The Bike Instructor's guide to cycling in Amsterdam

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Let the Bike Instructor guide you through the potential pitfalls of cycling in Amsterdam, and soon you’ll be cycling just like a local! Go to to find out more about cycling in Amsterdam. Cycling in Amsterdam can sometimes feel like a bit of a minefield to the uninitiated. Thankfully, Maxim Hartman, aka The Bike Instructor, is on hand to guide you through the various dangers of navigating the city on two wheels. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See more videos from I amsterdam: Subscribe to our channel: Check out the I amsterdam website: Follow us on Twitter: Like the I amsterdam Facebook page:


redtails : literally the most Dutch accent ever

Gabe : emergency potato really caught my off guard hahaha

Luissen : you forgot to say, when you need to say hello to your bike again, just take any bike because its probably stolen anyway

Laurens Smit : its also nice to keep your hands on your steer. only dutchies and pro's can cycle without hands

Fallon Egan : Always choose the psychopath.

moody : Is that an emergency potato or are you just pleased to see me?

Dougy doug : ik ging stuk bij: And then you become self a trammy!

Lauton Sutley : Yessss! Who is this guy? I want to see more from him.

Key 6 : You're weird and I like you.

everythinguwant2b : Everybody in the traffic is crazy, except you. hahahha. This was awesome.

ActuallyAisling : this is one of my favourite videos ever

gorilla music entertaiment : ik snap niet waarom je niet stoned moet gaan fietsen

Vinnie Esposito : Biked 25 miles in Amsterdam, forgot to watch tour. You have no idea people, this could very well save your life. This an approved message from a tourist.

Angela Morsani : every once in a while i NEED to watch and hear this. i can feel my body wanting it. Ready to go. Very easy.

MojoWesker : This man is my new hero to look up to.

Oligampla : I love dutch humor :D Great video!

nudle5 : Dammit! All this time I was keeping my potato in the back!

Jasper Van Hoey : So why is he wearing the tricolor flag of belgium ?

watch lighting power : this reminds me of the tumor i found last night

UrbanWanderer : WELL, this was phenomenal.

Joost Wasbauer : Awaywisthisting!

Damien Treox : "No! Don't cycle drunk or stoned." ...and to see those eyes slowly start to get crossed, LOL !

Dorythefish : best video on the internet.. :D

dynamic artist : I always have an emergency potato in my pants.

MisheruFAD : "If you reach a pedestrian crossing, you have to stop. Even if the people crossing are very ugly and old." Dead 😂😂😂

Nathan Haimson : I'm going here this summer so finding this video is perfect timing lmao.

Koen Maakjemijnschoen : Ik had een gesprek met me fiets (heb geen vrienden) toen kwam ik er achter dat ie niet heel erg spaakzaam was

TΞQFRΞΛK : Haha, I love this. I love how he exagerrates our accent and in the meanwhile wears a german looking shirt to add to the confusion.

vonne franssen : dit is echt te leuk!

EL EL : What model bike is he riding ?


ece cengiz : this is the greatest thing i've ever watched

FCVD : Heeft Maxim een weddenschap verloren ofzo? xD

Frederick Derksen : Maxim ! :D :D :D

rastin Kosha : Away with the sink 😂 this guy is funny

JOwassuBA : Maxim 😂

R.L. Gon : Wat voor fiets is dit???

Martin Smouter : That part about never using your mobile phone during cycling is something the dutch governement doesn't like, but nearly all the dutch do.

amy blue : Keith Lemon has a EU Brother.Where did he keep his Gas heater?...may be the reason why Europeans talk a lot of hot air..what make of cycle is that he rides?..i want one.

Carspotting ww : Dit is te grappig

Corné Blommers : 1:27 RIP Eberhart van der Laan

Thijs van den Berg : whahaha dit is geniaal

CarnageFever : Amsterdam is a beautiful shitty! lol

Jym Dyer : I love that little bike he's riding.

wallerdog : Awesome video! I'm working on a post about the 24 best bike friendly cities in Europe and Amsterdam is the first one I'm taking notes on. This video is great!

Emailgroupie Education : potato lol

Mahaj Mahir : this guys tipps really helped me to survive amsterdam

Check Mate : Thank you for providing American translation.

Heck Lennon : For a possible next version, I would add one thing to that great video: Show tourists _how to signal when they need to stop_. I noticed that in Copenhagen, people raised their fist, Revolution style, but I didn't notice how people do in the Netherlands. Anyway, thanks much for the great video. NL rules!