Hercules : Zero to Hero | Disney Side by Side by Oh My Disney

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AMagicProduction : Ah the 90s... Disney's Golden Age

JonasAlmostFamous : This is fantastic! I love seeing them side by side.

CrossfacePanda : Great, now I'm disappointed this didn't get a pop/RnB cover by a group like Destiny's Child back in the day...

Koen Van Damme : I'll say it again: the person(s) who came up with the Muses being gospel singers better have gotten a huge promotion for that idea.

YabukiShingo4 : THAT EXPLAINS Why the muses felt so alive: THEY WERE ACTUALLY ALIVE!! It was NATURAL movements!

wolfguy23 : WOW. I never would've guess THAT is how they did the storyboarding for the movie back then.

EltJohn : The internet needs more Side By Side with storyboard and final product

The Dynast Queen : I knew Disney used real actors or the VAs while acting to draw from but I didn't think they had dancers doing the songs and choreography. That's excessive. I DEMAND MORE! SHOW ALL THE GOSPEL TRUTH!

Dawnbuneary : I...didn't think those hair styles were possible..!

Rachull : Oh my gosh this is so cool. I never imagined them using real people to do a scene like this. I dont know why this is blowing my mind with awesome haha

Lara : 1:14 she did that stellar high kick for nothing! well not everything can make the final cut :(

Shubin Alam : Since Disney is now doing live-action of movies that they already made, I hope they do HERCULES soon.

Devyn R : You know what the takeaway from this was? We need a Disney Hercules broadway production! :D

Kira Online : Nothing says Greek Mythology like Gospel music. XD I loved this!

Ursa : 1:07 wow she actually did it :O

Veronica Williams : The women are so beautiful....and seeing this concept come to life is fascinating!

Kermit the Toad : Making me pull out the Disney movie collection.

Elizabeth Cooper : I told my family they drew the actors. did they belIeve me? NO.

Black Rabbit : I honestly don't know which one I like more.

The Assassin : I had no idea that girl was white O_o

MKLuciouSTV : I've been waiting years to see the actual live action muses and I absolutely love this!

It Always Ends Where I Stand : I Love the old classics!!!! they use real people as reference!

Cmil619 : They need to put Hercules on Broadway!

Dominique Thomas : Wow!!! those wonen look exactly like the muses of the cartoon!!!

Connie : After seeing this, I would love for Hercules to be the next live action Disney movie. It has got to happen.

jon : Me and my 5 personalities at 11 pm when im supposed to be sleeping


Blair Lavoux : disney will never disappointing


Chretien li : Oooooh the nostalgia...

Judith Martínez : I feel that the Hercules songs by the muses are very underrated. When they are actually so good and cool.

Hi, Neighbor! : I relate to the fat one

Kyra Delemarre : Those are some good dancers tho...

Alison Diskin : Amazing, those girls look almost like them.

Brittany Blake : this is so cool tho how they mashed both of therm together

pinkfeiry : i had no idea the script had woman dancing, my life is so much better now :')


Peridot SkyScull : I was going on 10 when I begged my mom to take me to see this. seeing it with the real women that helped create (Mr. Disney did the same with the first, full movie length, "Snow White") such a great movie makes my 29 year old heart sing with happiness. thank you.

urlildawg2 : En Vogue was the inspiration for the Muses.

Jennifer Ellifritz : This is hands-down my favorite song of any Disney animated movie ever.

Yi.En.Ou : I bet if this was released now... everyone would criticize the Muses for being black and not Greek enough... just a thought~~ haha

maia malanee : Disney is so extra, but like a good extra, an inspirational extra

Valmai Custodio : First of all Hercules is his ROMAN name, HERACLES is the Greek form, and his real name is Al

MariaJose : One thing I love how is that he also gave money to his adoptive parents!

Mr. Kamelåsså : 1:14 Not all made the cut! ..too bad!

redfox555 : Man, they're incredible! They put me a smile right in the beginning! xD

TheGeckoNinja : oh cool i didnt know they used like dancers as reference for the animation

librnx1988 : Omggg the Muses was actually performing this live wow. They need to put this on Broadway with all of them. 😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩

Sydni2003 : I never realized those aren't the singers till now.... lol... I'm thinking all this time those ladies dancing were the ones singing til I watched the making of....

Maria Paredes : i never knew cry babys sister was one of the gals 😭