$144 Steak Lunch in Tokyo - Teppanyaki in Japan

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Maideneer : Some lady at 12:48 saw her bill


Mayuresh Indapurkar : Japanese dishes: quality = 10/10, quantity = 01/10

iAngeL : Starts at 11:15 You're welcome 😂

Elsa Debroglie : This guy could cook a spidget finner and I'd still eat it.

fearfactz1 : So relaxing. Thank god there's no music

ConfusionFusion : I suppose ordering it to go would be out of the question.

B20C0 : Actually, considering the quality of the food and the work that went into it, $144 is a perfectly reasonable price. If this is real Wagyu Beef this is actually pretty cheap, in some regions of the world you would pay $200 for the beef alone and then it isn't even cooked. Those people making fun of the price have no idea what quality meat is. Just keep stuffing your faces with $10 steaks from cattle that is filled up on antibiotics and fed with garbage. Better eat less meat but when you do go for quality.

WARPAINT GAMER : My Canadian Steak Cooking in My George Foreman ....Might not be as good.

mdhaikal bros : I will be hungry again after 5 min after eating this dish

M MMM : The precision and attention to detail is indescribable. Every motion, every movement has a purpose. From placing the spatulas in front to avoid splatter to cutting the stem off the mushroom. It's like a delicate ballet. Just awesome!!

Neo Smith : That Wagyu beef looks like marbled fat.

Ryan Korkia-aho : I guess you pay mostly for the experience, quite honestly i got hungry watching it and i suppose people do pay for stuff like this, me again im a broke novice chef who has to make do with little money per day.....maybe someday i can make fancy food for fancy people too

sieve5 : In my recommended video's on this video: Ham and chicken loaf MRE From 1985 food review

J V : Walks in. *breathes* Worker: that inhale will be $39.99 +tax

Kcire : Eating 2 scrabbled eggs w/ rice while watching.

TOM THE GOAT BRADY : People who can only afford ramen where u at? Edit:leave it at 12 likes for Brady or 69 :)

Nacho TC : 14:07... so that was the One Piece

TurboGSR96 : Beef fat fried rice lol

William Ng : chef using spatulas to protect customer from oil splashes..... very professional

MONDO GYPSY : Great content. No voice. Sleek. Love from Monaco.

ChiTownShakeDown : You taped the whole experience but didn't get a cross section of the cooked wagyu. WTH!

中華電信 : 吃太久了~ 我會越吃越餓

ScorpioX` : i am vegetarian and this looks so tasty

I Share U Watch : That looks great! but I can't afford to eat that. It seems like my monthly payment for meal already for 144$ 😂

Pele sch : i don't see a problem , you eat this lunch for $144 and now you can fast for at least two weeks so its not that expensive when you think about saving 2 weeks worth of food

I'm the captain now : Wealth disparity is what makes this possible. Also no such thing as wealth cap and the the 1% infinite money as a result the bottom 50% are basically starving. Theres thousands of people who have more cash than they can spend and the interest alone ensures theyll only grow in wealth while increasingly it removes possibilities for everyone who isnt already loaded. While this system worked so far its leading to a total collapse.

J. S : me so horny.

ricijs2000 : im gonna start WW3 looks like cheap pork to me

Robs : Nah I rather hit the chinese buffet. spring rolls, noodles, rice, beijing soup until you puke.

Mrlegitbeans : Been to this restaurant before! Had an indoors seating though. The food was absolutely amazing. When I was there they also had a seafood dish.

Maxim Volkov - CS:GO, киберспорт и многое другое! : Сколько пафоса ради того чтоб просто пожрать.

C.W. ACO : He didnt toss shrimp tails in his hat or do the onion volcano?! Pshhh

the artist : Any video that starts with a beer gets a thumbs up right off the bat!

Sizzel TV : Clam in a copper pot, that'll be $75.99 please.

helen : Lets keep moving things around to justify my existence. What an utter waste of time...all of it.

CoolieHigh : I done watched the whole video

bret hart : I'm not gonna lie. This was impressing and entertaining to watch😀

Omar Martinez : Oh my god, my hot dog is ready!

Oleg Vlk : Watching all 20 minutes in absolute silence. Now I have to get up from bed and go to the kitchen...

ChaosInfxrno : *YUM*

Syechan Attariq46 : mahal doang kenyang kgk. mubazir

Auxz Fury : I've changed my view of these open kitchen restaurants - It's warm!

ahbahpuh : This beef was almost beef fat only! This was a bit hypnotizing to watch BTW

First Last : "Clam soup" *AKA* I just boiled this one clam for you in 3 ounces of water. Oh here's some chives to make it bearable. That'll be $44.95.

Canchola 33 : What if I only get 1 hour to eat

co coc : Wait for lunch i will die so hungry

Mitchell Kim : That looks like typical Japanese fidgetery to me.

co coc : This lunch have cost 2 usd

gredangeo : And to think, that this meal is basically as cheap as Ramen to Bill Gates.