$144 Steak Lunch in Tokyo - Teppanyaki in Japan

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Wagyu Beef (A5) in Roppongi/Tokyo, as side dishes: fish, vegetables, clam soup, salad and some smaller items.

Comments from Youtube

Foxintoxx : When I die i want to be carefully cooked like that .

Unruhestifter : at 10:21 he dishonored his family

rotpeter : I got my wife to cook me a burger in the nude. what a show that was and it only cost me five bucks.

CaptainXanax : $144 and no onion volcano?!?

fearfactz1 : So relaxing. Thank god there's no music

Testiclopse : I'd be too self-concious to eat in front of the guy that's making the food.

Eric John : And here I am just eating Instant Noodles...fml.

JB11 : Japanese people rule. This is one the most relaxing videos on all of Youtube.

NeJDeT : Exceptional workmanship with exceptional workmanship!

Daniel Berthellemy : Why do i keep watching gourmet food videos when i am hungry and have nothing to eat...

grimace the almighty : "yall got some a1"

Livia E : Boy if you dont give me every part of that 144 dollar steak

andrew johnson : I use to fall asleep to thunderstorms and waves crashing now I have this. For whatever reason its calming to me

Alaa prime : so much work for little portions

Dreadlock Joe : Whilst i'm 6 minutes into this video, I just want to say that I really like the style of capturing this experience. I'm really glad you're not some pretentious smarmy american 'YouTuber' that has their face in every single shot and has to talk about EVERYTHING. You just film the experience, and no bullshit! Thank you for being cool.

PSJ_01 TV : Porsi sedikit gitu apa kenyang

Hey It's Me! : Feels like I'm eating with you. Haha. Great video!

L3nny 666 : The japanese know about aesthetics, be sure on this.

Sturm Reiter : Snooty food; while I sit here eating my hummus and celery. (cries)

AinexSounds : For all the people who are bashing on the price, here's my two cents. For a Teppanyaki, you don't just pay to get your hunger satiated, you pay for the traditional show of the chef. Ignore the whole argument of the "over-inflated" or "marbled" meat. Hear me out and I'll give you some parallelism. You can call it fake all you want, but when you turn around and cheer for American singers or idols, you can see that the "rating" of skill/craft is subjective. In the end, all professionals of any field are hired for money. Another example, people who pay upwards of $300 to see a Broadway production or attend a football game are crazy to pay that much right? Since the only functional use for attending these events is to sit in a nice chair. Ultimately, you can put your money wherever you see value and self-benefit, which is again subjective, and criticizing others for pursuing their intentions is not only rude but hypocritical.

League Major : Restaurant name : Kisentei Location : Tokyo midtown Recommend

Alex Simon : How would they react if I eat 3-4 steaks of that with ketchup just in a few seconds?

NightCoder : Order it with ketchup, and the chef will cook you next.

Broken Stick : And yet after that meal, it’s a visit to Mcdonalds🤣🤣🤣

J V : Walks in. *breathes* Worker: that inhale will be $39.99 +tax

Oh Yeah Yeah : top 10 sharpest things in the universe number 1 this mans knife

Servo : Esse bife parece cupim de grill

Taku 0402 : Why did I watch this when I was about to sleep ...

Brian : Youtube took me to base jumping, top fails of 2018, and now this. Now I'm hungry AF.

Drake 6661 : $144 em peixe na chapa? ahahahah

Incursio : Didn't even realize how fast these 19 minutes went by

Whiplash's Junkyard : can't name 50% of the products but it looks good

Stanley Chan : I can almost smell it...


Detroit Siggy : I just made my classic stuffed raccoon with pineapple!

Ashaad Morton : Damn that's a work of art, would like to experience this

Caecilius Metellus : first I thought what a price, but one cook for one person and dishes made with such perfectness and love for details it was realy impressive. Wow. I never saw a cook where preparing of food is such a meditative act.

Joe Morton : Steak?? No, it SURF AND TURF!! What ever...

Bald & Bearded : I found it very relaxing to watch! Really enjoyed not hearing random music or loud obnoxious people.. great video!

Benjamin Million : Ramsay woulda worked his shii for searing up that lettuce ;P

Михайлов Тимур : TOURIST SHOW )))

Brasil : Baita frescura pra fazer um bife com carreteiro...

Big Eazy : $144 and no steaming volcano, or beating rice heart?!?! pshhh smdh

William Ng : chef using spatulas to protect customer from oil splashes..... very professional

Lelao Flauzino : Prefiro lambari fresco feitinho com limão e uma boa cerveja gelada

Bobby D : That rice at the end is probably so good!!!

Not a troll : after all that and my dad would still ask for brown sauce. kill me plis

Sharon : nice wagyu beef (A5 RANK beef)

Sizzel TV : Clam in a copper pot, that'll be $75.99 please.