Pixel 3 XL Durability Test - Does the back glass Scratch?!

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Evariste Galois : 1:55 hey, how would you know that I don't have any friends? I mean, I don't have any but, you know ... don't just assume it ...

Epic Benjo : JerryRigEverything, can you try to wash off those scratches off the back with a toothbrush and soap? I saw a video that showed a lot of the scratches that are thought to be permanent can be removed this way almost entirely

Petrol Key Planet : 2017: Google makes fun of Apple for having a big notch and no jack. 2018: Pixel 3 XL has an XL notch and no jack.

Rob Johnson : If Apple had released this exact same phone instead of Google, this video would be very different.

Tejash Karanwal : 0:44 "it is much larger than I anticipated, which is something I've heard a lot....from other reviewers" is this dude the king of innuendos or what?

Roar Man : I can't believe you released this video right after MKBHD'S video.

D3 : Criticize Apple for removing the headphone jack when you can buy a dongle. Happy to support the Pixel 3's back glass which can easily be scratched by a coin because you can buy a skin from dbrand.

Julian Thompson : Apparently the scratches on the back glass can clean off with water if it was scratched with a softer metal, based on Erica Griffin's video.

death blade : Wow wow dood just roasted his entire fanbase at 2:00

Bryan Hull : Literally the same design as the new iPhone and no bashing like you do on Apple? Seems pretty biased to me.

BTechTalk : ''Texas sized notch''... lmao

GetOutNubs : All the good comments are already taken...

AYYO : Zacks YouTube channel name should be "jerrryR.I.Peverything.....😂😂😂

Dwyne YT : Google makes fun of apple cause of notch 50% damage for apple Google uses notch 100% damage for google

tech guy : Man listening to your reviews with a pair of headphones is like the ultimate ASMR!

iPhonedo : 2:22 my heart stopped!

legitmontrellthigpen : They aren't scratches, theyre residue from the item being scratched by the phone itsself. You can wash them off

Mr. Foxxy : 3:18 prepare ur ear headphone users

Karma The Cat : “You Could Land A Plane On It”

Ya Ni : 2 minutes in the video and i feel home

Mysterious Hooded Guy : Mate 20 Pro next?

Sci : 1:55 GrOuPiE cAmErA

Sreedhar Murali : I think you need to see a psychiatrist.

Akarsh G : ROG Phone

RC Addix Inc : I hate this phone slightly less than Apple iPhone. The only reason slightly less is because this is a much more vanilla device. I would NEVER buy this phone. No headphone jack, no Purchase.

zenmar84 : Lol at The notch has a complete face.

Sammy Gillespie : Try a toothbrush and some soap to clean off the "scratches" on the back. Should clean most of them off.

Enrique Cavanillas : The scratches disappear if you clean them with soap and a toothbrush

Akarsh G : Jerry bro please do a video on asus ROG phone

Ali Mohammed : They should watch your videos and start to test them phones with a prototype.

Uday Tej : Your voice can help achieve world peace

Donghoon 2 : I love watching these videos but My families hate when I do cuz Of the scratching sound....idk why

Emulie : Hyped for the Mate 20 Pro teardown

AlmostWins : I was surprised that the screen returned to normal after white

Davin Scribner : I already have the phone so ya I'll buy it

M K : You can fit 3 headphone jacks in that notch. Literally.

FTZ SQUAD : Hey Jerry.. can you durability test a ROG Phone...?!😏

Happy John : 1:57 I bet you that hurt a lot of people :( 10:11 AM 10/21/2018

Jesus Lemus : But the question is, when are you going to make the voice for one of audiobooks Jerry?

Jeremy Wheeler : I wish you did the white version. I've heard it doesn't scratch as bad.

Manoj M : Zack please do a nokia 7.1 durability test

Debargha Bhadra : I want RealMe 2 Pro breakdown and tests


#craZY Wiki : Make a video about mate 20 pro test...

Seimor Skinner : I have Jerry saying "scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7" on repeat as my alarm.

NbaAndre : This is why you get a case before the actual phone

Bayu Fadhilla : 2:21 a bit doubtful 2:23 doubt confirmed

Armann Gill : What phone does Jerry use?

Wasiq Tahsin : its like slaughtering a phone

Ilija : Zack complained on how companies are ruining Art class with Jerry with their glass-back phones. *Google comes up with the frosted glass* Zack complains how easily scratchable it is. Google listened to you, Zack, and you missed it.