movie too!

rene hernandez : dude, haven't seen this this in years!! brings a big smile man, good times!! A CLASSIC!!!!

Justin Gardea : Mexicans for life

bobicpfan2 : 55 chevy Belair? and thats Elvira right?

chavy : I use to watch the movie at least once a week. Lol

LSweet2007 : Illegal immigration is a big problem.

Yasvet Perez : When I see Chicanos talking about Mexicans... Ummm y tu nopal en la frente? Good Luck! When the migra gets you, that is what you get for spreading hate and looking the part.

sean o'leary : I always loved Gov Johnson's joke about trump watching the 2016 Olympic Mexican pole vaulting team to see how high he needed to build the wall

T Heinemann : I'll give Elvira a ride

Marco Torres : “Next thing I know I was in a foreign land people talking so fast I couldn’t understand” - lol 😂

UNICORN MINER : Play uno and grab the green card

bassdoc : On of the pivotal songs in rock history.

IARRCSim : No, the super mario brothers are from Brooklyn, New York.

Carlos Barragan : Cheech for president! 👌

Angelfire Wrath : lizard tongue is so funny

John Archangel7 : Was that really Elvira?

mark swishersweets : satan, get behind me satan, get behind me. this movie's awesome

antonio torres : Priceless, Cheech Marin for President