$144 Steak Lunch in Tokyo - Teppanyaki in Japan

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Dreadlock Joe : Whilst i'm 6 minutes into this video, I just want to say that I really like the style of capturing this experience. I'm really glad you're not some pretentious smarmy american 'YouTuber' that has their face in every single shot and has to talk about EVERYTHING. You just film the experience, and no bullshit! Thank you for being cool.

dolm : I'd pay that much to have someone who cooks food that would make a royal weep, in front of me, for me. This is not a $144 steak, its $144 worth of a professional craftsman preparing dishes for you and you alone. This isn't food service, it's food in service.

Daniel Berthellemy : Why do i keep watching gourmet food videos when i am hungry and have nothing to eat...

Anatoli Tihomirov : it's deffenetly not a good idea to watch this at 2AM :D

Anonymous User : I paid $121 U.S. for fish and chips at Gordon Ramsay and it looked like somebody cooked it in about 10 seconds. at least you got to experience something

AinexSounds : For all the people who are bashing on the price, here's my two cents. For a Teppanyaki, you don't just pay to get your hunger satiated, you pay for the traditional show of the chef. Ignore the whole argument of the "over-inflated" or "marbled" meat. Hear me out and I'll give you some parallelism. You can call it fake all you want, but when you turn around and cheer for American singers or idols, you can see that the "rating" of skill/craft is subjective. In the end, all professionals of any field are hired for money. Another example, people who pay upwards of $300 to see a Broadway production or attend a football game are crazy to pay that much right? Since the only functional use for attending these events is to sit in a nice chair. Ultimately, you can put your money wherever you see value and self-benefit, which is again subjective, and criticizing others for pursuing their intentions is not only rude but hypocritical.

The Terrible Puddle : All this for $144? Am I the only one who believes this to be quite reasonable? Even close to cheap?

JP B : I started watching this video and fell asleep. I started sleep walking in the middle of the night and went downstairs to look for food I think. I woke up in the morning because my cat was meowing really loud and I noticed I had the worst morning breath ever! I went to look in the bathroom mirror and noticed cat food in the corners of my mouth. I think it was ocean whitefish and tuna. My cat was pissed. No more gourmet food videos for me at night!

MrGilRoland : That’s the most cuddled, better treated, single cooked clam I’ve ever seen in my life.

aeonjoey : The best thing about this video is the minimal speaking, it's basically ASMR. Great vid!

Maideneer : Some lady at 12:48 saw her bill

Xavier Paquin : I was gonna get all upset about them removing the fat until they made fried rice... Yesss!

Don vergas fierro Largo : I am eating with my eyes 👀

Surik : Пойду бутер с колбасой сделаю

RickSanchez : A Real Food Porn

I Share U Watch : That looks great! but I can't afford to eat that. It seems like my monthly payment for meal already for 144$ 😂

Victor Franco : Who else is watching this while eating a Dollar Burger from Mcdonalds at 3am lmao!!!

inhouse : Очень много жрать, зато маленькими порциями

Godhatesfatpeople : I got 2 Beef n' Cheddar's from Arby's for 5 bucks and got one free. They were delicious.

Bald & Bearded : I found it very relaxing to watch! Really enjoyed not hearing random music or loud obnoxious people.. great video!

J V : Walks in. *breathes* Worker: that inhale will be $39.99 +tax

Ramon Garcia : That knife is SHARP!

jennifer neal : Food should not be something that just tastes good ....it should be an experience...and......you have shown that my friend! Well done!!! Wish I could have been there!!!!

Knox Vitela : Don’t mind the Americans saying it’s “to expensive” they’re use to McDonald’s and Wendy’s menus.

Svyatoslav Lebedev : СПАСИБО ЗА ПРЕКРАСНОЕ КАЧЕСТВО ЗАПИСИ. и ОТСУТСТВИЕ ИДИОТСКОЙ МУЗЫКИ....ощущение - как сам побывал!!! ..на что снимали(если не секрет ) - отличная передача цвета в сложных световых условиях...

fearfactz1 : So relaxing. Thank god there's no music

Anthony : Why do some people emphasize the cost of this food and experience, when you likely spend the same or more on something else? Much money is spent on drugs, drinks, shoes, entertainment, or whatever else is fancied.

john smith : So clean and fresh! Superb preparation and respectfully executed. That chef knows to the smallest detail what was expected from him to make the best experience he could for the diners. How I would love to try it.

Ganja Man : Only $140? I’ll try it 🙂

Вячеслав Захарчук : Я чуть слюной не подавился! СУПЕР!


Rombizio : I love sophisticated restaurants but this is another level. Too much for me.

No Name : это у меня в гараже снято какой нахуй токио

x y : The Price?

Wégé Fake : makes me hungr1 #fetti

LimeTimeHD : I'm surprised at two things. 1. How disrespectful some people here in the comments can be. 2. How sharp his knife is.

Silent Nightmare : $144 to feed a kitten. Jesus Christ, I'd rather have 50 cent ramen and call it a day!

Old Combat Arms Player : لو اشتريت ذبيحة مندي احسن لك ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

THE ROYAL : 16:43 heart melting 😞

Rodjer : ел хлеб с маргарином и воображал...

Robs : Nah I rather hit the chinese buffet. spring rolls, noodles, rice, beijing soup until you puke.

Rfcdgaf : Lol this isn't worth $144

ЭлектроСафоново : В целом,японцы умеют красиво преподать процесс. Будь то приготовление еды или строгание дерева.

mafiososamgiancana : Is it a steak of gold?

JLGB 9 : Good. Excellent video. Great channel. Please, help me. Thanks for all. Good day. Good luck.

Mayuresh Indapurkar : Japanese dishes: quality = 10/10, quantity = 01/10

Dfw Fqdefqw : Seems way worth the price. Actually

Mario Gonzalez : Obviously, the meal is not worth that much, but the experience is. It's all about the experience. Always.

** ** : 0:14 gua kira langsung dimakan 😂😂

Legends of Phoenix : I'm black, I need my steak seasoned on both sides. 😅