The Bike Instructor's guide to cycling in Amsterdam

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Per07 : "...and then you become self a trammie!" watch out for tramrails people

redtails : literally the most Dutch accent ever

Gabe : emergency potato really caught my off guard hahaha

Laurens Smit : its also nice to keep your hands on your steer. only dutchies and pro's can cycle without hands

Fallon Egan : Always choose the psychopath.

Luissen : you forgot to say, when you need to say hello to your bike again, just take any bike because its probably stolen anyway

moody : Is that an emergency potato or are you just pleased to see me?

MojoWesker : This man is my new hero to look up to.

Dougy doug : ik ging stuk bij: And then you become self a trammy!

everythinguwant2b : Everybody in the traffic is crazy, except you. hahahha. This was awesome.

Lauton Sutley : Yessss! Who is this guy? I want to see more from him.

Key 6 : You're weird and I like you.

ActuallyAisling : this is one of my favourite videos ever

gorilla music entertaiment : ik snap niet waarom je niet stoned moet gaan fietsen

nudle5 : Dammit! All this time I was keeping my potato in the back!

hjpoell : To exaggerate the Dutch accent, 'the' becomes 'duh', not 'zuh' like the Germans do... For the rest a must-see for tourists.

dynamic artist : I always have an emergency potato in my pants.

watch lighting power : this reminds me of the tumor i found last night

Dorythefish : best video on the internet.. :D

Joost Wasbauer : Awaywisthisting!

Damien Treox : "No! Don't cycle drunk or stoned." ...and to see those eyes slowly start to get crossed, LOL !

Jasper Van Hoey : So why is he wearing the tricolor flag of belgium ?

UrbanWanderer : WELL, this was phenomenal.

Oligampla : I love dutch humor :D Great video!

Esteban Bonvillani : What bike is that?, somebody knows?

Angela Morsani : every once in a while i NEED to watch and hear this. i can feel my body wanting it. Ready to go. Very easy.

John Pontius : Monty Python meets spinning class.

Martin Smouter : That part about never using your mobile phone during cycling is something the dutch governement doesn't like, but nearly all the dutch do.

Agnes Lee : it's not se bike!!! it's de bike

Carspotting ww : Dit is te grappig

Emailgroupie Education : potato lol

Niels Willemse : Als je wil keren fietsen, ga naar Denemarken, daar steken ze hun hand uit als ze van richting veranderen, stoppen voor rood, steken een arm omhoog als ze gaan stoppen, en hebben niet die teringtelefoons in hun handen als fietsen. Vandaar dat er nog te veel gewonden vallen. En wat is hier grappig aan?

Blarf Darf : Mah english is the best and i have never learned nor do i have a accent suck on that people!

Ribierasacra : sounds more like a German than A Dutchman speaking English.

EL EL : What model bike is he riding ?

NozyFX - Founder Of Zeaple : zoowee die kan goed Engels

Zooiey Rae : Just saw this today in my English group when our English teacher found this on YouTube, and she too didn't even watch it yet, and we thought it was funny!

Vinnie Esposito : Biked 25 miles in Amsterdam, forgot to watch tour. You have no idea people, this could very well save your life. This an approved message from a tourist.

R.L. Gon : Wat voor fiets is dit???

Corné Blommers : 1:27 RIP Eberhart van der Laan

Nathan Haimson : I'm going here this summer so finding this video is perfect timing lmao.

FCVD : Heeft Maxim een weddenschap verloren ofzo? xD

rastin Kosha : Away with the sink 😂 this guy is funny

Mark de Vries : dit is toch quid van dumpertreeten?

Lisa H : Gast, jou Engels is verstaanbaar maar verschrikkelijk, dat accent en Nederlands tussendoor kan echt niet ;-)

amy blue : Keith Lemon has a EU Brother.Where did he keep his Gas heater?...may be the reason why Europeans talk a lot of hot air..what make of cycle is that he rides?..i want one.

Koen Maakjemijnschoen : Ik had een gesprek met me fiets (heb geen vrienden) toen kwam ik er achter dat ie niet heel erg spaakzaam was

disgrantle : what bicycle is he riding?

Alex T : I'm sorry.

Frederick Derksen : Maxim ! :D :D :D