Star Trek: The Next Generation // Main Theme [Synth-Rock Cover]

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I grew up watching TNG with my mom. This cover of the Theme has been a long time coming. Ft. the fantastic ThunderScott on Chimes. Enjoy! ThunderScott: SUBSCRIBE: Sonic Album: PATREON TIME: ◈ The Joy of Analog: Book I, the first "Best Of" collection of songs from the live stream. iTunes: ◈ Purple Side CDS are now out: ◈ VGM 3 is here! iTunes: ◈ VGM 4 is now available: iTunes: ◈ STREAM: OTHER LINKS: ◈ VLOG CHANNEL: ◈ Duality: ◈ WEBSITE: ◈ TWITTER: ◈ FACEBOOK:

Comments from Youtube

TriforceFX : All that's missing is Captain Picard's voiceover...

btballenger : 3:25 I hear that Star Wars great job!

TheRealDcTron : it's continuing mission to boldly go where no one has gone before....

Captain Quirky : They should have this playing in the background at some alien pub in am episode of the new Picard series

Thunder HammerX : Space, the final frontier.

serifaviator : Please put this hot fire on Spotify

Mellow Gaming : Wasn't expecting that to get so funky. Rad stuff. Now I want a Star Trek show with a synth soundtrack.

Xeranxies : Absolutely stunning, loved all the sounds you chose to use. If I may ask, what kind of clap were you using and what drum machine/samples did you use?

Kirafrog : i know you done a metroid one in the past but i think doing another one in ur newer synth style would be great! One of my favs is just the title screen from Samus Returns. I think you would do a fantastic job at it! Anyways ive been following you for a very long time and love your stuff! This one is great!

Zachary Davis : Does Ace Waters make more money if I listen to him on Spotify (with ads) or YouTube?

Flamesworth : And I grew up watching TNG with my parents! ...Ok, we spent like a year bingeing it together on Netflix. But it still definitely has quite the nostalgia factor for me, so it's awesome to hear it reimagined! Keep up the great work.

Marc 'spudsy' Bower : everytime i listen to this it put a smile on my face!!!

ryan taylor : Last time there was this much echo i was in bladerunner

GameLark : OK, I was not expecting that switch-up at 1:26.

GreenLanternSalem : SNES Time!!

BDRCADE : This is rad as hell man!

Prashanth Sharma : Phenomenal!

UniversaL : I like more the first serial.

Mark Fleenor : And just like that, you’ve earned yourself a subscriber!

Misha Dorofeyev : *_ENGAGE_*

greyfox198700 : YESSSSSS!!!!!

Tukaro : YESSSS

Loz : love it!

Jim Parkin : YES

Furst : YAS

ZorgDK : Groovy

Gebirges : Not StarLink related 🤔

GreenTeaGal : very cool 😎

Peter : Eh, im sure this took a lot of work, but it kinda sounds like something that would be playing in a Pakled pub.