Star Trek: The Next Generation // Main Theme [Synth-Rock Cover]

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Adustus : Okay, who's gonna bite the bullet and spend weeks re-editing every episode of TNG to use this theme instead

TriforceFX : All that's missing is Captain Picard's voiceover...

btballenger : 3:25 I hear that Star Wars great job!

Mellow Gaming : Wasn't expecting that to get so funky. Rad stuff. Now I want a Star Trek show with a synth soundtrack.

Thunder HammerX : Space, the final frontier.

serifaviator : Please put this hot fire on Spotify

TheRealDcTron : it's continuing mission to boldly go where no one has gone before....

Gebirges' Gaming : Not StarLink related 🤔

Mark Fleenor : And just like that, you’ve earned yourself a subscriber!

Kirafrog : i know you done a metroid one in the past but i think doing another one in ur newer synth style would be great! One of my favs is just the title screen from Samus Returns. I think you would do a fantastic job at it! Anyways ive been following you for a very long time and love your stuff! This one is great!

greyfox198700 : YESSSSSS!!!!!

Prashanth Sharma : Phenomenal!

Furst : YAS

ZorgDK : Groovy

Zachary Davis : Does Ace Waters make more money if I listen to him on Spotify (with ads) or YouTube?

UniversaL : I like more the first serial.

Flamesworth : And I grew up watching TNG with my parents! ...Ok, we spent like a year bingeing it together on Netflix. But it still definitely has quite the nostalgia factor for me, so it's awesome to hear it reimagined! Keep up the great work.

GameLark : OK, I was not expecting that switch-up at 1:26.

GreenTeaGal : very cool 😎

BDRCADE : This is rad as hell man!

Loz : love it!

Jim Parkin : YES

Xeranxies : Absolutely stunning, loved all the sounds you chose to use. If I may ask, what kind of clap were you using and what drum machine/samples did you use?

Tukaro : YESSSS

Peter : Eh, im sure this took a lot of work, but it kinda sounds like something that would be playing in a Pakled pub.