The First Guy To Ever Take A Vacation
The First Guy To Ever Take A Vacation

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Subscribe: Twitter/Instagram: @TheRyanGeorge Feeling really stressed lately... I think I really need to fly to another country and look at all their stuff. ----- What if vacationing hadn't been invented yet? How would you go about asking your boss for time off from work to... fly to another country and just BE THERE for a little while?


Tyler Robertson : Had no idea you spoke French so well. Speaking French is tight

Maruhom Magumpara : Be honest, you made this video just to show you speak French :)

Nicki D : “But will it be difficult to sneak into a video that you speak impeccable French? “ “No it will be super easy, barely an inconvenience!”

Nikki M. Solis : "Why would *I* want to remember *your* trip?"

Cristian Valdivieso Porras : Is it difficult to speak french? On fait, c'est très facile, à peine un inconvénient.

Jo'kel : Is this an invasion?

StrongAdel : Damn as a native French speaker I can confirm that that French accent is ON POINT

Supernabit Bros : Convincing his boss was super easy, barely an inconvenience

The Popcast : Everybody deserves a good vacation from time to time... now get back into the studio and MAKE MORE PITCH VIDEOS! Love you ;)

ToniGarstedt : -Also, when I come back you will pay me for the time I wasn’t here. -Why? -Because! -Okay

a35362 : You just wanted to speak French in front of us Americans, didn't you? You big Canadian showoff! (Ahem... do it again!)

Lord Mars : Is that an invasion ? Classic French 😬✌️🇫🇷

BPNave : "Oh and hey boss can you pay me for the time I'm gone, too?" "You want me, to pay you," "Uh huh" "For work you voluntarily chose to just not do" "Yup" "At full pay." "That's right." "OK." "Wait, really? That worked?" "Yeah, I'll just pay you less overall to make up for it." "waIT NO--"

TXejas19 TXejas19 : Luckily vacations caught on. SIDENOTE: the small bit of panic and concern when they thought you would take the tower or didn't have food tickled me

Andrew Scott : When Germans went on vacation to France circa 1942 colourised.

literal sarcasm : That plane was pretty impressive. It flew backwards all the way back to America.

cdh79 : i love how turning the plane around was actually an inconvenience.. ;)

danLeiros : OMFG!! 😂 and the god damn plane flying backwards!! bro you are amazing...watching this videos is now barely an inconvenience 😂

Ильяс Маметов : - It got to be difficult to communicate in French. -No it's actually super easy, barely inconvenience.

6ch6ris6 : this actually sums up what i think about people traveling thousands of miles to go on vacation. "is this an invasion?" :D

Nick D : Seriously though, what the hell is wrong with that guy?

Stephen Gillie : Sue Veneer is the manager of my gift shop.

morlock19 : ok so i've just had this video on continuous loop for the past few days and i don't know when this is going to get old. probably not for a while.

edgar Rodriguez : 🤣 OMG "Why would I want to remember YOUR trip?"

Jony FiftyFour : French guy: "Is this an invasion?" Tourist: "No, I didn't-" French guy: "Because if it is, I need to call the police so they can surrender along with me."

Narf : I'm soooo happy I found your independent channel!! You're hilarious!

dirt man : When the French guy said "Why are you doing this?" killed me

NaniOniichan : How do you only have 150k subs?!! Your videos are awesome you deserve way more man!

Ready Player Ben : "Is this an invasion?" "Invasions are TIGHT!"

Cat Nandez : I'll say it once, I'll say it a million times: This channel is underrated and deserves more subscribers

澤閃 : The French English was on point.

Gara Von Hoiwkenzoiber : "...Well, alright. You can have a week off work" "And I want to be paid while I don't work" "...what?"

deadfred821 : Pause... escu vous compran français? I'm impressed... parla français c'est serré.....🤣🤣🤣

Lifebiscuit : Is this a invastion? No. Thats tight.

Buzz Kill : My boss asked me to do some major changes in project and asked is that going to be hard for you guys and I said "no actually super easy barely an inconvenience" and now my whole team is mad at me

Matt Jones : Is this an invasion?" typical French man

Alan And Tom : The first guy ones are my favorites. Do so many more!

Fallen Syndicate : WAIT WAIT WAIT You speak french so well I actually.. didn’t notice how unusual that is to hear. I.. don’t think I’ve ever heard a english speaking youtuber speak french so well. No offence or anything

RBW : I didn't know you have your own channel. You are the reason I subscribed to Screenrant. Because of you anytime I hear someone say "whoops" I just have to add "whoopsie". Ryan George makes laughing super easy, barely an inconvenience.

mikelor84 : why would anyone sell bottle openers with Paris written on them if tourism isn't a thing? aha I got you, you smiling sonofabi

DuraDigi : this dude is addicting something about his voice 😂😂 that cracks me up!!

drevnork1 : I feel this video is an excuse to show off your french ........... Your French accent is tight

Dragos Goanta : Do '' The first person to go on a business trip ''

Victoria's Closet : Speaking sexy but accurate French in a random YouTube video is très tight!

Titans JoJo : Funnily enough the design of the Eiffel Tower is copyrighted, and monetizing depictions of it, even just personal photos, without permission is technically illegal.

Angel Palma : You should do scary movies for the October month!💀🎃👻🤡👽 Do “The Nun” and “Slender Man”

Khraag : That moment when you realize George is French Canadian. You can tell by his accent he's not French from France or at least he's spent too much time in Quebec. Anyway his French is Tight!

ROSSONERI 108 : u should have included telling the boss he had to pay holiday pay haha

Canadian Tuxedo : "Is this an invasion?" No, no, not yet