When Frat Guys Come Home For The Summer
When Frat Guys Come Home For The Summer

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Let's be honest, home after college is just one giant AA meeting. Other frat character videos w/ Cherdleys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwdyDWbgXk8&t=65s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yLuZVgXR2k&t=85s Follow me: https://www.instagram.com/trevorwallace/ https://twitter.com/TrevWall book me for a shoutout: https://www.cameo.com/trevwall Listen to my podcast Stiff Socks every Wednesday. YouTube: right here (lolz) Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2ECstXT Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/2YOI4Ly Castbox: https://bit.ly/2Qtx03A


eliza beth : "when did you start taking aa so seriously"

dead : Well how many do I have to take to make it feel like Xanax

Tyler Bingham : I need to B-U-Y some drugs because this is some B-U-L-L 😂

Roberto Hernandez : “Dude I haven’t been this sober since birth.” 🤣🤣 ima use that one for sure

Vlad Pepeș : "Even the coffee is decaf?! Dad what are we? Mormons?!" lmao I just lost it

Asap Buddha : These need to be longer! *Yo play that new logic album*

Donald Walker : I don’t know anything about hair bleach but either this was prerecorded or Trevor had to kill Kyle😂

CanadianSheep 98 : *Flips cup* *oh. my. god dude there's a reason they don't want me at state this summer*

Hilarious Videos : We aren’t going to BYU! 😂 I died

A Common Soldier : Are you vaping in the house?! *WhAt No iTs fEbreZe*

Buff Android 17 : Ohhh man that hat is the pinnacle of frat civilization

Jenna Kathryn : Put on some Florida Georgia line or I’m not playing dad ☠️☠️

Jeffrey Parrish : “The neighbors are spray painting the house” Voice sounds like Tony Robbins

Ananth Chenimineni : *talking to dog* Yo, yo you wanna play flip cup?

SydneyBurdetteHumphrey : “When did you start taking AA so seriously?” “Is the Xanax? Well, how many do I need to take to make it feel like Xanax?” 😂😂😂😂

DemarkableP : "Dad what are we mormons? This isnt BYU"... Hahaha this subscriber from Provo, UT had a nice laugh at that.

V I B E S : “ I haven’t been this sober since finals, wait I wasn’t sober for finals” deeply felt that 😭😂

Neo Mphatsoanyane : * asks the dog if it wants to play flip cup * 😂😂

CP4D5.3 : Do one where people get back from their first Coachella concert 🤣🤣

Luke M : Can't believe they don't have ping pong balls

willie bennett : FLEXES ON MRS. LARSON Wow thx for the likes🤙🏿

10k subs with No vids : One of the most underrated YouTube channels ever right here

Alexander Wilson : "Dude I just wanna go BACK! I'm out of my element!"

o Rocky : Whoever said first smells sober

Jake Swing : I love how he’s always alone. It sums everything up perfectly

Sara Beara : “Dad is this root beer, when’dya starting taking AA so seriously” 😂

Dyspo dared me to hit 42069 subs : 0:45 *My dad when he comes back to see me*

Sonic waffle productions : "Man, i can finally pass a drug test!" Weed and alcohol: *"this man smells sober, i'll fix that."*

Christian Lund : legit watching this in the byu library rn... almost died laughing

Mateo_76 : Is this Xanax? No, it’s fish oil. How many do I have to take to make it feel like Xanax?

PJ Pointer : I feel like I’ve watched this video on this channel before.

Vincent 50 : Hahaha great as always, keep up the good work dude!

Angelicalsainte : I don't know why I have a crush on Trevor but I do 😭

Hayden Hendricks : It does smell sober💪

proud : *_daily dose of trevor once again_* LMFAO trevor best comedian

Mario Gonzalez : The two dislikes are probably actual frat guys

CaptainButtaNuts : Keep this quality content coming bro!

Anonymous Blank : Is this Xanax?? Those are Altoids dude . . . *Well how many do I need to take to make it feel like Xanax???* 🤔

Miguel Garcia : What is playing in the background

813Productions : Mom better tell Bradley here that the kombucha tastes slightly like beer lol

King Cash : Was hoping for 'I'm missing opening a cold one with the boys'

swegsweg : This Cinematic Universe is getting better and better with each expansion 🐐🐐🐐

RHEC_Grizzly : 550k views in 22 hours, wow that's pretty amazing! You're a great comedian, the Kyle series you Charley's are doing are great too!

Conan James Evans : Nobody: The paranormal activity ghost at 3am: 0:48

Natalie Walker : *exhales in frat* 😂💀💀

SubToMeIfYouSupportAfricanAmericans _ : U should collab with Danny Mullen he was a frat boy at UCLA

Blade FTR : Omg I love this guy every since the AirPods one 😭

Maia C : full body cringe bc this reminded me so much of my ex lmfao 🤧

John Earle : when you copy someone else's videos...